Your body needs to move. Even if you don’t love moving it because it makes you feel even fatter (girl, I relate) it still needs exercise—not only does it need it, but it really deserves it. So, I thought I’d share some awesome videos of beginner’s yoga for plus size with you.

Movement doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or heading to the gym for 20 minutes of cardio. There’s plenty that you can do in your house by yourself that will help make you feel better and give your body what it really needs.

Looking for more plus size workout videos? Check out these bad boys!

10-minute Beginner Friendly Yoga with Edyn Loves Life

Edyn Loves Life is run by Edyn (go figure) a really awesome plus size yoga teacher. In this 10-minute yoga session, Edyn goes through a series of beginner-friendly poses for plus size yogis. If you’re just touching your feet into the yoga water, this is a great video for you.

You’ll need:

The one thing that I would say is Edyn is shooting a video in really big room that has a lot of echo and is not using a mic which means the sound quality isn’t the best. I can hear it OK, but if your hearing isn’t the sharpest, this might not be the best video for you.

You can find more about Edyn at Garden of Edyn, you can also hear her on the Garden of Edyn podcast.

Beginner Plus Size Yoga Routine with Sara Anne

This video features a yoga/stretching routine by YouTuber Sara Anne. This is her first yoga-related video, which makes this a great beginner’s yoga for plus size women video. She’s walking you through a series of easy-to-do poses and stretches to get your body moving.

You’ll need:

This video is shot on Sara Anne’s balcony, which just shows you that you can do yoga anywhere (and that she has a nicer balcony than I do). The instructions have been added on a separate track, which means there isn’t any big gusts of wind that will drown the instructions.

Sara Anne is a plus size YouTube Creator and the blogger behind Tonsa Blush a plus size fashion and lifestyle blog. I’m not going to lie, as a fellow Canadian I’m a bit bias towards Sara Anne—if you’re looking for a great Canadian plus size YouTuber to follow, I would highly recommend it.

8-Minute Yoga for Self-Love with Jessamyn Stanley

In this video posted by Health Magainze, plus size yoga enthusiast Jessamyn Stanley walks you through an eight-minute yoga session that’s focused on self love. The poses are easy enough for a beginner to tackle and you’ll be done in under 10 minutes.

You’ll need:

This is by far the best video quality that you’ll find on this list. It was shot in a professional studio so you should be able to hear and see everything that you need to.

You can find more information about Jessamyn on or The Underbelly. Jessamyn posts a ton of really great, body-positive workout videos and other content on all of her platforms. If you’re looking to start moving, I recommend you follow.

Gentle Yoga for Bigger Bodies with The Yoga Room

If you’re looking for something slightly longer, two full figured yogis will take you through an easy-to-do and gentle yoga routine that will help you stretch out and relax.

You’ll need:

The Yoga Room is based in Round Rock, Texas and focuses on providing accessible yoga. You can find a whole series on yoga for bigger bodies, all of which you can do from the comfort of your living room.

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