There are a lot of things to love about summer, but one thing I definitely don’t love is sweaty underwear. I know you know what I mean, that gross wet feeling between your legs (and not in a good way). Luckily, there is plus size moisture wicking underwear to solve that problem.

Whether you’re headed out on the trail for a hike or you’re simply hanging out at home, moisture wicking underwear can help make sure that you stay dry and comfortable. The material in our dry underwear picks feature special qualities that help them dry fast and absorb moisture. I bet keeping a pair or two on hand would be beneficial for all of us!

Best plus size moisture wicking underwear

UMMISS plus size wicking underwear

Ummiss underwear boasts no pilling, rolling or bunching. Made of a combination of spandex and cotton, these panties have fine permeability that helps to keep you cool and dry, even if it gets a bit damp down there. They offer plenty of stretch and breathability, so you’re sure to stay comfortable.

Wearers say that these underwear fit comfortably and hug in all of the right places. Reviews from plus size women say that these underwear cover exactly what they’re supposed to, and look and feel great while you’re wearing them. And they provide some tummy control without the feel of a pair of granny panties!

Gloria Vanderbilt plus size microfiber brief panties

Made of a breathable combination of nylon and spandex, these Gloria Vanderbilt panties contain a specific cotton gusset that’s designed to whisk away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. They have a gentle stretch with elastic trim at the legs and waist.

Wearers say that these underwear are comfortable and fit really well. Plus there are no annoying tags on them that can cause irritation or a skin allergy. If you want a great pick for all-day comfort, these might just be for you.

Hanes women’s plus size moisture wicking panty pack

I love a good multi-pack of underwear, and Hanes has a great six-pack that can keep you comfortable all day long. These undies come in two makes—the solids are 100% cotton, while the heathers are made of a cotton-polyester mix. They feature a pull-on closure, and the cotton is ring-spun so they are incredibly breathable.

The fabric of these features something called X-Temp that helps to wick moisture away so you feel cool and dry all day long. They also don’t ride up, which is a real bonus. I will say that with some of these panties that feature an elastic top, I have problems with the strings unwinding.

UMMISS high waisted moisture wicking undies

I prefer high-waisted underwear to briefs if I’m being honest, unless the outfit that I’m wearing doesn’t allow for it they’re my top pick. These soft, stretch double-layer panties from Ummiss feature a high-waisted band that sits at the waist. It doesn’t bunch, roll or compress, so you’ll stay comfortable and protected.

The cotton and spandex make offers a smooth, comfortable feel that provides plenty of stretch, and the high rise helps to get rid of the muffin top you might find with some other picks. They’re perfectly breathable and women love the full coverage.

Barbra Lingerie women’s quick dry underwear

Made of a combination of nylon and spandex, these Barbara Lingerie underwear provide a quick-dry, breathable wear that allows you to move around. These panties are also designed to be no-show, so you can wear them under a comfortable tight pair of leggings.

Women say that these panties are perfect for activities like yoga, jogging and other sports that require a lot of movement. These no-show panties make for a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. You can wear them under a dress or a pair of shorts without worrying someone can tell.

Fruit of the Loom plus size breathable underwear

These Fruit of the Loom undies are made of polyester and spandex, making a breathable micro-mesh, low-rise brief. They have a smooth, comfortable waistband with a cotton liner that’s build to wick away moisture and keep you dry all day long. Plus there’s just enough stretch so they’ll fit the way they’re supposed to!

Wearers say that these panties are a miracle for crotch sweat, which is amazing to hear. They are light, comfortable and can absolutely be worn all day long without causing a ton of itch down there. If you’re looking for the perfect fit for this summer, these might just be them.

Warm Sun Bamboo Viscose plus size moisture wicking underwear

Bamboo makes for a great moisture-wicking underwear, and these Warm Sun underwear deliver. In a vlue pack of five, these briefs fall at waist-level and offer full front and back coverage. They also promise no wedgies, with the two-inch band in front, they don’t roll down and provide a ton of natural stretch.

These panties are ideal for those of us that need a lot of help down there. The design is simple, the panties are eco-friendly and they seriously get rid of sweat. Wearers say that these panties are like wearing nothing at all (isn’t that the dream) and they work wonders in sporty situations.

Boyshort Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women

If you are looking for something that can help you fight chub rub, then these boyshorts might just be the perfect pick. They are made of a combination of polyester and spandex, which provides a quick-drying, moisture-wicking and soft feeling experience. They work perfectly under dresses and pants alike, pending they’re not too short.

There is an additional layer of premium cotton in the crotch area that both helps to keep you cool and dry, and better protect your sensitive areas. They prevent leg rubbing, and the breathable fabric helps to improve airflow. If you’re looking for comfortable, short-like panties, these might just be them.

Fruit Of The Loom Fit for Me plus size underwear

The Fruit of the Loom Fit for Me plus size underwear are a fantastic style for larger ladies. They feature a smooth, comfortable waistband and a full cotton liner that helps to wick away moisture and keep you comfy all day long. Plus, the material provides a four-way stretch.

There are over 26,000 reviews for these undies. Wearers say they provide a true, comfortable fit, and are of a quality make. They say that these don’t roll down or ride up, and while they’re not high-rise they do have a comfortable waistline. The one big complaint is that you can’t pick the colours you want.

Fruit Of The Loom Women's Plus-Size 5 Pack Fit For Me Breathable Brief
Fruit Of The Loom 5 Pack Fit For Me Breathable Brief | X-X

Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Plus-Size 5 Pack Fit For Me Breathable Brief

With a smooth, comfortable waistband, you’ll love these Fruit of the Loom plus size moisture wicking underwear. They’re made of a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex, which provides a breathable cotton mesh that you’ll want to wear.

Wearers say that these provide a comfortable fit that you’ll love. These underwear look good and stay put, exactly where they’re supposed to be, which means they come highly recommended. They have no tags on them and they don’t pinch, bind or give wedgies.

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