Technically winter is almost over, but Canada is cold and the snow is still falling. Here in Calgary, we just got a brand new cold-front this weekend and the snow is falling as we speak. Which means it’s time for some winter fashion tips.

Winter in Canada varies depends on where you are, here in Alberta the snow falls often and the dry prairie cold means it’s really dang cold. Whereas in Vancouver you get more mild temperatures but face a cold wet chill.

And all this cold weather means that you need to make sure you dress warmly. Really warm!

Start at the top with a warm winter hat

Go warm or go home! When it comes to winter fashion tips, you’ll want to start from the top and work your way down. According to Live Science, we lose 7 to 10 percent of our body heat through our heads. While those seem like small numbers, minus 25-degrees Celsius will surely change your mind.

To retain that much-needed heat while you’re outside, even if your jaunt is just from your car to the grocery store, you’ll want to get yourself a cozy toque. What is a toque you might ask? Toque is Canadian for beanie (#LearnSomethingNewEveryDay), which is the perfect thing to pull over your head to keep your ears warm.

While there are a ton of great winter hat options out there, I recommend a stylish knitted beanie in a fun colour that goes with your winter jacket (more about that later). 

If you have curly hair en masse like yours truly, then one of my recommended winter fashion tips is trading your traditional toque in for a knit winter headband. I have one in white and one in a light pink. 

One of my biggest winter fashion grievances is that it’s next to impossible to look cute inside and outside with all of the extra warm gear you need to pile on (hello, hat hair). But having a cozy headband allows you to look cute and feel warm!

Overall, headbands are more practical if you have a thick head of hair to pile on, otherwise, you might find yourself a tad bit chilly!

Cover that neck with a cozy scarf

Traditional scarves are great, but when it comes to fighting the Canadian winter cold I highly recommend an infinity scarf. And while I love the knit look A LOT, the tighter the knit the better so the wind doesn’t snake its way under your clothes. 

I do love a good ol’ fashioned rectangle scarf, I find them easier to slip off, especially if you don’t wrap them correctly. Plus, there is the whole re-packing your clothes several times per day… which is why I say opt for a loop scarf. 

If it’s particularly windy outside, often times a neck warmer is a great way to keep the cold from slipping in. Not only do they keep the cold from slipping in because they tend to be a tighter-knit material, but they also help keep any falling snow from slipping into your bosom! 

Another great use for the neck gaiter is during winter sports. If you’re headed to the Canadian Rocky Mountains to catch the slopes this winter, you’ll want to make sure you have one of these bad boys in your luggage.

Style it up with a fashionable winter jacket

Alright, it’s time to talk about one of the most important winter fashion tips I have: get a good winter coat. Not simply a winter coat but a really good one. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry and freezing!

Winter coats come in all shapes and sizes, and as much as we want to be fashionable, make sure your priority is warmth. Coats come off… and so do fingers if they’re too cold. 

If you’re spending a lot of time outside, go with something that’s practical but still has some fashion sense like the Columbia Peak to Peak coat. It’s built for winter, but you won’t feel like you just borrowed your grandmother’s coat for the outing!

If you spend less time outside and winter fashion is a big thing for you. You can also get some dressier fashion coats. Think mid-thigh length, cute and cuddly.

I would recommend avoiding those classy and cute felt jackets if you’re out in the Canadian winter and trading it in for something like the LONDON FOG Double-Breasted Peacoat that is built for winter but has a tad bit more of a fashionable eye. 

Pick the perfect cold-weather gloves

Yes, girl, you do want gloves! 

Oh man can the Canadian winter be REALLY BAD if you try to survive it glove-less. Those little digits on your hand can get real cold, real fast if they have nothing to protect them. 

If you’re a commuter and you’re worried about going phone-less for a period of time, my glove tip is to choose something like these Woogwin gloves that have touch-screen fingertips. That way you can continue to play on your phone.

I’m sad to report that if you’re looking for something warmer when it comes to gloves, you might have to ditch fashion (depending on your definition of fashionable). Those curvy girls planning on hitting the slopes will want a thicker pair of ski gloves (these ones are still touchscreen compatible).

The benefit to ski gloves is that although their fashionability is questionable, they really are warm. If you find your fingers get super cold, super fast, these are the kind of gloves you’ll want to get yourself!

Don’t go outside in cool pants

If you’re looking for winter fashion tips that will keep you warm, I would highly recommend not wearing jeans. When the weather outside is nippy, jeans are COLD. And you do not want freezing legs!

But what type of pants are warm? Not much on their own unless you’re headed out in polar fleece. With that in mind, to beef up your leg warmth, a pair of long johns will do the trick. Just slide a pair of these babies on under your pants and you’re good to go.

But wearing long johns under your pants indoors can be HOT. And I’m presuming that you’re going outside because you’re headed somewhere. In that case, snow pants might be a better option. You simply slip these on over your pants and slip them off when you arrive.

Snow pants are also WAY better if you’re planning on heading out to the slopes to catch some snow… or whatever people into winter sports say. You don’t want to be snowboarding in jeans!

Cozy up with warm winter socks

Winter boots, I’m gonna let you speak in a minute, but I just wanted to say… warm socks are where it’s at. Before you put on a warm pair of boots, one of the great winter fashion tips is to make sure you get thick winter socks so you still have toes after you’ve been outdoors!

Warm winter socks come in all shapes and sizes, and really almost nobody is going to see these bad boys behind shoes. So, if you’ve got a high pair of boots, go for a long compression socks to help keep your circulation up.

Get REAL winter boots (yes, they can be fashionable)

It won’t take you long to realize that you’re feet are absolutely FREEZING. My final, but probably one of the most important of my winter fashion tips, is to get a good, warm pair of winter boots.

A good pair of winter boots is not only something that will keep your feet toasty warm while the cold wind blows past, but you want something that’s waterproof to keep the wet snow out and has good grip. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself slipping and sliding all over the place!

The top winter boots, in my opinion, are a good pair of Sorel boots. These bad boys are toasty warm, built for the cold Canadian winter and have a good solid grip. If you’re looking for winter fashion, I like their Carnival Snow Boot.

But traditional-looking snow boots aren’t your only option. A pair of fashion-forward boots like UGGs are also built to keep you warm. Not to mention they have a killer grip.

When it comes to UGG boot fashion, I like the Bailey Button series because I have bigger calves and the button split allows for a little more room to move around in the boot. Not only that, but it looks classy and cute.

UGG boots come in a bunch of different colours, so you can make sure that your boots look great with your jacket. Beware though that Canadian winters mean salt stains, so make sure to take care of your boots! I recommend some handy-dandy shoe cleaner wipes.

Last-minute tips for surviving the Canadian winter

New to Canada, just visiting, or maybe you’re like me and you typically go for fashion over practicality? There are a few other tips for surviving the Canadian winter that I can drop for you before you check out:

  • On super chilly days where you have to be outside for a prolonged period of time get some hand warmers to stick in your gloves
  • Pull your scarf ALL THE WAY up and cover your nose!
  • Try to dry out all of your winter clothing between each use or you might find yourself with damp clothes in the cold wind!
  • Check the weather A LOT… two days before is unlikely to be accurate, weather up here changes all the time!

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Sadly, winter is still here which means  bulk, big clothes and lots of layers. But you can still be fashionable! If you're trying to survive the Canadian winter (or another just as cold), here are some plus size fashion tips to keep you warm.

Share your favourite winter fashion tips in the comments below so we can all get through this cold front together ??????

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