It’s raining like a MF in Calgary right now and I was outside waking around in a ripped pair of sneakers thinking man, I need a pair of rain boots. When I realized that tracking down some super cute wide width rain boot styles would make for an exceptional blog post.

I’m disappointed to report that finding womens wide width rain boots is a real challenge. That said, I still managed to come up with eight super cute styles that you can rock while the rain is pouring down. No more wet feet for you!

Traditional wide width rain boots

Jileon ankle height wide calf rain boots

Polka dots are my jam and sometimes when I’m feeling self-conscious about my chubby calves I’m not in the mood to wear something taller than an ankle boot. That’s why these Jileon wide width short rain boots are getting top billing in this post.

Not only are these super cute womens wide width rain booties, but you can snag a pair of them for under $60 USD, which, if you ask me (and you’re reading this post so I’m assuming you did) is a steal of a deal. And if black and white isn’t your spirit boot, they have four other designs to pick from.

These Jileon wide calf rain boots are specifically designed for wide width feet, so you’ll have no problem getting them on even if you do sport a pair of clown feet like yours truly. They slip on and off easily, are 100% waterproof and are super lightweight. You’ll just love them!

Looking to keep the rain off? Check out these cute jackets!

Jileon mid calf rain boots

If you prefer a more toned-down style and want something a tad bit higher than ankle-length boots, then lucky for you Jileon also makes stylish mid-calf wide width rain boots for ladies.

Again, built specifically with plus size and curvy women in mind these boots will be a joy to walk in and they’ll keep you dry. The go half-way up your calf (hence mid-calf) and are spacious in the calf, ankle and foot areas, so fear not about getting them on and off.

If you don’t love the blue and pale pink combo, they also come in teal leaves, grey spot and purple butterfly. While rain boots are functional, I’m a firm believer that they should also be fun and flirty. So, go wild, girl!

Jileon wide calf women rain boots

If you’re in a place that sees heavy rain all year round, you might consider getting a full-calf design like these adorable purple and yellow floral Jileon wide width calf rain boots.

With wide width calves in mind, these bad boys have extra room in all of the areas you need it most to keep yourself comfortable. They have non-slip soles that shed mud, so they work even if you’re in a particularly stick ahem muddy situation.

Don’t love the yellow floral design (what is wrong with you? JK!!!), these wide calved boots also have four other styles including black, purple gloss, blue knots and grey dandelion. You’re sure to look fashionable and stay dry!

Jileon extra wide calf women rain boots

If you’re looking for a lot of room in the calf area, Jileon (again with the win) comes in with extra wide width rain boots that also come up the calf. Perfect for super rainy situations where you need an extra room.

Now, I consider the polka dot pictured to be pretty tame, but if you’re looking for something a little more classic, it also comes in a black with green trim (also cute).

What makes these REALLY great is the fact that they have a rear extension if you want some wiggle room. Not to mention the extension makes it really easy to slip them off and on.

Sperry rain boots wide width

Sperry Top-Sider women’s saltwater boots

If you’re somewhere colder where you need to keep your feet dry, you might want to consider investing in a pair of Sperry womens wide width wide calf rain boots. Their Top-Sider Saltwater Boots are not only cute in a classic way, but they work great for bigger feet.

These boots not only fight wet water but can also give an assist when it’s particularly cold out as they have lining. Plus, they’re made to put up with saltwater, which if you didn’t realize does react to material differently to your traditional rain.

All Sperry boots have a pretty traditional look to me, but if you don’t love the tan and navy I’ve featured, they also come in four other colours including black quilted (looks more like a winter boot), black and grey, tan and dark brown and brown and olive.

Sperry Syren Golf wide rain boots

Sperry has a few different boot styles, but the Sperry Syren Golf are super cute, cozy and they’ll keep you warm. While not an official wide width rain boot, some wearers say that it works like a charm. It has a matte rubber duck shell and a wool shaft.

While these look cozy and stylish you can get them on and off super easy with a medial zipper. They’re lined with microfleece inside to make sure your feet don’t get cool.

If you don’t love the dark and grey wide width rubber boots, then they also have an off-white style tool. Wearers say these are “waterproof boot heaven.” They’re comfy, cozy and keep your feet dry.

Dressy ladies rain boots wide width

LifeStride Fallon tall shaft boot

Every fashionista needs a full knee-length boot—even if you feel self-conscious about your calves I swear you’ll look like a babe. If you think waterproof boots would make a great wardrobe addition, check out the LifeStride Fallon wide width rain shoes.

These are made of 100% synthetic material and sit approximately knee-length. They have a fancy two-buckle design, a slight heel and have a riding boot-style look (which I love).

However, they aren’t listed as waterproof boots so you’ll probably want to keep them in low-rain areas and make sure you use some kind of shoe protector so you don’t wreck them!

LifeStride Francesca knee high boot

The LifeStride Francesca is another wide width rain boot that should probably stay in lighter-rain weather because it’s not listed “waterproof” even though it’s touted as a rain boot.

If you need something that’s uber fashionable and love a knee-length boot (who doesn’t). These also have a riding boot feel (which is something that I super love) and would look stellar with a pair of skinny legged pants.

Wearers say these bad boys are GREAT if you have wider calves and have issues finding boots that fit. I also really love the classy brown style because they can go with anything.

Rain boot accessories

Rain Boot Sock

Why use a rain boot sock? Not only do they look super cute, but they can keep you warm and help make sure that the rain doesn’t sneak in through the top of your boot.

Rainboot socks can be a little bit challenging to find because only some companies make them (like Hunter and Ugg). But there’s no saying that you cant mix one of these bad boys with your cute new rain boots.

Boot waterproofer

You can make ANY boot waterproof with a product like Solemates all weather protector spray. You simply spray this on and let it dry and voila, waterproof boots. But make sure that it won’t ruin your favourite boots by double-checking their material.

Kiwi Select all protector

If you already have a pair of rain or water-resistant boots and just want to make sure they’re safe from salt and water stains, then something like the Kiwi All Protector is necessary. It’s cheap, easy to use, but again, make sure that you have the right kind for your shoe’s fabric.

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  1. Ahhhh I live in Calgary too and was just scouring the web for extra wide rain boots and came across your blog! I just want those super cute yellow rain boots, but in wide. Especially now that we are heading into our (much beloved) rainy season! Thanks for these links! I’ll take a look. 🙂

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