I have huge feet. I don’t mean that in the ? get it kind of way, but in the way that my feet are a size 11 or 12, depending on the style of shoe. And, to top it all off, they’re also wide. That means that finding shoes are hard, which is why I thought I’d do up a quick little Skechers Go Walk Review because these are my favourite slip on walking shoes.

The Skechers Go Walk might be the best walking shoes in my humble opinion. I’ve relied on a pair of these every single day for over a year, and they’ve held up quite well. Not to mention, the stretch material means my wide feet aren’t a problem. So, without further ado, let’s dig in:

Skechers Go Walk Review

Skechers Gowalk Look

The Skechers Go Walk is an amazing shoe. I absolutely love it. Not only is it comfy, but it’s pretty fashionable too. You can get these in 11 fashionable colours, I have a dark grey. While they look like a regular slip-on walking shoe, they’re a tad bit more modern which I find to be more fashionable. 

Honestly, running shoes aren’t my top pick for favourite shoes. But with the exception of events and meetings where I need a fancier shoe, I’ve been happily pulling these bad boys on daily.

Skechers Go Walk Shoes Comfort

Wearing a pair of Go Walks is like walking on clouds. I realize this seems like something that people say facetious but, quite honestly, I’m being serious.

They’re a lightweight and flexible model with some sort of comfortable memory foam-like pad inside the shoe—they call this “responsive 5Gen cushioning.”

Skechers Go Walk Shoes Durability

I am incredibly hard on my shoes. I walk slightly pigeon-toed, so my shoes tend to get beat up on the inner sides. And I basically wear my shoes until they fall off. But the Skechers Go Walk slip-ons held up like a champ.

Honestly, they’re not in the best shape today but these bad boys have given me over a year of being worn every single day (winter included). And the part of the shoe that’s in rough shape is actually just the outside lining that’s been beaten up a bit. 

Other Walking Shoes For Women

Lancrop Walking Shoes for Women

The Lancrop walking shoe looks very similar to the Skechers Go Walk, but they’re a tad bit less expensive. They have a mesh top, rubber sole and are lightweight and flexible. These shoes have over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5 rating.

You can get them in 34 fashionable colours, and they cost less than $35 USD. When it comes down to it, these babies might be the best bang for your buck. Even better still, for those of us with large feet, they do come in sizes up to 12.

Tiosebon Slip On Walking Shoes

The Tiosebon looks a little more like a runner than a slip on with the faux lace front, but apparently they’re comfortable as hell. These are perfect if you want a comfy slip-on but prefer the lace-up look. They have a knit top and rubber sole.

These shoes slip right on, the mesh expands and they’re super flexible—perfect for walking. You can get these shoes in 20 different colour, and for us ladies with big feet they have sizes up to 13! Also, you can get a pair for under $20.

Istoner Zenz Stretch Slip On

The Isotoner Zenz are comfortable walking shoes with a little bit more style than your average slip-on. They are lightweight with a flexible but modern style that goes with your sporty or casual style.  

These slip ons come in three basic but fashionable colours. However, their sizes stop at 11 for these bad boys. So, those of us that occasionally need a larger shoe might have to do some extra careful measuring or go with a different shoe.

Skechers Smart-Glory Comfortable Walking Shoes 

Also in the same line as the Skecher Go Walk is the Smart-Glory Sneaker. These have a similar look to the Go Walk but add a tiny modern touch with a large tongue and an angrier-looking rubber sole. 

These are some of the best sneakers for walking. They have the same goga mat insole which is incredibly comfortable to walk in. They come in five fashionable colours, have sizes up to 13 and they even have specific wide sizes!

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I genuinely LOVE my Go Walks. I have large, fat feet (think 11 to 12, wide) and it's really hard to find slip on walking shoes for women that meet those requirements. So, when I found the Skechers Go Walk shoes I was ecstatic. They're comfortable, cute and are amazing to walk in. If you're looking for a comfortable slip on shoe, then check out my Skechers Go Walk review.

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