I know 2020’s been a trip, but Rosegal has a super awesome plus size swimsuit sale on. Whether you have the opportunity to hit up the beach or you’re just going to kick it in your kiddie pool in the back yard, you deserve one of these bad boys.

One-Piece Swimsuits

Keep It Flashy as a Mermaid

This super cute magical bathing suit reminds me of that children’s book Rainbow Fish—I always loved the look of its cover. This plus size swimsuit is part of the Rosegal sale, and with its eye-catching design and flattering silhouette, you simply cannot go wrong.

Show Some Skin with Mesh Panels

This pretty-in-pink bathing suit is as risque as it is conservative. While the mesh panels show a little something, you still feel save and covered up as if you were wearing a standard one piece. It’s perfect if you’re working towards a bikini but you’re just not there yet.

Cheeky in Cherry

I LOVE a good vintage bathing suit and this cherry boy short suit is perfect if you’re looking to save some money and still look damn cute this summer. Plus if you’re looking for some extra support, this swimsuit has underwire!

Peek-a-Boo Polka Dots

If you’re looking for a swimsuit on sale that’s both cute and sexy, then take a peek at this adorable one-piece. It features fun ruffles, a dramatic v-neck with cut-outs and a figure-hugging shape. You’ll look amazing suntanning on that beach towel!

Two-Toned Classic

If you want something cute that only has a tad bit of the skin showing, then this lace up colorblock one-piece was made for you. It features a boat neckline with off-shoulder straps, a sexy but not-too-revealing lace up in the front, and, of course, the two-toned light pink and black is the perfect combo.


Sporty Pink and Black Combo

Looking for something with more coverage that will help you avoid chub rub (seriously, who isn’t). If that sounds like you check out the super cute openwork printed tankini. It features a full-length tank with really cute boy shorts perfect for giving you that extra leg protection.

Classic and Colourful

For a basic tankini that has a tighter bottom so the top doesn’t ride up, check out this colourful tankini. The top has a sinched bottom so you can worry less about it riding up and more about having the time of your life in the water!

Bikini Swimwear

Pretty in Pineapple

This pineapple ruched bikini is my absolute favourite swimsuit that you can find at the Rosegal sale. I’m going through a bit of a pineapple phase, but I love the bright colours and the striking contrast between the bright yellow and pastel green.

Tropical Plant Print

I love the peek-a-boo neckline on this super cute leaf print bikini. It’s perfect if you’re missing the tropical vacation that you were supposed to head out on. Plus it’s definitely built to flatter those of us who have a bigger bust that we’re ready to show off.

Party in Polka Dots

I was so happy to see this number in the plus size swimsuit sale because I’ve been eyeing this bad boy up for ages. I really like the classic black-and-white polka dot contrasting with a red top. It’s fun, funky and elegant.

Fancy in Ruffles

It appears that I’m on a roll with a colour scheme here, but I couldn’t risk not including this plant printed bikini set. I LOVE that it has two distinct patterns that clearly go together. And the off-shoulder strap adds a bit of elegance to the piece.

Darling in Daisy

The Daisy Dotted beginner suit the perfect beginner bikini for someone who’s not sure how they’ll feel but really wants to try. It has a high waisted bottom and a lower sitting top. It’s cute, comfy and perfect for your next day at the beach!

Swim Dresses & Skirts

Checkered and Lovely

If you’re looking for a fun and funky swim dress, then the plaid twist handkerchief was made just for you. It’s funky and flowing in all the right places and gives a great silhouette for a bit of a confidence boost!

Ballet Bikini

If you’re looking for something cute and fun, but still want a little extra coverage (or distraction in this case) then the lace-up halter skirt is perfect for you. I really love the see-through tutu skirt contrasting with the cute lace-up top!

Fun in the Sunflower

If you’re looking for cute and fun, and would prefer to wear a swim dress, then I’d recommend checking out the sunflower handkerchief style. It features a cute multi-length skirt along with a v-neck tied top, giving you some flow while you take a dip.

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