Everyone with fat fingers raise your hands—present and accounted for! Seriously, my fingers are long so they have the illusion of being skinny, but skinny they are not. And, as it turns out, finding plus size rings is a real challenge.

Rings are my absolute favourite kind of jewellery but it’s a huge pain in the butt to find something that actually fits me. I even went so far as to find a ring sizer, so I know what I’m looking for. Spoiler alert: we’re talking a 12 or 13 most days.

Because I know how challenging finding these can really be, I took it upon myself to do some internet research on where to find cute jewellery pieces that are also plus size. Turns out there’s not that many, but after a few hours of research here’s what I’ve found:

Where to Buy Plus Size Fashion Rings

Plus size womens rings come in all shapes and sizes, but like not that big of sizes. However, I did manage to uncover a few sites that have double-digit sizes.

Fashion rings are the fun jewellery pieces you wear when you’re out on the town with the ladies or headed out to work. They help add a little oomph to your style, and they can be cheap like plus size costume jewelry rings or they can be elegant and pricey, it all depends on you.

Plus size stackable rings are really popular. Luckily, they were also really easy to find. Every store from Addition Elle, Lane Bryant and Torrid have some collection of stackable rings that will fit chubby fingers. Unfortunately, most of them only go up to sizes 11 or 12.

Seriously, finding past a size 12 was a real challenge. However, I did manage to find ONE single store that has rings up to size 17, along with two that have up to size 16.

As a fun little pro tip, if you’re looking for plus size midi rings (girl, that is so me) you don’t actually have to find a midi-specific ring. Instead, use a ring sizer to measure the mid-section of your finger—it should be smaller than the base section—and get a smaller ring!

If you’re looking for rings for plus size fingers, here’s where you’ll find them:

Addition ElleFashion, stackable rings8 to 12
Atomic GoldFashion, casual engagement2 to 16
AmazonFashion, engagement, stackable ringsVaries
Classic Plus Size JewelryFashion5 to 17
EtsyFashion, engagement, stackable ringsVaries
Harry FayFashion, affordable engagement3.5 to 14.5
Lane BryantFashion, stackable rings8 to 11
My Trio RingsFashion, engagement7.5 to 16
Oh MeFashion rings5 to 13
PoirierFashion, stackable rings5 to 13
TorridFashion, stackable rings8 to 12
ShendellFashion, stackable rings4 to 13

Where to Buy Plus Size Engagement Rings

Engagement jewellery might be the most important piece that you pick up in your life, and while picking it out is already challenging if you’re looking for engagement rings that gets even harder.

Most engagement rings are made for dainty little fingers, not chubby numbers like mine. But a lack of rings for the taking doesn’t mean that plus-size women don’t take the next steps in their relationship, they just have less of a ring choice when doing so ?.

So I scoured the internet and only managed to find a handful of places that sell engagement rings for fat fingers. While there are likely more that exists out there, their SEO and marketing must suck because I could find no trace. But here’s what I did manage to find:

Atomic GoldFashion, casual engagement8 to 12
James AllenEngagementVaries
My Trio RingsFashion, engagement7.5 to 16
Samara JamesEngagement2.5 to 13
Serendipity DiamondsFashionup to Z+ 8 UK size

Finding Larger Rings for Plus Size Ladies

Size 17 is a big ring size, but you might need a bigger one (and girl, there’s nothing wrong with that). If that’s the case, you probably won’t find it in a retail store. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find your perfect size.

If you’re looking for bigger plus size jewelry rings, then your best bet is to contact the jeweller itself. While this definitely isn’t the cheapest option, you have a much better chance of getting exactly what you want and finding the perfect fit.

I recommend hitting up a smaller business for custom work if you’re looking for affordability. I’ve spoken to a number of jewellers about ring sizing and the smaller ones are much more willing to do it for a similar price to the retail item price just in your size. It takes longer to get custom work, but in the end you’ll be super pleased you have it.

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