I had a little bit of a gothic streak growing up.

I loved everything Tim Burton, listened to Good Charlotte’s The Chronicles of Life and Death (preferably the “death” version), and dressed in primarily black with my signature UGLY scarf I’d purchased myself while on a trip to Quebec.

I would have just died if I could dress like Wednesday Adams any day (not just Halloween) but I didn’t have the clothing, the budget, or parents that approved of the “spooky” Adams family films. Alas, I never did live out my dreams as the stylish gothic queen.

But this year I decided to change that.

I’ve never been one for dressing up on Halloween. It gets to be a bit of a long tale, but essentially I wasn’t allowed to growing up. Besides the one time six year old me pulled off a Snow White costume, and two years ago when I dressed up because I was the host of a Halloween-themed speed dating event, I’ve never really planned a Halloween costume. 

But this year, since we’re kicking off The Fattest Girl in the Room again and shooting video for The Lady Dicks, I thought it would be appropriate to have some holiday fun. So, I decided to pull together a plus size Wednesday Addams costume. 

Essential pieces for a plus size Wednesday Addams costume

Creating a Wednesday Addams plus size costume is pretty easy. There are only a few easy-to-find pieces that you need to have to pull it off, and you don’t have to buy a cheaply made costume from a Halloween pop-up shop!

You can design your Wednesday costume however you want, but these are the pieces I recommend:

Is it Wednesday yet? midi dress
Shop: Modcloth

Classic white collar black dress

You can’t do Wednesday Addams without the white collared dress. In fact, that’s really the only piece you need to have. So long as you put on your dress and braid your hair, people will know who you are.

I went with the Nemidor midi dress from Amazon, which I can confirm is adorable. I have a 45-inch waist and 54-inch hips and I fit perfectly into an 18 plus. It’s short-sleeved, making it perfect for warmer weather. Plus there are pockets!

My one complaint is the collar is more Peter Pan than Wednesday Addams. With that in mind, I recommend the Is It Wednesday Yet? mini dress by Modcloth has a better collar. It’s a little pricer, but it’s made in a gorgeous, stretchy, soft velvet. With the long sleeves, it makes for a better choice for cooler weather. 

Wednesday Addams wig
Shop: Target

Dark braids

Considering I already have long dark hair, I decided to simply braid my hair instead of getting a wig. However, not everyone has that option. If you’ve got shorter or lighter hair and you want to go from head-to-toe the part, a wig is a great option.

You could go with a standard black wig and braid the hair yourself. Or you can go right to a pre-braided wig. Which you go with depends on the future of your wig. If you plan on using it beyond this Halloween, you might consider getting a straight long wig that you can use for future costumes.

Brinley Co
Shop: Walmart

Black ankle booties

I LOVE these Brinley Co. vintage booties, and I think they’re the perfect fit for this costume.

Full disclosure: I don’t have these. I didn’t get shoes for my costume, instead I went with the beige dress loafers I already has — not really Wednesday-ish.

But if you want to go all out, I recommend going with a pair of either black flats or cozy booties. You really can’t go wrong with a new pair of shoes! 

Two pack H&M plus size black tights
Shop: H&M

Black tights

To put it altogether, you’ll want to get yourself a pair of black tights. 

Every woman should have an opaque pair of tights in their wardrobe. If you don’t have one already, check out this pair of H&M plus size black tights. You don’t have to go with fully opaque, I just feel like it’ll fit better for this particular costume.

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