Calling all protein shakes and smoothie fans—does it suck when you have to leave your beloved blender at home when you go out on the road? Well I’m happy to share that there’s something that can solve that particular issue, travel blenders! Why leave those delicious fruity drinks back at home when you can bring them along to the campsite or the beach?

Blenders for travel are compact and lightweight, and there are a variety of models on the market that you can choose from. Some of them are so compact that the blender is the cup as well. If you’re looking to bring something handy on the road with you, check one of these 11 models out:

Best blender for travel

Hamilton Beach travel blenders

This Hamilton Beach blender has a compact design that’s perfect for packing in a bag and heading out on the road. Whether you’re planning a tropical vacation or hopping in the car for a road trip, this little guy can help make sure that you don’t have to go without your morning smoothie!

This little guy has stainless steel blades that can mix up fruit or crush ice for a cool beach-side drink. You simply need to throw your things in and use the one-touch operation button and you’ll have your refreshing drink right away. Plus, you can choose from one of five colours, so you can match your travel blender to your personality.

Azooi portable blender

The Azooi traveling blender is perfect for the gal on the go. I love this because it’s truly compact, because the top of the blender comes off and ends up acting as the cup. There’s even a handy straw that you can stick in so you can enjoy your smoothie in style (and a brush so you can clean it easily).

This blender travel cup is not only easy to use, but it’s incredibly affordable. For under $30 you can be enjoying blended drinks on the road without taking up too much space in your suitcase. Who doesn’t want something compact and simple?

Ninja Travel Blenders

Some blender fanatics love the Ninja, which makes this compact version one of the best blender for travel choices. This little bad boy has a 700-watt motor that can blend fruit or crush ice, and it comes with two 16-ounce cups that you can blend with then drink from.

What makes this way better is that it’s dishwasher friendly, so if you’re at an AirBnb with one it’s easy to clean! Reviewers say this guy chops ice better than it’s competitors and the blending cups make it so much easier to pack and travel with.

BlenderBottle Classic

The BlenderBottle is a travel blender bottle instead of something that is not electric, if you’re looking for something you don’t have to plug in to use. This is a shaker cup, so it’s better for mixing protein shakes and smoothies and not so great when it comes to breaking down ice.

It has a screw-on lid that makes it seal proof, so it’s easy to shake to blend. It comes with a stainless-steel ball so you can easily blend and mix the components. It’s also BPA and phthalate-free and dishwasher safe. There are almost 50,000 reviews on these, and they are highly recommended for protein shake lovers.

Hotsch Portable Blender

The Hotsch blender with travel cup is another great choice when you’re looking for something small that can head out on the go with you. This blender is BPA-free, made by eco-friendly, food-grade and non-toxic PCGT materials, which means it’s not only convenient but feels more comfortable to use.

Another thing that makes this a great blender for travel is the fact that this is a cordless blender—it has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB-plug. This mini blender is perfect for packing in your bag, plus it’s easy to clean and comes with a brush that can get the hard-stuff.

BlenderX Cordless Blender for Travel

The BlenderX is unique because it comes with its own bag making it easy to pack up and port around. This little guy is powerful enough to crush ice and it can be charged on the go with a USB cord. This comes highly recommended by reviewers, and is perfect to make a smoothie.

This blender comes highly recommended. It can make a protein shake, and crush frozen fruit and ice. You can easily bring this on the road so you don’t have to leave the modern comforts at home. People use it to make drinks on their lunch break or margaritas on the beach!

Tenswall Travel Blender

This cute little Tenswall traveling blender has six strong blades. And comes with a mobile-friendly USB charging cord so it can easily be charged by a laptop or power bank, which makes being on the road easier. Plus it has a single-button cleaning mechanism.

Reviewers say that they love these blenders because they’re powerful but compact. You don’t need to bring along another cup because the blender is the cup, which means you can pack less when you head out on the road!

MiiXR Pro Electric Shaker

The MiiXR is a travel blender bottle that’s durable and easy-to-clean—you simply need warm water and some dish soap. You don’t have to shake this and there is most-likely not going to be any chunks because it has a little rechargeable motor that can help you along the way.

Some reviewers describe it as “crazy strong” and occasionally makes a protein shake a little frothy. Unfortunately this little device isn’t strong enough to crush ice. This is also a better choice for protein shakes instead of full-on smoothies.

Oster My Blender Travel

You can blend your favourite drinks on the go with the Oster My Blender. This portable blender is both affordable and small. It comes with a base that mixes the smoothie and a cup that you can use to drink it from. With 250 blending watts of power, you can even crush ice with it.

There are almost 9,000 ratings on Amazon, and reviewers rave about this bad boy. Unlike your regular old blender this model isn’t bulky, both the cup and base are slim and easy-to-pack. Whether you’re looking for something to cart to your sunny beach vacation or you want something for the camper van, it’s the perfect choice.

BNT Personal blender for travel

While you can’t necessarily chunk up ice in this handy little personal blender, BNT travel blenders have the power to mix your favourite drink in as little as 10 seconds with its hearty little motor and stainless steel blades. It’s perfect for making shakes and smoothies on the go, and you only need to pack one little cup.

You can make a smoothie in three simple steps with this bad boy:

  • Drop your food in
  • Tighten the lid
  • Flip the cup over and press start

That’s all it takes to make a smoothie on the go. Reviewers say that it’s convenient, easy-to-use and simple to clean. Why not pack it up and go?

Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet is one of the most beloved small blenders that comes with a handy travel blender cup that you use to mix up your drink, then drink right from afterwards. My brother has one of these and I can confirm that it’s perfectly packable (though you might want to ditch a few of the cups if you’re trying to save space) and easy to use. My biggest complaint is that if you’re using any type of seeds the screw-tops are a tad bit harder to clean.

Reviewers agree with me, they say that the Magic Bullet wildly exceeds their expectations, making great smoothies on the go. It can chop frozen food or ice, and you can even use it to crush tomatoes for a sauce or make a bowl of guacamole. If you want something easy to pack, this is a good option.

Travel blender packing tips

Before you throw your brand new blender for travel in your bag and call it a day, there are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Most blenders (especially those used to crush things like ice) have pretty sharp blades inside them that might not be welcome in the cabin of the plain. Double-check with your local airport authorities for what’s OK to bring on the plan before you pack it in your carry-on. You can also throw it in your checked back or simply remove the blade part and put it in your checked back.
  • If the blender is cordless, it most likely has to travel in the cabin because it has a rechargeable battery. This might mean that you have to disassemble it a bit (see above point re-blades). You can check with the airline to see if you will need to bring the blender on the plane with you due to the rechargeable batteries.

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    1. Hi Linda, Yes we have definitely included some blenders that are not electric. You could definitely call them shakers, they’re better for making a protein shake than a blended smoothie.

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