It’s time to start thinking about costumes for the year’s spooky festivities. If you’re thinking about something a little more chic that shows off your wilder side, then these 24 sexy plus size Halloween costumes are for you.

That’s right—not skinny, no problem!

There’s no reason why you can’t look and feel your best this Halloween, even if you’re not headed to a massive celebration. If you’re hooking up with a group of friends for a small shindig, these costumes will stand out.

Whether you’re going for something a bit more traditional or you want to go all-out with fun, we’ve got a costume choice or two that will suit your style.

Editor’s Pick: Plus Size Roaring ’20s Flapper Dress

It seems fitting that the perfect sexy plus size Halloween costume for 2021 is a flapper dress from the roaring ’20s, which is why the Roaring Roxy Flapper is this year’s editor’s choice.

If I have any Halloween parties on my dance card, this bad boy is going to be my number one pick. While it’s definitely sexy, I really like that it doesn’t seem to cheesy. Nor do you look like you’re trying too hard with it.

This costume comes with the dress and the headband included. The dress is made of a polyester gray mesh overlay with nylon and spandex in the dress. It has a back zipper, two tiers of fringe, and a sequence decorated headband.

Looking to go all-in as a flapper from the roaring ’20s? You might want to add these accessories:

Looking for a cute pair of shoes for this bad boy? Pair them with an adorable set of wide width pumps for the perfect look!

Plus Size Red Riding Hood Costume

This is not the Little Red Riding Hood of your childhood. It’s the adult, plus size version with an elegant hooded cape, fancy ribbon corset and a plunging neckline.

It’s made of 100 percent polyester interlocking knit and stretch velour fabric. The bodice has satin ribbon edging and lacing over a dark red panel. And there is a red organza ruffle and rose neckline.

If you’re looking for a traditional Halloween costume, but you want to step it up a little, this is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a dress, cloak and basket hanky, but you’ll have to add extra pieces yourself.

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Cleopatra Costume

Who doesn’t want to add a little ancient Egypt into their Halloween costume attire? If you’re looking for sexy and fun, then the Queen Cleopatra costume is definitely the way to go.

I like this costume because it figures out a way to be both sexy and daring, while still letting you coverup as much as you’d like.

This costume comes with the full black and gold dress along with the matching head dress. So with it you’ll be most of the way to becoming a full-fledged Queen.

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Jasmine Costume

I always really loved Jasmine’s outfits from Aladdin, so this Desert Princess costume is the perfect way to become your own princess.

It comes with the top, pants and headpiece. It features gold lace on the chest and a blue jewel front and centre. Plus, the pants have an elastic waist, perfect for slipping on and off.

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Naughty Nun Costume

A nun probably shouldn’t be a “sexy” Halloween costume, but alas here we are. If you’d like to shake it up this year, this plus size Naughty Nun costume might do the trick.

The dress is a polyester and spandex mix. It has long bell sleeves and cuts mid-thigh. The costume comes with the dress and the headpiece, so you’ll be ready for mass in no time!

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Glamazon Warrior Costume

Perhaps you’re the kinda gal that’s more warrior than nun, if that’s the case the Glamazon Warrior costume is perfect for you. Whether you want to fight in the pit or trek through the Amazon (looking glamours) you’ll be ready.

This is a two-piece costume that features a stretch velvet dress with sheer faux chain mail sleeves. It also comes with a stylish O-ring gold headband.

Wearers say that this is a great plus size costume and they’re impressed with the overall design and structure. The overall fit is comfortable and it looks great!

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Queen of Hearts Costume

Off with their heads! If you’re ready to find yourself a fierce costume this Halloween then you need to check out the Sparkling Queen of Hearts outfit. Sexy, fierce and fun, it’ll be a great holiday.

This sexy plus size Halloween costume has an uneven skirt with the front above your knees and the back trailing the ground. You’ll look and feel like a queen in this bad boy.

This costume includes the bodysuit, skirt, detachable collar and puffy sleeves. And these four pieces will ensure that you look glitzy, glam and fantastic!

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Elvira Costume

If spooky is more your style this Halloween, but you still want to feel sexy, then the Elvira costume might be right up your alley. It’s fun, dark and the slit is perfect to add just a little something to your look.

This costume features the dress, belt and dagger. The plunging neckline with a foam collar will help give you a drastic look for a spooky Halloween. Plus, the dagger adds a little extra charm.

