Brand new to plus size lingerie? Fear not! This handy little guide will walk you through the basics of what’s out there for lingerie. Whether you’re looking for something over-the-top sexy or something just a little bit cute, there is definitely a piece out there for you.

Picking out your first piece of lingere can feel super embarrassing—it did for me. But if you have an idea of what you’re looking for, the entire process is just that much easier. Finding the perfect pair of lingerie should make you feel confident, so let me give you a hand!

Plus Size Bra & Panty Set

If you’re making your first foray into plus size lingerie, then a matching bra and panty set is a great entry-level piece. You want something that feels sexy to you, but doesn’t make you feel self-conscious or on display. 

The set pictured above is a halter bralette and high waist panty combo. It provides a bit of extra coverage in the stomach area so you feel a bit more comfortable, and looks and feels just like a normal set. As an added bonus it’s adjustable so you can make sure it fits perfectly.

I also like a lingerie set like this if you’re with a new partner and you want to feel sexy, but you don’t want it to look like you’re trying too hard. They fit comfortably under your clothes (though make sure you get a supported bra if that’s what makes you feel comfortable and you’re going to be out and about) but still add a little flare to your bedroom wear.

I like something like the Soly Hux set (pictured above) that has a sexy feeling black lace, relatively traditional look with a little flair at the top for some added je ne sais quoi. This might not be the set you want to wear out and about because it doesn’t have great support for the bigger busts, but it’s still super cute.

Plus Size Teddy

If you’re ready to step it up a notch, then the teddy is where it’s at. It’ll essentially be like wearing a sexy swimsuit (which, let’s be honest, shouldn’t your swimsuit be sexy anyway) in the bedroom. You can also throw a bra under some of these teddies and wear them under a pair of jeans as a top—double duty!

A great beginner teddy is a full lace bodysuit like the one pictured above. It features a stretchy floral lace fabric that looks great over a curvy plus-size body (check out the review pictures for photo evidence). If you want a lace suit that hugs all the right places, then this is your answer!

If you’re ready for a racier outfit but still want the full body coverage, there are teddies for that too. You can get low cut v-neck, ones missing sections, wrap arounds, halters… essentially whatever you could find in a normal swimsuit you can find in a lace teddy.

I really love the Chiclover teddy if you’re looking for something sexy but easy to put on (and take off ?). You can adjust it so it fits right, but it does have that full coverage in the places that matter so you can show it off, without showing it all off. But I wouldn’t wear this out and about as a shirt.

Plus Size Babydoll

If I’m going to be completely honest, I think babydolls are my favourite type of lingerie. To wear, at least. If you get the right one it can be not only flattering, but it can make you feel pretty damn confident about yourself.

If I’m the one picking, I like something flowy with a girly accent—like the floral lace cup on the Elescat Babydoll (which also happens to be in one of my favourite colours). Babydolls have a way of making you feel like you’re dressed down for the occasion, but you’re not quite on display.

If you need a little more support in the breast area, you can always go with something that gives a little more support like this lace ruffle babydoll that has underwire built-in. It features lace-trimmed, lined cups with adjustable straps so you can have maximum boobage!

Wearers of this particular plus size babydoll say that it’s comfortable, supportive and fits great. Not to mention it has a flare of elegance with the ruffles and front flowing fabric, and the seductive sheer lace works wonders in the bedroom.

Plus Size Romper (aka Playsuit)

Lingerie rompers are just like their everyday counterpart. They are a full bodysuit with a short bottom, only the lingerie version reveals a tad bit more. The ildlor V-Neck Romper is a classic lace romper that adds a little sex appeal in the bedroom.

Wearers of this particular bodysuit say that the fabric is much softer than they originally expected, but it’s a great wear. Make sure to double-check the sizing before you buy though!

If you want to go a little more risque with your plus size lingerie pick, this burgundy playsuit is not only completely see-through but it’s also crotchless.

It’s the perfect sexy option if you want to dress up a bit but you want your partner to be able to see (and access) the whole package. There’s no need to be shy in the bedroom, bring on the edgy sex-appeal!

Plus Size Chemises

A chemise is like a babydoll, but instead of being loose at the bottom, it shapes your figure. This is great for ladies wanting to really show off and really accent those curves. If you have an hourglass or triangle shape, this is for you.

Something like the Dreamgirl Zipper Chemise is a gorgeous piece of plus size lingerie that is elegant without overdoing it. It has a nice v-neck, zipped front that’s easy to get on and it wears just like a short dress.

Chemise lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for lace, sheer or something more solid, it is definitely out there. It also really doesn’t have to break the bank.

The chiclover Floral Chemise is a mesh bodysuit style that gives a sexy outline with it’s v-neck and formfitting lace. Those who have it says it fits perfectly, makes them feel amazing and is overall sexy as hell. So, why not give it a try?

Plus Size Camisole Set

If you’re looking for something a little more conventional and you’re not ready to branch out into full-on lingerie, then a camisole set might just be perfect for you. They come as two pieces and you can have as much coverage as you want.

This two-piece set is like wearing a pair of sexy shorts and a tank top. So, while it’s definitely sexy, it will have less of a strange feel. You won’t feel like you’re laying it all out there on the line. Not to mention, it’s totally affordable.

Camisole sets are great if you’re spending the night at someone else’s house. You can toss it in your bag or, better yet, wear it under your outfit, without looking like you’re “trying to hard” (though, girl, no dude is disappointed by a full-on babydoll).

The YOcheerful Sleepwear Camisoles and Brief set is great for a night at a new friend’s house. But definitely make sure that you’ve double-checked the sizing as one wearer pointed out there’s a tad bit of a discrepancy with this piece.

Plus Size Lingerie Gown

If an elegant sexy is the name of the game, then I whole-heartedly suggest getting yourself a plus size lingerie gown. Something that flows when you walk and ends at your ankles.

I LOVE something like the LINGERLOVE Split Maxi Long Gown, not only because of the gorgeous red colouring but also because of the cute v-neck and lace top style. The ultra-sexy split at the front doesn’t hurt either!

Gowns are a great addition to your nighttime wardrobe whether you’re planning on surprising someone or just feel a little frisky on a Thursday. They’re a great way to spice things up.

If you want something a tad bit more revealing, I recommend going with something along the lines of the Dean Floral Lace Nightgown. The white lace is elegant and ethereal, but it also shows just a little bit more.

How to Pick the Best Piece of Plus Size Lingerie

Most of us wear lingerie for someone else but, at the end of the day, you want to make sure you’re picking something that you are most comfortable in. No matter who you’re trying to impress, your opinion is the one that counts the most—you also don’t have to impress anyone ?.

If you’re just starting out on your lingerie journey, pick a piece that feels closest to what you currently wear to bed whether you go for shirts and a tee or wear a nightgown. Picking something close will make you feel that much more comfortable. Then work up from there!

And, if there’s anything that I’ve learned in my (not so) long life, everyone looks good naked. Wear whatever piece makes you feel most comfortable, and know that you look good in it. There’s no need to feel self conscious!

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