Looking for a super cute pair of white wide width sneakers that you can sport this summer? I’ve scoured the internet (AKA Amazon) and came up with eight delectable styles that you have to check out.

I admit, white sneakers aren’t my personal style because I can’t manage to keep anything clean (oops) but they’re super popular right now. And, if I could keep the dirt off them, I would 100% get myself one of these pairs!

Looking for White Wide Width Sneakers? Check Out These 10 Styles

Best White Sneakers With Wide Width Sizes

Propet Travelactiv White Fashion Sneakers

The Propet Travelactiv sneakers are (mostly) well-priced (depending on the size and width) and have a clean but textured look that adds a little character.

They have faux laces, a rubber sole and a removable footbed. They’re flexible and breathable making them a comfy summer wear. Wearers describe these as some of the most comfortable shoes you can get.

Grasshoppers Janey Ii White Leather Sneakers

The Grasshoppers Janey Ii offers a lightweight, flexible wear that’s comfortable and stylish. They are wide width white leather sneakers that feature an Ortholite sock liner.

If you are looking for a stylish pair of lace-up shoes that have a preppy sport look, then look no further. You’ll find comfort, fashion and ease with a pair of these.

Keds White Sneakers Wide Width

Keds makes great shoes and the Double Decker canvas sneaker is no exception. These are pristine white wide with slip-ons that can be paired with a super cute linen dress or something more casual like a pair of jeans.

These sneakers are flattering with a comfortable insole that you’ll love walking on. But wearers do warn that these run a little small so double-check the sizing and read the reviews.

Women’s Sketchers White Sneakers Go Walk Joy

We all know that I love a good pair of Skechers and their Go Walk series is my favourite. The Joy style is a wide width walking shoe that will keep you comfortable and feeling like you’re walking on clouds.

I love the ease that they slip onto your feet and how you can walk for hours without getting bad aches and pains. If you’re using your Sketchers white sneakers for daily walks, these are the ones I’d recommend.

Keds White Champion Sneakers

If you’re looking for wide width Keds slip on white sneakers, then look no further than the Champion canvas sneaker. They are made of 100% canvas and have a sturdy and comfortable rubber sole.

Wearers said that these shoes are great for those with wide width feet because they’re both comfortable and look super cute. They’re a classic slip on look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

New Balance All White Sneakers Womens

If you’re a fan of New Balance shoes, they have a super cute pair of white lace sneakers for you to take out for a spin. They have a bit of a sportier look that’s more casual, but you could still dress them up if you wanted to.

They are a classic walking shoe with a leather upper, padded collar and the stitched logo on the side. They have a comfy footbed that makes walking pleasant and they’ll be sure to spice up your wardrobe.

Keds Casual Best White Sneakers for Women

These are the third pair of Keds on my list, but I can’t help it because they truly have a pair of white sneakers for women that will work in every situation. These Keds white casual sneakers are great for a night out on the town.

Not only are these super cute but they have memory foam cushioning built in so you know your walk will be AMAZING. Wear these shoes all day whether you’re visiting a theme park (hello, Disney) or spending a day at the antique show.

Saucony White Running Sneakers Womens

If you’re looking for a pair of the best white running sneakers, I recommend checking out a pair of these Saucony. They are not fully white, they have grey accents that provide a little depth and a more classic work-out look overall (instead of fully fashion-forward).

These are built with running and cross training in mind, so if you’re into an active lifestyle they’re for you. They are lightweight, comfortable and come highly recommended.

Dunes Sport Reesa Wide Width White Canvas Sneaker

If you’re looking for something with a more casual, rough vibe, then a pair of the Dunes Reesa canvas-style sneakers might be perfect for you. They have a slouching back, a lace up look (though they’re non-functioning) and they look fashionable.

Wearers report that these are super cute, wear comfortably and come highly recommended. They’re easy to slip in and out of, and a number of fans have more than one pair of them.

Taos Footwear Cute White Sneakers

Taos makes a super cute pair of Star Fashion sneakers that come in white and are perfect for everyday wear. They have a lace up front, canvas uppers and arch support if you need it.

The support helps to reduce foot pressure so you have a comfortable day of walking. Wearers say that they fit perfectly and are great if you have plantar fasciitis and need something to ease discomfort.

How to Clean White Sneakers

The best defence to dirty white sneakers is an offence. Most people recommend that you start off with a protector spray before you even put those babies on your feet.

This will help keep dirt off and make them easier to clean when they inevitably get dirty. But your shoes are bound to get dirty, so you’ll have to clean them from time-to-time.

When it comes to cleaning your shoes make sure you reference any instructions from the manufacturer before you do anything else. This method won’t work for every shoe and you want to be careful not to use the wrong cleaning solution for any particular material.

The most recommended cleaning technique that I see on the internet is to combine a tablespoon of hot water, vinegar and baking soda together until it creates a paste-like solution. Then brush the paste onto canvas sneakers with a toothbrush.

Once the paste is on, you leave them outside in the sun for three or four hours so the solution can work its magic. With the paste dry, clap the shoes to get rid of clumps or use the toothbrush to knock off dried pieces. Your shoes should be a few shades lighter.

It’s largely cautioned that you never throw your white sneakers into the washing machine.

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