It’s beach weather (literally, I’m headed to the beach tomorrow, it’s going to be 36 degrees Celsius) so it’s time to start thinking of our sand and sun wear, beyond just picking your next swimsuit. It’s time to talk plus size swimsuit coverups.

A beach coverup is a must-have if you’re planning on heading to the beach. While I love wearing my swimsuit all day long, there are definitely times that you might want to throw something over. Whether you simply want a little relief from the beating rays of the sun or you want to grab an ice cream, finding the perfect cover ups for your plus size body is essential!

Best plus size swimsuit coverups

Looking for the best swimsuit coverups for plus size women? We’ve got 11 cute and fashionable choices from some of our favourite brands so you can look and feel fashionable on the beach:

CurveGirl maxi swim cover up

If you’re a full-body cover up kinda girl, or you want to take a sunset walk down the beach with your partner then the CurveGirl maxi swim cover up might be the perfect pick for you. This dress features a plunging neckline (hello, breasts!) and has a wrap style which is elegant.

This cover up dress is made of 100 percent viscose and is 54-inches in length. You can get it in eight colours, including the neutral black that we’ve featured. It’s idea for those beachgoers who want to cover up their bikini and walk around without feeling like they just got out of the water.

CoverGirl Take Me to the Beach fringe swimsuit cover up

If you want to find fun fringe-worthy plus size swimsuit coverups, then this Take Me to the Beach pick is perfect for the summer. Not only is it stylish and easy to slip on, but you can pair it with either a one or two-piece swimsuit.

It’s a classic t-shirt style top that is 35-inches in length. Throw it on, grab your favourite towel and sandals, and head to the poolside. Don’t forget your beach bag essentials!

CurveGirl breezy lime button-up beach wrap

Looking for a little more business in your plus size swimsuit cover up, the CurveGirl breezy button-up is a professional-looking pick. This is exactly what I want for a beach cover up. I love that it’s ankle length, features roll-up sleeves, and has a full button down top.

This swimsuit button-up gives you full coverage, but features breathable fabric with long slide slits and can easily be worn open. It’s fun, business-friendly, and has a great colour to it!

CurveGirl flowered scarlet red plus size cover up with tassels

Bright and fun, this cute CurveGirl flowered cover up is a fashionable pick for your next beach day. I love the bold colours, and small tassels that hang off. You can throw this over your swimsuit, regardless of whether it’s a one or two-piece pick.

Made of 100 percent viscose, it’s a soft choice for beach cover-up. It features flowing elbow-length sleeves, lands towards the top of your thigh, and has a small v-neck.

CurveGirl fringe plus size sarong

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE the colour yellow, which is why this CurveGirl fringe sarong is one of my favourite picks. You can wear it poolside or on the beach, and made of soft, comfortable sarong it’s a perfect choice.

I’ve featured this sarong because they’ve dressed it up into a knee-length dress, which is a pretty wild and fashionable way to wear it. Pack this in your beach bag and have yourself a fantastic day!

CurveGirl wine fringe plus size sarong

The wine colour of this CurveGirl plus size sarong is gorgeous and perfect to pair with your black bikini or tankini. It’s a light coverup that can be tied or clipped at the hip for a casual beach style.

The best part of this skirt is that you can use it as a beach wrap, fold it up into a pillow, use it as a light blanket to cover your shoulders, or do pretty much anything else that you can do with a large piece of 100 percent viscose.

Hoolro crochet swimsuit cover ups

Lightweight and breezy, these Hoolro crochet plus size cover ups are the perfect choice. They feature a fashionable cold shoulder with an intricate crochet pattern that looks nice and helps to keep the sun off when you need a little bit of a break.

If you fancy yourself some boho style, it features a deep v-neck and asymmetrical hem that’s a tad bit sexy. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t look and feel good during your next beach day!

As Rose Rich plus size beach kimonos

I LOVE the fun pattern of the As Rose Rich plus size kimono. It’s bold, fun, and perfectly lightweight. Made of premium quality dobby chiffon, this piece is durable and super soft. Throw it on and enjoy your beach day.

Now if this orange, white, and black colour pattern isn’t for you, there are six other choices for you. Silky soft, it fits loose, and while the front doesn’t have a closure you can tie it for a different look. Dress it up with a pair of heels or simply throw on a black pair of sandals.

HDE plus size short kaftan cover up

The HDE plus size kaftan cover up is the perfect pick for summer getaways. It features a flowy design with UPF 50 protection built right in. You can simply throw this over your swimsuit and grab a bite to eat before settling down with your next great summer read.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or taking an afternoon walk at the beach, this 3/4 sleeve tunic is the perfect choice to cover up your suit but still keep you cool. It comes in five different fashionable colours so you’ll never miss a beat!

Hanna Nikole swimsuit coverup skirt

If you’re not looking to cover up everything, this gorgeous sheer plus size swimsuit coverup skirt by Hanna Nikole might be a great option for you. It’s made of lightweight chiffon that’s comfortable to wear, providing you with a little coverage but still allowing air to flow through on a hot day.

There are 10 different buying choices for this skirt, that you can simply throw on and head out for ice cream. The best part is that you can wear this as a skirt, a sun-protective shawl, light beach blanket, or head scarf. It’s the ultimate beach fashion accessory.

CurveGirl checkered pink swimsuit cover up

Fun and flirty, this plus size pink swimsuit cover up by CurveGirl is the perfect pick if you simply want something to throw over your shoulders while you’re sitting poolside.

It’s a very casual, fashion-forward option that adds a little fun to your wardrobe. This cover up is made of 100 percent viscose and measures 35-inches long.

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