Are you sick of having sore feet when you’re out enjoying your summer walks? Maybe you’re out on a road trip shopping at all of the unique little shops along the way but your shoes keep giving you trouble. If that sounds like you than you might need a pair of flip flops with arch support.

You can absolutely get a pair of orthotic flip flops that provide you with a little extra support while you’re out and about enjoying the summer. There’s no need to keep buying those $5 plastic things at the dollar store if they don’t work for you!

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Best womens flip flops with arch support

I’m one of those women who need a pair of good, comfortable flip flops. I walk a lot and I happen to be pigeon-toed so finding the right pair of shoes for me is really important. I’ve checked out some of the best flip flops with support, read all the reviews, and here are my top picks:

Editor’s pick: Skechers On-The-Go 600-Preferred Flip-Flop

Skechers are one of my go-to shoes, and when it comes to flip flops that provide a little extra support, their On-the-Go style is my top pick. They are lightweight and have responsive 5Gen cushioning that’s a true delight to walk on, so much so that I spent an entire week walking around Disneyland with them.

While I don’t have plantar fasciitis, my left leg is a real pain in my buttox a lot of the time due to a different issue, and walking on these are a real treat. The insole really does provide maximum comfort, one reviewer said they were “squishy soft” and I have to agree. I can also confirm that they work splendidly for wide feet, simply because I have them!

Vionic Tide Ii

The Vionic Tide flip flops are a combination of leather and synthetic material (depending on the colour your choose) that create a chic, fashionable look that’s not too flashy. They have a minuscule heel that measures approximately 0.25-inches and features a dual layer upper that’s built in a thing style.

The company says that their shoes are “proven to effectively alleviate heel pain” and the biomechanical orthotic footbed has a deep heel cup that provides support was designed by a podiatrist. If you’re looking for something simple and cute, you can get these bad boys in two neutral colours.

Crocs Capri V Flip Flop

I’ve heard great things about Crocs shoes, which is surprising because I remember back in the day when everyone though their original shoe was a dumpster-fire design—my sister now tells me that there are full Facebook groups dedicated to the discussion of the “croc.” And their Capri flip flop comes highly recommended for those looking to get a little extra foot support.

The design of these shoes is simple and sleek, and there are four easy-to-wear colours to choose from. The footbed is made from a soft foam, there is a Croslite foam outsole that takes some of the shock, and the shoe features a deep heel cup. If you’re looking for lightweight, casual summer style, this might just be the shoe for you.

Aerothotic womens flip flops with arch support

If a wider strap is what you’re looking for, the Aerothotic comfort thong is said to help reduce back and heel pain, creating an overall more comfortable walking experience. The straps are lined with cushion-soft material to help reduce any annoying rubbing you might otherwise experience, and if you don’t like the green I have pictured, there are 18 other potential colour schemes.

These sandals are a beach must-have for many fashionistas who experience foot pain. Reviewers rave that these shoes do, in fact, help reduce foot pain, and they look super cute while doing it. Don’t forget to pack these along when you go camping or head out on that road trip!

Dream Pairs sandals with arch support

These Dream Pairs flip flops come in seven fashionable colours, including the trendy blue we have pictured, and boy are they comfortable. Reviewers say these shoes are easy to wear and the cute colours are easy to pair with their favourite summertime outfits (sundresses included).

For those looking for a little extra arch support in their flip flops, these sandals feature a deeper heel cup, a patterned footbed for a little extra traction, and they’re lightweight enough that you can wear them all day long. The uppers for these shoes are soft and comfortable to wear, plus because they’re flip flops, they can easily be slipped on and off.

Fanture casual womens sandals with arch support

I love the light rosey pink that the Fanture flip flops come in, though there are 10 other colours if pink isn’t for you. They feature orthotic arch support with a comfy thong and toe strap so they fit securely on your feet, and help you stay on them all day long. The shoes are “biomechancially designed” so they hug your arches and help reduce stress in both your feet and joints.

Wearers say that these shoes both feel good and are made well. They give the feet extra support with a comfortable cushy sole, but it’s not too soft so you don’t have to worry about them loosing their shape. Plus the outsole is both durable and non-slip, so you get great traction while you’re walking around.

Teva Voya flip flops with arch support

The Teva flip flops feature a water-ready upper that’s durable and dries quickly, making them a great summer sandal. Wearers say that while these shoes do need to be broken in, when they’re ready they’re amazing when it comes to providing a little extra support.

The footbed is a mushy cushion that forms to your feet to provide you individualized comfort. They look comfortable and cute, you can dress them down with a casual pair of jean shorts or up with a cute dress. You might love them so much that you need two!

Clarks Brinkley Jazz arch support flip flops

If you’re looking for a flip flop with arch support with a bit more of a casual over dressy style, then the Clarks Brinkley might just be for you. These feature a tiny 1.25-inch heel with an adjustable upper, and are made of 100 percent synthetic material.

There are eight colours you can choose from, and wearers of these shoes say that they provide great arch support. The insole keeps your foot stable and they can be worn for a long time without your feet hurting or swelling.

Clarks Arla Glison orthotic flip flops womens

Cute and comfortable the Clarks Arla Glison orthotic flip flops are perfect for walking around this summer. They feature a small heel of 1.75-inches with an Ortholite footbed, smooth textile lining, an EVA midsole, and a durable rubber outsole. You can slip these bad boys on and go for miles.

Wearers of these flip flops say that they’re incredibly comfortable and provide a good cushion for walking. There are 31 different colours of these ultra lightweight shoes, and they look great with both a pair of jean shorts or a super cute dress!

Clarks Breeze Sea flip flops with arch support for women

If casual comfort is the name of your summer shoe game, then the Clarks Breeze flip flops are for you. These shoes feature comfortable cloudstepper technology with an Ortholite footbed and soft textile lining. Plus there are 41 different colours, so you can match your shoes to your style.

Wearers of these flip flops say that they are both incredibly comfortable and super cute. The air-cushioned lining makes it feel like you’re walking on clouds (go figure), and they come highly recommended for those that need a little extra cushioning for their joints.

Vionic Hightide womens flip flops with arch support

If you’re looking for a pair of flip flops that are a tad bit dressy and provide arch support, then the Vionic Hightide shoes are for you. It features a durable rubber outsole with a 1.98-inch heel height. They’re elegant enough to go from poolside to nightlife. And there are 15 fashionable colours to choose from!

Wearers of these shoes say the slight platform gives the shoes a bit more of a cushy feel, which provides a little extra comfort along with the arch support they already provide. These shoes can pair with your favourite dress, pair of shorts, or even a cute bikini!

Flip flips with arch support FAQ

What flip flops have the best arch support?

There are plenty of good flip flops with arch support. I personally like the Skechers choice we have featured, but all of them on the list are women-approved!

What are the most comfortable women’s flip flops?

I personally love a pair of Skechers flip flops, but the most comfortable ones for you depend highly on what you’re looking for.

What is the best flip flop for plantar fasciitis?

The best flip flops for plantar fasciitis are ones that both fit you right (that’s super important) and provide you proper arch support.

Should flip flops be tight or loose?

Flip flops should be tight enough that they don’t simply fall off your feet while you’re walking, but you don’t want them to be too tight!

What are the most comfortable flip flops for walking?

The most comfortable flip flops for walking tend to be ones that feature at least a little bit of arch support. Skip the dollar store bargain finds!

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Looking for a pair of flip flops with arch support? These 11 are some of the best on the market!

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