The bottom and the bell sleeves are both shredded to give you that ghostly look. The high slit in the dress gives you a little of showy leg and the back zipper makes it easy to get in and out of.

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Hogwarts Uniform Costume

Calling all Harry Potter fans! If you’re hoping to be a witch this year but you’re looking to go the non-traditional route, then shrugging on a plus size Hogwarts uniform costume might be perfect for you.

I will give you that this isn’t a real Harry Potter outfit, but it works when it comes to spicing up your Halloween costume this year. It comes with the dress and cape with time, perfect for your first day at Hogwarts.

With a few extra accessories and a little extra flair, you’ll feel just like you’re getting ready for your first day. Take this bad boy to this year’s Halloween shindigs or save it for a Comic Con-like adventure.

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Flapper Costume

The roaring ’20s are big this year (no kidding, right?) and if you want to dress up as a flapper but you want something a tad bit more flashy then the Fringe Gold Flapper costume is for you.

This gold and black flapper dress is made of polyester tricot fabric with eight rows of alternating fringe. It also comes with a black sequinned elastic headband, so you’ll definitely look the part.

I love the flapper costumes because not only are they fun and flirty, but the right one can make you feel sexy AF—which is perfect for those of us wanting to stand out this year.

Looking to go all-in? You might want to add these accessories:

Plus Size Sexy Cop Costume

You want to be good and you want to be bad this year. If that sounds like it describes you, then a sexy cop might be your top pick. It’s a fun play on a typical costume that will make you really shine.

This costume really comes fully-loaded. It has the button-down dress, police hat, fingerless gloves, belt, tie and walkie-talkie. So, with this set you’ll pretty much be ready to go.

Put this outfit on and get ready to strut your stuff. Whether you want to write some tickets or make some arrests, you’ll be ready to pull out your badge and start taking names.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Mermaid Costume

The Little Mermaid was one of my favourite Disney films growing up, which is why I love this sexy take on the traditional mermaid costume. With a seashell tank top and a high-cut mermaid tail skirt you’ll feel gorgeous.

This costume is made of polyester and has a pullover dress with adjustable straps. It’s form fitting with daring cuts that will make you look and feel like a land-walking mermaid.

This costume comes with the dress, belt and purse, so you’ll be well on your way to looking like the mermaid princess. And it’s built with a foam bust and underwire support, so you’ll be comfortable making rounds at the party.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Catwoman Costume

Meow! Ready to get your cat on this Halloween? Then definitely check this plus size cat supervillain costume (AKA Catwoman). It’s perfect for those that want to show off their full figure but still cover-up.

The costume features the full catsuit, belt and the cat ear headband. It’s a matte fabric made of a polyester, nylon blend. And the headband is fabric cat ears and a widow’s peak attached to a plastic headband.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume

The Mad Hatter has always been one of my favourite costumes, and while you can make one on your own this plus size version is a great sexy cute version of it.

Wearers say that this costume is “super cute” and it fits perfectly. It comes highly recommended and those that choose this particular costume are more than happy with it.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Playboy Bunny Costume

If you’re looking for one of the most standard sexy plus size Halloween costumes, then the Play Time Bunny is what you’re looking for. With a cute romper, wrist cuffs and a headband, it’ll be perfect for you.

It’s a fun and flirty choice for a Halloween costume. If sexy is 100 percent what you’re going for, then this might be the perfect choice for you!

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size School Girl Costume

I’ll be honest with you, schoolgirl isn’t my idea of the best Halloween costume but I know a lot of people put it at the top of their sexy costume list. So, I found a super cute school girl-style outfit for this Halloween.

This plus size Halloween costume comes with a fully-lined jacket with ruffles, a plaid bra, pre-tied necktie, and a mini skirt.

It’s a fun, flirty Halloween costume for full-figured fashionistas alike. You’ll look awesome and you might even be able to pick up that cute guy from across the room.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Sexy Pirate Costume

Pirates are one of my favourite weird history characters, I talk about it all the time on The Lady Dicks Podcast. So, if you’re looking for something fantastic to wear this Halloween, definitely check out the Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume.

These sexy plus size Halloween costumes come with a velvet lace-up corset dress with a zipper on the back. If you want the extra bounce, you’ll need to throw a plus size Red Tulle Petticoat underneath it.

