The tankini was my go-to swimwear in my younger years. I wasn’t confident enough to wear a bikini, but the traditional one-piece suit seemed like the swimsuit of old ladies—a statement I completely agree with now-a-days, there are a ton of sexy single-piece bathing suits out there.

That left me with the plus size tankini as my preferred suit of choice. It makes sense—they have all the my boob could fall out at any moment risk as the bikini but your stomach isn’t showing all day long. Plus, to be completely honest, there are a TON of style choices in this single swimsuit style so you can definitely find whatever fits for you.

What’s the difference between a tankini and a bikini?

Tankinis are like bikinis, only they feature a longer tank-top style top that provides a little more coverage around your mid-section. They’re a good swimsuit choice for plus size women that want a little more coverage in the tummy area because the top extends below the traditional bra-like top of a bikini.

Best plus size tankinis

Looking for the best plus size tankini for you? We’ve got 11 different styles to show you from tankinis with traditional bikini-style bottoms, to shorts and even swim dress style tops.

Interested in doing a little more work? Let’s dig into each of these picks a little bit more:

Tankini with bikini bottoms

Daci tummy control plus size blouson tankini

This Daci tankini is perfect for plus size women looking for something flattering and fun. It 10 fun colour choices, so you can find the one that fits your personal style best. It features layered tummy control that helps hide tummy fat and any “problem areas” that you might want to cover up.

Wearers say that it’s an exceptional choice for plus size blouson tankini. It features removable pads in the bra area, and the bikini-style bottom fits surprisingly well. It’s made of stretchy, soft and breathable fabric that’s perfect for all of your beach activities.

Yonique high-waisted plus size peplum tankini

Peplum tops are flattering for those of us with bigger tummy areas, which is why this Yonique tankini is perfect for plus size women looking for some new swimwear. Made of a combination of polyester and spandex, this suit has fast-drying, soft and flexible material that’s a pleasure to wear.

It has a retro-style look with a flattering peplum top that hides any larger hip or stomach area that you might want to cover up. This plus size tankini swimsuit has a padded bra, lace-up front, provides modest coverage and support, and has ruched tummy control. It’s cute, fashionable, and perfect for your next beach vacation.

Fullfitall long tankini tops plus size

If you’re looking for a two-piece swimsuit that features a longer tankini top and bikini-style bottoms, the Fullfitall v-neck is a fun and flattering choice. With eight different patterns and colour choices, this suit is made of nylon and spandex, which means the fabric is soft and quick-drying—perfect for a day at the beach.

These plus size tankinis feature bright colours and chic patterns. It offers great support and enhances your curves, which makes it a great pick. You’ll absolutely want to double-check the sizing against your measurements so you get the perfect fit for you!

Anne Cole plus size strapless tankini

This Anne Cole bathing suit is a bandeau tankini plus size will love, especially those looking for a strapless choice so you can even out your tan line. Made of a combination of nylon and spandex, this swimsuit is made of a comfortable, quick-drying material that’s perfect for a poolside day.

Wearers sat that this swimsuit offers good support for larger breasts. It features molded sewn-in cups with silicone beading for support. The ruching in the top is very “forgiving” means it can help you smooth out any extra tummy fat to help give a little confidence boost. The best part of this is that there’s no spillover or digging straps to complain about!

Plus size tankini with shorts

Lalagen cute plus size tankinis with long shorts

If you’re looking for a plus size tankini that features longer shorts that can help prevent chafing, then this Lalagen suit is the perfect choice for you. It features a waist-length tankini top that provides a trendy slim silhouette, and has an easy scoop neck. Then there is the shorts that end just above the knees that can keep you comfortable when your legs rub together.

Wearers recommend this swimsuit because it fits as expected, is incredibly comfortable to wear, and provides just a little extra coverage. The top is a racerback style that’s very athletic and sporty, plus there is a chest pad that provides a little extra comfort.

