Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are teaming up this spring for a brand new flick featuring fat female superheroes on Netflix and I have to say, I’m super stoked. Thunder Force is set to release on the streaming platform on April 9, 2021, and tells the story of two plus size women who become superheros and (sort of) save the world.

While I can pretty much guarantee that this film will not feature a lot of series moments or simply seriousness in general, I think it’s a great place to start when it comes to talking about fat bodies in the superhero space. We need to see bigger bodies on the screen, especially after the disappointing message from the first Captain America film that basically told audiences that unless you’re a hot, buff dude you can’t save the world.

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Thunder Force trailer

I’ll be honest, I had no idea Thunder Force was coming out until I happened upon the trailer on Facebook this week (it’s creepy how well the platform knows me), but I’ll watch any trailer that features Melissa McCarthy or Octavia Spencer—even if the films turn out not to make my top movie list.

The Thunder Force trailer outlines a pretty simple story—Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) seeks out her former best friend, Emily (Octavia Spencer) who is a scientist trying to give ordinary people superpowers. Lydia accidentally gives herself super strength and has to learn how to use her new powers for good. Lydia and Emily, who has the superpower of invisibility, team up in an attempt to fight crime, and the whole thing looks like a hilarious super hero-esque mess.

This upcoming Netflix film is 100% a comedy and promises a wild ride with two of our favourite fat actresses. We’ve seen these two pair up before, but I’m super stoked to see them in a new, fun-filled comedy. I highly recommend tuning in on April 9, to see what these comedians came up with.

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Why should you watch Thunder Force?

I’ll be the first to admit that Thunder Force slides pretty squarely into the “silly” comedy category, which isn’t usually on my list. But I’ve become increasingly aware over the past few years about how much our television and film screens lack body diversity (not to mention EVERY OTHER diverse category out there).

With that in mind, I’ve made an effort to watch pretty much everything released that features bigger bodies, specifically women (honestly, we see WAY MORE body variations in men on screen). I don’t love every one of these films, but I do feel a small sense of pride when I see a fat woman rocking it on the screen.

As a plus-size women, you deserve to see that representation on your screen. Thunder Force might not be the most thought-provoking film (like, at all) but it looks like a wild, fun ride. Why not spend your time with two of Hollywood’s prominent fat women and become a super hero, even if it’s just for a moment.

Thunder Force promises a hilarious journey as Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) becomes an accidental superhero then teams up with her former BFF, scientist Emily (Octavia Spencer) to become a bad-guy-fighting team of fat badasses.

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Netflix's Thunder Force film poster

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