Summer months are killer for me when it comes to falling asleep. I simply CANNOT drift off if I’m hot, especially because I’m already prone to night sweats, and who can really fall asleep in a puddle of sweat (GROSS). And I know I’m not the only one. If this is a problem that you also face, I have something that can help: plus size pajama short sets!

Look, I know pajamas aren’t an all-in-one solution. You’ll still need a fan, a thin breathable blanket, and a good air conditioner (if you can swing it). But it can be a great solution if you don’t want to (or can’t sleep naked), which is currently not an option for yours truly. So, if you in the market for a cute set of plus size pajama shorts, then we’ve got some options for you!

Tank top plus size pajama short sets

HDE cute plus size two piece short sets

If you’re looking for something a little fun for bedtime and aren’t worried about classifying your plus size PJs as “sexy” then the HDE sleeveless shorts set is for you. These 100% cotton pajamas are breathable, comfortable and you can choose from 7 cute colours and patterns.

What’s comfortable about a set like these is that they’re baggy and loose, which makes it great for lounging around with your favourite book on a hot summer afternoon in the backyard or the air-conditioned house. Reviewers say these pjs are comfy, cute and the materials are soft.

Velvet Kitten plus size pajama short sets

The Velvet Kitten plus size pj short set mixes the comfort of a shorts-and-take comfy rayon set with the sexiness of a little added lace. They come in two different patterns, both of which are a classic take on black-and-white. Both classy and sexy, they’re perfect bedroom wear!

Reviewers say that this set is soft, comfy and sexy “all at the same time.” They fit surprisingly well, though you want to double-check the size guide to make sure yours will fit. It’s also important to note that one reviewer noted that their biggest complaint is that when they “toss and turn” their “breast[s] always pop out”—depending on who you’re with, this could be positive or negative.

XAKALAKA sexy pajama set plus size

If sexy is the name-of-the-game but you don’t want to go full-on lingerie, then the XAKALAKA plus size cami shorts set might be the perfect solution for you. This is a sexy pajama set plus size women will love with the plunging lace-covered tear-drop front and lace edging on the shorts.

This PJ set is made of a soft, stretchy fabric that you’ll love to wear. It comes in 6 fashionable colours so you can find your favourite match for your personality. Reviewers say that this is a must-have set, but you’ll definitely want to double-check the sizing before you order.

Floerns plus size two piece short sets

I think my favourite of all of these plus size two piece short sets is the Florens cami top and shorts combination. There are 26 different colour and patter choices, though mine is definitely the cactus set we have pictured. These are made of a comfy combination of polyester and spandex, so you’ll love wearing them!

The cami top has spaghetti strap arms and the shorts have a comfortable, easy-to-use elastic waist. These pj shorts are perfect for the summer months, and reviewers love them. The top is a little more crop than some people might want, but they’re super comfortable to sleep in.

T-shirt plus size pajama short sets

IN’VOLAND womens plus size shorts pajama set short

This In’voland plus size pajama shorts set is made of lightweight and breathable fabric that can help keep the sweat away so you can get some shut eye. The shorts have elastic waist and the overall set is loose and comfy.

There are over 600 reviews of these pajama shorts with women saying they’re “ridiculously comfortable” to wear and they’d buy more sets if there were more colours (if the 8 they have aren’t enough for you). The fabric is soft and has a bit of stretch, perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

IN’VOLAND button-up pajama set

Is it just me or is a button-up legitimately sexy? I love the IN’VOLAND plus size button-up shorts set. It’s made of a combination of viscose or spandex, which means it’s a stretchy and comfortable sleepwear set that will keep you cool in the bedroom and look great.

The top has a small v-neck, a button front, a piped collar and a front pocket. The shorts have an elastic waist so they’re easy to slip on and off, and they have a super cute ribbon. There are nine colour choices to pick from, and some wearers say that they’re the “softest” pjs they’ve ever experienced.

IN’VOLAND plus size animal print PJ set

Does anyone not love super cute animal PJs? Panda bears are some of my favourite animals and IN’VOLAND has a super cute pair of plus size short pajamas that you can get for yourself. It’s made of lightweight and breathable fabric, plus there are three different colour and print schemes that you can pick from.

The top is a pretty basic t-shirt and the shorts are simple with an elastic waistband, so they’re comfortable and cute. Wearers of these PJs say that they’re super comfy, cute and they highly recommend them. And, the adorable print isn’t lost on anyone.

IN’VOLAND plus size v-neck sleepwear

IN’VOLAND makes a ton of pj choices, so I had to add their v-neck sleepwear to the list. This silky sleepwear is made of skin-friendly and cozy viscose fabric that you’ll love to sleep in. They’re soft, lightweight, stretch and breathable, so you can stay cool in the warm summer heat.

What I love the most about these PJs is that they’re made from a moisture-wicking material that helps keep that night sweat off. Wearers say that they love to sleep in these bad boys, but they’re happy to simply wear them around the house to lounge.

Milumia cartoon plus size pajamas shorts

Looking for a super cute pair of cartoon-esque pajama shorts set? The Milumia short PJ set is adorable! This plus size pajama short set is made of 95% polyester, so it’s soft and comfortable, plus the fabric has a slight stretch. There are three adorable cartoon graphic print choices, so you can find the one that best fits your personality.

These pajama shorts have an elastic waist that’s easy to slip on and off. The t-shirt has a round neck with short sleeves. You’ll want to make sure that you double-check the sizes before you order to make sure that this cute sleepwear will fit.

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Looking to keep cool in bed during the summer months? Check out these super cute plus size pajama short sets!

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