Wearers say that they were pleasantly surprised with this outfit. It’s cute, fun and comfortable, and it’s made from high quality material.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Sexy Nurse Costume

With Covid in our midst, now is the perfect time to celebrate nurses with the Sexy RN costume. Ok, so it’s not that technically accurate, but you can have some real fun with it.

The nurses coat-style dress has short sleeves with a winged collar. It fastens at the front and has two patch pockets. Plus the costume comes with a toy stethoscope and a fabric cap.

Wearers do mention that the nurses costume seems to size a little small. But they also say if you get the correct size it’s quite comfortable.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Beetle Bride Costume

If you’re looking for a more abstract scary costume, then the Beetle Bride outfit might do the trick. It’s a fun bold red that’s sure to make you standout and you can make it as creepy or sexy as you want.

This costume comes with the dress and veil. The dress has a zipper on the side, button at the back of the neck and tulle on the skirt. Pair it with the lace veil hair comb piece and it’ll be a great party getup.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Angel of Darkness Costume

Looking for a sexy and dark costume this year? Then I’d recommend that you check out the Dreamgirl Angel of Darkness outfit. It’s radiant and bold with a modest v-neck outline and high-cut skirt.

This outfit is a three-piece set and comes with the black dress, the angel wings and halo headband. It’s the full set for any full-figured fashionista looking for an all-in-one costume.

Wearers say that this costume is really comfortable, but it doesn’t look exactly the same as it does in the image. Regardless, they say it’s cute and perfect for plus size wearers.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Gladiator Costume

If you’re looking to dress up in a costume that your enemies will fear this year, then check out the plus size Gladiator costume. It’s equal parts fierce and sexy, perfect for those bold fashionistas.

The costume is built from polyester material. Wearers say that the material is thicker than you’d expect so it should keep you warmer for those cooler Halloween party nights.

This costume comes with everything you need to be the perfect gladiator this year. It has the dress with the armour attached, a fierce cape, headband, armband, shoe tops, and cuff medallions.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Plus Size Marilyn Monroe Costume

Who doesn’t want to be Marilyn Monroe for Halloween? Seriously, all that Hollywood glitz and glam in that classic white dress. Luckily for you, I’ve found the perfect plus size Halloween costume to fit the bill.

This costume is the plus size take on the classic white plunging halter-style V-neck dress that famously blew up right from underneath her. It’s has a traditional empire style that’s gathered below the bust.

This is a great costume choice because it’s incredibly simple. Put on the dress and a cute pair of shoes and you’re ready to hit the down. It comes with just the dress, but you can add other accents as you see fit.

Looking to go all-in? You might also want to add:

Dalmatian Diva Costume

Since the origin movie dropped this year, Cruella de Vil is all the rage. So, why not dress up as the queen of evil this Halloween? If that sounds like your kind of gig, this Dalmatian Diva costume is for you.

This costume combines the fabulous Dalmatian style (though no pups were made during the making of it) with Cruella’s signature black, white, and red fashion. If you want to walk into the party with a fake cigarette holder and purr dah-ling all evening, this is the creative costume for you.

Secret Agent Costume

If you’re looking for a sexy plus size Halloween costume this year, this top-notch secret agent look is for you. There’s nothing sexier than zipping yourself into an all-black suit.

This is not a casual party costume, it’s for the sexy ladies that are ready to take home the award. This sleek jumpsuit is a real show-stopper. With an adjustable v-neck, a buckled belt, and secure metal hooks to give you the ideal shape.

League of Their Own Dottie Costume

If you’re looking for women’s sexy plus size costumes and you love a good ’90s throw back, this sexy baseball player costume might just be the perfect pick for you. Hailing from the Tom Hank’s Classic, A League of Their Own, this sporty pink suit is exactly what you need to hit that costume contest out of the park.

There’s no crying in baseball, as they say, but there might be tears of joy when you win the costume contest. It comes with the pink dress, a faux red leather belt, knee-high socks, and a baseball cap, but you’ll need to supply your own cleats and bat.

Firewoman Costume

I’m not convinced that fire departments are equipped to handle the fire you’re about to bring with this Firewoman costume. You probably won’t want to bring this bad boy to fire any real fires, considering it leaves almost nothing to the imagination, but it’ll definitely bring down the house. 

You’ll have to bring your own boots and hat to the party, but the short dress has reflected strips and metal hooks built into it to give you a real authentic(ish) look. Don’t forget to bring the respirator, in case you have any emergencies 😉 

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