Pool floaties can make your experience at the beach or in the water that much better, but most of them are not made with bigger bodies in mind. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any floaties for plus size women you can use in the water.

Ignoring the fact that all of the images of these pool floats feature hot, skinny women, I did pick through everything I could on Amazon and pulled out the cutest ones that could actually handle a plus size body—we’re talking 400 lbs for all but two of them (and one I’ve tested myself).

If you’re looking to get your splash on, these are the pool floaties you’ll need in your life!

Editor’s pick: Aqua Leisure 4-in-1 hammock

The 4-in-1 Aqua Leisure hammock is the pool floatie that I use to lounge around in the river where my family spends the summer.

I know that the weight capacity for this says 220 lbs, but they’re lying. I’m well above that lovely little number and I use this exact hammock when I’m hanging out in the river (I’m in remote Canada, sadly there is no official pool). I can tell you with confidence that you’d be OK for at least 325 lbs on this bad boy. The floating sleeves are really well-built and the seams are solid.

What I really love about this is that you can truly use it in four different ways. The hammock is how I usually use it (granted it could use an extra inch or two for extra comfort). But you can make it a lounge chair, ride it like a saddle or just use the blow-up floatie parts under your arms and float away!

Best pool floaties for plus size women

If you don’t love my top pick, here are a few other ones that I found that can hold bigger bodies:

Giant floating unicorn

Jasonwell’s unicorn floatie is from all of the beach photos, and it’s for a good reason. Beyond just simply being super cute, it is built to hold up to 400 lbs, which means that you should definitely have no problem climbing on that big bad boy and floating the day away.

When we say this is big, we mean BIG. It’s made of thick, durable, and soft durable raft-grade material. It’s made of non-phthalates material with matte finish. And for those of us charged with blowing it up, it features fast valves so you’ll be able to use it fast. Plus, it’s built to be inflated by a hairdryer or an air pump. Have fun this summer on your floating unicorn.

Giant inflatable golden swan pool float

If you’re looking for something a little more regal, the golden swan pool float might just be the best pick for you. Again this inflatable is built to hold more than 400 lbs. With its thick, soft and durable raft-grade material, you can have fun in the sun with little concern about popping your toy.

This floatie features valves that are supposed to inflate five times faster than those of lesser quality, and you can inflate it with a hairdryer, compressor, or even an electric air pump. But the company warns that you’re supposed to cozy up on the body of the bird, not the wings.

Pineapple pool raft

Who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon lazing around on a pineapple pool float with a drink in their hand? While this floating air mattress doesn’t have the same weight capacity as the giant swan but it can hold more than 300 lbs, which works for some of us bigger women.

This is perfect for a relaxing hot afternoon, whether you want to simply lounge or you want to play. It’ll be a hit at your next pool party, but due to its unique shape and fun colours, it’ll be easy to tell which one is yours when it comes time to pack up and go home.

SUNSHINEMALL Swimming Inflatable Eggplant Float Large Float

Inflatable eggplant float

If you’re ready to head to the beach, remember to pack your eggplant floatie along with the rest of your beach essentials. It’s described as being super bouyant and is built to hold up to 400 lbs, meaning many of us can get on and take it for a spin.

It has a cozy water hammock design with the outer inflatable mixed with the inner netting to lay on. It’s described as being one of the easiest pool floaties to get on and off of, and is perfect for plus size women who are between 5 and 6 feet tall.

Giant inflatable peacock pool float

I have a big thing for peacocks ever since I went to school at Royal Roads University and there were a handful of peacocks that just roamed the grounds. Right up there in Canada, peacocks walking around—it was really unique. In any case, this giant peacock is a fun choice for a plus size pool float.

This floatie is built to hold up to 400 lbs, so most of us can enjoy the sun and water floating on top of it. With its fresh blue colouring and wild tail, you’ll definitely be able to pick this pool toy out of the crowd. It’s also tear and UV fade-resistant.

Shell inflatable pool float

Looking for a heavy-duty pool float that’s perfect to bust out at parties? Zcaukya’s inflatable giant shell is ideal for hitting the pool, ocean, or even beach. It’s built to hold up to 400lbs, which means it can hold two to three smaller people or one big gal!

You can use this bad boy to sit or lie down because of the open clam-shell appeal. It also includes a pearl ball that has a 7.9-inch diameter that you can use for a friendly game of water volleyball. It has a fun mermaid-type feel, get ready to live your best water life!

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