There is this rumour floating around that wearing a plus size swimdress is only for old ladies that have something to hide, but that’s simply not the case. They are fashionable, fun and can be quite flattering, making them a perfect choice if you’re looking for something that provides a little more coverage.

There’s no need to hide your dream of buying yourself a plus size swimdress this summer. I’ve gone ahead and found 13 super cute choices that you might want to consider adding to your warm-weather wardrobe this year, both one and two pieces!

What is a swimdress?

Swimdresses are exactly what they sound like—they’re essentially mini-dresses made of swimsuit material. You can get one-piece swimdressed (a traditional swimdress) or two pieces (tankini style). These are a great bathing suit choice if you want something that provides a little extra coverage and sun protection for hot summer months.

Best plus size swimdresses

We’ve picked a dozen adorable plus size swimdresses that you can take to the beach and pair with your favourite wide width sandals. These are a few of my favourites for this year, you can find more out about them below:

Editor’s Top Pick: Wendy halter women’s plus size swimwear swimdress

If you’re looking to have some real fun with a plus size swimdress, then the Wendy style is for you. It has way more of a traditional dress look, which means you can wear it in and out of the water without having to change. It has a real jaw-dropping look that I absolutely love.

This swimdress features a plunging neckline that’s secured with a self-tie halter, a traditional waistline that has a short, flowing skirt attached to it, and dainty lace trim over mesh-lined briefs. Let’s just call this the Marilyn Monroe dress of swimsuits!

One-piece swimdresses for plus size women

MiYang flower swimdress plus size

If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking swimdress, this MiYang cherry patterned one is a fun choice. Made of a combination of nylon and spandex, it’s quick-drying, silky-feeling and comfortable. It’s perfect for the plus size woman that wants a little more coverage than a traditional bathing suit.

This bathing suit features boy shorts built in underneath the skirt, removable soft cups that work for those of us with larger busts, and an overall fun, flattering look. Reviewers say that the ruching in the stomach area is the perfect cover-up to give you a smaller stomach area.

Danify retro plus size swimwear swimdress

If you’re looking for a longer swimdress, the Danify is for you. It features a flowing retro style that’s fun and flattering, perfect for those looking to up their summer fashion game. Made of a combination of nylon and spandex, this bathing suit dries quickly, and the material is soft and comfortable, providing just enough stretch. Plus the bust area provides good support with a fully-encircled bra that’s both modest and stylish.

Reviewers say this plus size swimdress is super comfortable. They say the amount of fabric that was used in building this swimsuit makes it truly look like a summer dress. That means you can wear it out and about and head into the water without changing—what’s more convenient than that?

Perona tummy control one piece swimdress plus size

If you’re looking for tummy control swimwear, this Perona suit features a compression mesh liner that helps provide slimming beauty without sacrificing comfort. It has a v-neck, flared skirt and built-in briefs to help provide maximum comfort and contour your curves.

Reviewers say that this swimsuit fits a little big, so you want to make sure you double-check the sizing before you order. Made of breathable, durable material, the velvety texture is fantastic to wear. It’s made of quality material with quality stitching, and you’ll simply love wearing it.

Esprlia pineapple print plus size long swimdress

If you want to have a little more fun, this Esprlia swimsuit is one of the best plus size swimdress Amazon has to offer. Made of polyester and spandex, this swimsuit has a little stretch and is soft and comfortable to slip on. There is good support in the chest area, and there’s a fun cut-out in the middle.

Reviewers say that they love this swimsuit because it fits perfectly and is incredibly flattering. They say that it holds the girls in without sagging, and has a tie in the boobage area that allows you to tighten it if you need a little more support and stability. Plus the skirt covers your butt, if that’s important to you!

Corinne Sheath plus size halter swimdress

If you want something more curve-flattering, the Corinne Sheath plus size swimdress is a perfect choice. Playing off of a vintage style, this dress has a skirt-style front with a bikini bottom back so you get the best of both worlds. If your into pin-up style fashion, this is the bathing suit for you.

This swimsuit features tummy control panels, adjustable halter top and provides a little extra padding in the bust area. It’s made of a combination of nylon and spandex, which is fast-drying and silky-soft to wear. Plus it comes with sewn-in padding and it’s fully mesh lined!

Two-piece swim dresses for plus size women

Talisea plus size 2 piece swimdress

Two-piece swimdresses are great if you’re looking for something you can slip on and off easily when you need to go to the bathroom—seriously, it’s my biggest complaint that you basically have to undress to go to the bathroom in swimsuit—and the Talisea is a great pick. It has a v-neck with a keyhole, a removable soft padded brap that provides extra support, and a flowy handkerchief-style top.

Wearers say that this plus size swimdress is perfect if you are looking for something comfortable that will hide any extra tummy, and can handle larger chests. Whether you want to head to the beach, spend the day poolside or need something for a cruise, this is a great choice!

Lalagen halter 2 piece swimdress plus size

The Lalagen halter top swim dress is perfect for plus size women looking to match style and comfort. Made of nylon and spandex, the fabric has a stretch, is quick-drying, and it’s incredibly comfortable. Not to mention this is the perfect choice for those looking for more support because it has underwire and moulded bra cups.

Reviewers say this is a great pick for the plus size woman looking for a flattering suit. They share that it doesn’t stick to your body and flatters where it counts. The neck is a strappy, comfortable top that features a halter neckline that’s both flattering and fun.

Danify polkadot plus size 2 piece swimdress

The Danify plus size two-piece swimdress is a fashionable choice that provides you with solid coverage that’s perfect for the summer. It features a strong and adjustable straps that provide additional support on the chest area due to the fully-encircled bra.

Wearers of this plus size swim dress say that it covers everything they need it to, adds a little extra oomph to their chest area, and does provide some tummy control… though it could be a little stronger. They further say the adjustable straps are an added bonus because you can create your perfect fit.

Urchics plus size two-piece swimwear dress with boyshort

If you’re looking for a comfortable and slightly different look in your plus size swimdress, the Urchics tankini is a great choice. I love the wrap-top and pleated skirt, not to mention the fun black, white and yellow colour combination.

Reviewers say that they love this swimdress. It fits true to size, is made of soft, comfortable fabric, and features stylish wide-strap shoulders. They say it fits like a glove and is just the right length. You might want to order another one for a little variety.

Plus size swimdress FAQs

Can you swim in a swimdress?

Yes, you can absolutely swim in a swimdress. They are made of the same waterproof, quick-drying material that you would find in any other piece of swimwear.

What do you wear under a swimdress?

Like a traditional swimsuit, you do not have to wear anything underneath a swimdress.

Are swim dresses flattering?

Swim dresses usually don’t leave your thighs or stomach exposed which, for some of us, can feel significantly more flattering. The truth is that looking good is subjective, it’s all about how you feel.

What does a swim dress look like?

Swim dresses look like a combination of a mini dress and a swimsuit. They’re basically dresses you can swim in.

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