Being active is an important part of designing your dream fat life. Not only does it improve your health in the obvious ways, it can also help you sleep better and boost your creativity. Why wouldn’t you want to do both of those things? But activewear can be incredibly pricey and a plus size woman, I find that I have the option of dirt-cheap one-time-use clothing or something high-end and pricey.

So, I’ve decided to look elsewhere. With the idea of not spending an arm and a leg on your next item, we’re looking at some of the best plus size workout clothes Amazon has to offer. These are by no means the only plus size workout clothes that are available on Amazon. Instead, we’re going to be looking at the overall main categories of workout wear that you’d be on the hunt for and feature some of my favourite pieces that you can get for a decent price!

Best plus size workout clothes on Amazon

Workout pants

When it comes to plus size workout clothes, pants are essential. But fat women tend to only have access to high-end, overpriced options, which is where Amazon comes in. One of my favourite places to find plus size workout pants (besides Costco) is Amazon because you can easily find something for under $50 and, occasionally, I can find half-decent items that go over a 3X.

If you’re not a fan of the tightness of leggings and you want something that’s more flexible, then a pair of ZERDOCEAN yoga capris might fit the bill. They’re a more traditional boot-cut style, made with a more traditional breathable material that will be comfortable to workout in. These are probably best for spring and summertime, due to the capri build.

For those that are looking for a spring time capri but prefer a legging style, I like the Uoohal plus size capri leggings. These pants look great on bigger bodies, but the material is thin so they’re definitely meant for the summer. The other thing I think about when I hear thinner material is chub rub and wearing my pants out in the inner thighs.

If leggings are your ideal pants style (guilty), we’ve got a whole post dedicated to plus size leggings. Or, if you’re looking specifically for yoga clothes, we’ve done a deep dive on plus size options for those too.

The final type of plus size workout pants Amazon offers are yoga shorts. Not every plus size woman is comfortable showing off their legs (girl, I have those days too) but for those that do there is ample opportunity to find a great pair of shorts.

Unfortunately, a pair like these high waisted shorts only go up to 3X but if those happen to fit you, they offer a stylish option for workout wear. I particularly like the drawstring accent and the fact that they’re high waisted so they can help smooth out your hips.

Workout tops

When it comes to clothing, I think I give tops the least amount of airtime. For me, tops are the accent to my pants or something you simply throw on. This is definitely the wrong way to look at them, because having the right plus size workout top is crucial to making sure you’re comfortable.

If you’re looking for a plus size yoga short, I like the Kimmery. This top is made of a stretchy polyester and spandex blend that’s lightweight, breathable and dries fast. It features a criss-cross back that adds a little extra personality and is great for summer weather.

If you’re simply looking for something cool and casual, Just My Size makes a comfortable Short Sleeve Crew t-shirt that works swimmingly for those of us that that simply want to throw something on and head out for a walk or do an online yoga session in your living room.

You can really wear any t-shirt for a quick workout session. However, if you’re looking specifically for plus size active tops I would recommend something that is:

  • Moisture-wicking so it dries fast
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Made of a soft, comfortable material

My absolute favourite type of tops for my main workout activity (my daily hour-long walks) is a standard tank top. In fact, I wear tank tops pretty much all day, every day. They’re great because you can always add a sweater or athletic jacket if it’s colder out.

If you’re looking for a plus size tank top that is lightweight and breathable, the Beyove racerback is a great choice. One of the reasons why I love it is because of the belt-like strip at the bottom. This is also a great option for someone who wants a looser fit top because it has a soft drape that’s not to bag-like so you can move around without feeling constricted.

Sports bra

When I choose to wear a bra (which, admittedly, these days is not often), a plus size sports bra is my top choice. Since I rarely head out these days because (a) COVID and (b) I basically moved to the middle-of-nowhere, a sports bra makes a lot of sense. Especially since I 100% have small boobs.

There are plenty of options for inexpensive sports bras on Amazon, even for plus size women which is a welcome surprise. This Fruit of the Loom pack is a set of three in either the same or a variety of colours, depending on what you’re looking for. They’re made to be easy to slip on and off, but might not be the highest quality choice for women with larger breasts.

Amazon is a great place to start window shopping for a plus size sports bra. You can find:

If you’re looking for a more quality build, you can get a Nike plus size compression bra. A few of the 5-star reviews on Amazon particularly pointed out how this bra is great for bigger-chested women. They share that this bra is comfortable to wear and fits like a glove (which is how it’s supposed to fit).

