Summer can be HOT — seriously, this year it’s been over 40-degrees Celsius (104 for you Fahrenheit folks).

That means that simply slapping on a dress won’t do the trick, you need to find the right type of dress for the warm weather. What type of dress is that, you ask? Why, linen dresses fit the bill perfectly. 

If you’re looking for cute plus size linen dresses to keep you cool while still fashionable this summer, then we have the perfect list for you. From business casual to beachwear, these dresses are there to help keep the heat off and the “damn girl, you look good” looks on — WAY on.

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Why are linen dresses great for summer?

Linen dresses are perfect for summer because they’re breathable, flowy, and can help you keep cool. Not to mention they look adorable.

They have a decidedly old-fashioned look and while many of them have a pretty basic shape, you can absolutely doll them up with belts or sashes to provide some extra umph!

You can get a plus size linen dress in any length and a few awesome styles, so take your pick and spice up your summer wardrobe.

Best plus size linen dresses for summer

Button-down blue plus size linen dresses

This Anne Klein button down dress is the quintessential linen dress for the summer.

While it’s straight and plain (even the buttons are hidden), the standing collar adds the perfect amount of casual pizzaz that you need to impress with. Plus, it’s a great dress if you’re looking for some sun on your legs because it sits just at your knees.

These sleeveless plus size summer dresses are made with 100 percent linen, and feature a full front-button closure. You can pair it with your favourite sandals for a day on the beach or a walk around town.

I will say that this is probably not the best linen dresses for those plus size women that feel more confident with their waist accentuated. But, you do have the option to cinch it with a belt to create a faux waist.

White lantern linen dress plus size

While I’m disappointed that the Anysize lantern dress isn’t pictured with a plus size model wearing it, I have to say I love it. If you’re looking for casual dresses to add to your collection, you might want to add it to your list.

For those looking for a plus size linen dress they can add to their everyday wardrobe, this is it. Perhaps what I love most about it is that it’s a casual linen dress with pockets. That’s right, it has pockets! There are two pockets (one hidden and another shown), which will help you cart your favourite lipgloss or a credit card while you explore the local market.

It is basic with a simple neckline and above-the-knee cut, and I have to say I love the white dress look. The dress itself only has one real “accent” which is the middle-seam in the dress body. If simple and cool is your idea of the perfect dress, then this one is for you.

Boho black linen dress plus size with pockets

Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? Honestly, answer me, who doesn’t?

This boho Romacci linen dress is a great pick for plus size ladies looking for simple and plain, with a few with tiny pieces of added definition. It has full-length sleeves and a slight button-down accent in the front that screams casual house dress.

I really like that this particular dress has an irregular build — there’s a hi-low build with the opaque fabric, but the front features a more translucent panel in the front, giving you a little more definition.

You can wash this bad boy in your machine, but you’ll want to hang it to dry. And you need to pay particular attention to the sizing chart to make sure that it fits before you order it!

Ruffle plus size midi dress

Looking for something flowy and fun for the summer?

The Minibee ruffle midi linen dress has all the flow you need with two pockets added for convenience. It has a laidback style that has the fabric gathered in all the right places, so while it’s casual it’s super cute.

Made of a combination of linen and cotton, this midi dress features two short sleeves that have fashionable fold tabs that add a little accent. There is a basic high-scooped neckline with buttons at the front for accents, and there’s an irregular bottom line to add some interest. 

Wearers say that this dress is comfortable, casual, and cute!

Audate linen maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a great addition to your summer wardrobe. They’re flowing and comfortable, but they cover your legs (for those of us that prefer a little more modest look).

The Audate linen maxi is a super cute addition. It’s a casual plus size dress that can be worn out and about every day, or you can dress it up with a cute belt. It has a simple, basic design that features full length solid material from the neckline to the bottom and has two pockets.

It comes in 10 fashionable colours, including the baby pink we have pictured. It has a loose fit without being baggy and is described as being extremely comfortable. And if you’re worried about thigh chafing, fear not — you can absolutely combat chub rub this summer.

Anysize tri-colored plus size summer dress

If cute is on the menu for you, then this cute summer occasions dress by Anysize is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It features long sleeves with a pseudo-waistline and a knee-length endpoint.

If you don’t love the colour scheme that we’ve pictured, there are three other choices to pick from including, black, burgundy, and grey. This dress is made of a comfortable, breathable combination of linen and cotton, put into a classy, cute design.

The seller of this dress recommends that you carefully review the bust measurements before purchasing. While the rest of the dress has a lot of give (as you find with flowing summer dresses), the bust area needs to fit right.

T-shirt linen dress

If you’re looking for a linen plus-size maxi dress, then this t-shirt style one from Anysize is for you.

It’s perfect for ladies that are looking for a simple-style dress with a bit more character. I personally love the t-shirt style top and slightly-pleated skirt that gives a nod to an old-fashioned school uniform. Plus, it has pockets (you know how I feel about pockets).

You can wear it with your favourite pair of flats or even throw a cute pair of white lace-up sneakers for a truly laid-back look. Don’t forget to throw on a cute necklace before you take it for a spin out on the town!

Retro faux-layered linen dress for plus size women

I LOVE the faux-layers of this retro-inspired linen dress by Anysize. It has a high scoop neckline, and the layering provides a little extra character and depth to the overall look. You can wear it casually or dress it up a bit with a pair of heels and some jewellery.

Made of a combination of linen and cotton, this dress is one of those real vintage styles that you’ll want to add to a your stash of plus size clothing. It comes in four fashionable colours including navy, black, light blue and the dark red pictured. Pair it with a cute pair of summer flats or sneakers and make it your own.

White swing plus size dress

This Eleanor swing dress will take you way back to the 1950s — the good, fashionable part of the ’50s, not the part where women were basically just housewives. If you’re looking to get inspired by some vintage fashion, this is the summer dress to do it in.

I admit that this dress might not technically be “linen” because while it’s titled a “linen dress” by Unique Vintage the material is noted as being 100 percent cotton — but for the purposes of this post, we’re going to include it because it’s adorable!

It has a sweet v-neckline, features charming shoulders with a slight pouf and self-tie keyholes, and there’s a banded waist to help create a traditional swing skirt. I should note that the features says that the dress runs a little small, but it goes up to a 5X which is on the larger side for UV.

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