Septangle tankini for plus size women

If you want something fun and flattering, the Septangle tankini features a dress-style top and short swim shorts that help keep you comfortable while you have some fun in the sun on a sandy beach. The boy shorts feature an elastic band closure that’s easy to slip on and off. The top has adjustable shoulder straps, a drawstring at the side and on the chest, and a small, flattering v-neck.

Plus size wearers share that this swimsuit is a great fit whether you’re spending the day at the beach or going for a week-long cruise. It can be hard to find a bathing suit that’s flattering for bigger bodies, but this style fits the bill. If you’re looking to pair something with those cute summer sandals, this might just be for you!

Hanna Nikole two-piece plus size black tankini with tummy control

Looking for the perfect plus size black tankini? This Hanna Nikole style features boy-leg shorts and a dress-style top that’s perfect for this summer. The top features a drawstring closure, as well as drawstrings in the breast area, and on the sides for some cute accents. The soft wire-free bra cups also feature removable bust pads so you get the look you’re going for.

Reviewers say that this swimsuit is flattering, and features vibrant, beautiful colouring that’s great for any fashionista. They clearly state that the bottoms don’t create a muffin-top (yay!), the shorts are long but not too long, and the top can accommodate at least a d-cup.

Perona v-neck plus size tankini swimwear

This Perona v-neck tankini features shorts and a tank top-style top that is comfortable and creates a flattering silhouette for your hips and leg lines. There is a built-in bra with adjustable straps that provide great support. Plus, the swimsuit is made of ultra soft and environmentally-friendly material that’s comfortable.

Reviewers say that this is a great plus size swimsuit because it isn’t so form-fitting, therefore you don’t feel all squeezed into a suit that’s going to reveal everything. It also doesn’t float up in the pool like you might expect. Plus it comes in five colour and pattern choices so you can find your perfect fit.

Tankini swimdresses

Urchics swim dress plus size tankini bathing suits

The Urchics tankini swim dress is adorable. It’s a little more of a complex bathing suit than some of the other options that you see out there with a pleated skirt and wrap top. It’s described as being flattering, and works with smaller boobs (a big plus for ladies like me with smaller boobs).

Wearers say that they would absolutely recommend getting yourself this swimsuit. It runs true to size, has a padded bra area, and fits like a glove. Not to mention, the price is fantastic, so some wearers even get more than one so they have a little colour variety!

Hanna Nikole plus size bathing suits tankini swim dress

The Hanna Nikole two-piece plus size swim dress is made of a combination of polyester and spandex, which means it dries quickly, provides stretch, and is soft and comfortable. It’s a flattering piece of swimwear that features a halter neck, high-waist design, cut-out back and long dress for a flattering fit.

It’s important to note that reviews suggest that this particular swimsuit model runs a little large, so size down (definitely double-check the size chart). This swim dress features moulded cups that provide great support for larger busts. It’s fit for a variety of occasions, especially your next trip to the beach!

Danify retro print tankinis for plus size women

The Danify makes for an exceptional choice of tankini swimwear plus size women will love. It has a simple style with an empire waistband that sits right under your breasts and adjustable straps that keep you comfortable. It provides lots of coverage for those wanting to dress a little more modestly, and it’s stylish and modern.

You can get this swimsuit in 11 different colours, so there is definitely a great choice out there for women of all styles. Wearers say this suit makes for a good pick if you’re looking to cover your belly and/or thighs, plus it makes your boobs look quite exceptional. However, the tummy control isn’t quite what they were hoping it would be and the shorts could chafe since they’re a little on the smaller side.

Plus size tankini FAQs

What is the point of a tankini?

A tankini is a great swimsuit choice for women that want a little more coverage, but still want the convenience of a two-piece swimsuit.

Is a tankini flattering?

Tankinis can absolutely be flattering.

Can you swim in tankini?

Yes, a tankini is a swimsuit!

What does tankini mean?

A tankini is basically a two-piece swimsuit like a bikini but with a full coverage top.

Are tankinis for old ladies?

There are plenty of tankini choices out there that work for older women, but they are not restricted to wearers of an older generation. Tankinis are a great swimsuit choice for women of all ages and sizes.

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