Athletic jacket

I’m really into athletic jackets, so I’ve created an entire solo post dedicated to them but I feel compelled to talk about them here too. I have a thin, non-descript jacket that dries quick and works perfectly on a cooler morning during my walk that I pretty much wear everywhere. I truly believe they are the perfect casual jacket.

Take the Hanna Nikole jacket for example. It’s a breathable yoga jacket that’s not heavy or bulky. It might not work for a chilly winter morning but chances are most days from March to October can throw this bad boy on and go. It also has zippered pockets, perfect for keeping your hands warm or your phone safe.

When you’re looking for a brand new plus size Athletic jacket, I highly recommend picking one that:

  • Is made of quick-dry material, moisture-wicking if you can find it
  • Has at least one pocket
  • Isn’t bulky or heavy, you can always throw a sweater underneath
  • Ends around your hips, if it’s too long it can be uncomfortable to move in

The Dickies Dynamix is another great example of plus size workout clothes Amazon has. It’s slightly bulkier than the other featured choice but it features large pockets and a way to manage any cables you might be working with (i.e. your headphones). It has great reviews for being lightweight but warm.


A plus size sweater is the last piece of the puzzle in my personal workout attire. While I love wearing my athletic jacket, some cooler mornings I need to add a sweater underneath for a little extra warmth. I live in Canada where the winter often brings negative temperatures (in Celsius, of course), which means that my comfy thin jacket isn’t always warm enough.

The sweater I use is very similar to this Just My Size plus size jersey hoodie. It’s made of cotton with a zip-front closure, hood with a drawstring and is incredibly lightweight. It’s thin enough to fit underneath my jacket but warm enough to help fight off the sharp prairie winds I sometimes face on my walks.

Technically, I have a second pull-over hoodie. It has no zipper, it just slips over my head and can also go under my athletic jacket. While I tend to prefer the zip-up sweater, this one is great because it’s a touch thinner and works for days where I feel cold (as opposed to actually facing colder weather).

The one that I have is similar to the Amazon Essentials brushed tech pullover, except mine has a hood. This particular sweater features thumb holes so your sweater sleeves don’t ride up and has two slit side pockets. You can throw this under a jacket as well and it’ll help to keep the cool off.

Waist trainer

I admit that I’m not a fan of the waist trainer personally, but I know there are a ton of plus size women that are on the lookout for one—and while this blog might have my name on it, I really write it for you. So I thought I’d find a few that were made with larger women in mind.

The Along Fit is a plus size waist trainer that has the largest sizes I could find. It goes up to 7X and comes in seven different colours that you can choose from. The best part of the waist trainer idea is that you’ll most likely wear it underneath your clothes so, at the end of the day, the colour doesn’t matter so much.

For those of you that aren’t aware, the waist trainer is basically a modern corset. The theory is that you can use them to “train” your waistline to work a certain way. In my completely non-medical opinion, this is B.S., instead they’re probably better to wear under a particular garment when you’re going for a certain look.

There are claims that waist trainers can help you loose weight and create an hour glass figure (presumably if you don’t already have one). I haven’t seen any solid proof of this, but I’m lacking in a medical degree to actually disprove it.

Regardless, a waist trainer like the SlimmKISS is meant to help you “eliminate toxins, speed-up the calorie burning process, and keeping your muscles warm and supported, and preventing post-workout fatigue and injuries.” It comes to fit up to 5X.

Tips for buying clothes on Amazon

There are plenty of plus size workout clothes Amazon has to offer at a cheaper rate than some other retailers, but shopping for clothes there can be challenging. So, when you’re purchasing clothes on Amazon, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Read the reviews—other people who have purchased the items you’re looking are a great resource when it comes to deciding whether or not you should make the purchase
  • Read the size guide from the manufacturer, not the generic Amazon one (unless the clothes are from Amazon’s collection)
  • Check review pictures if they’re available—these can give you a great idea if the item works on a plus size body

I can honestly say that if you’re careful with your research you can find some serious steal-of-a-deals with Amazon. I’ve bought a number of stellar clothing items, including a bodysuit, and truly love them!

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Looking for inexpensive fitness attire? Check out these plus size workout clothes Amazon has to offer.

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