Being curvy doesn’t mean sacrificing on cute fashion choices. Seriously, if I’ve learned one thing over the years it’s that your body deserves to be draped in adorable fashion choices. And that is why I embrace the plus size jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are comfortable and cute. They can be form-fitting or free-flowing, created for a professional setting, fun and funky for a night out or cute, cool and casual. Here are some of my favourite choices for jumpsuits:

Capri Plus Jumpsuit for Chic Casual

Warmer weather is setting in and that means Capri weather is back! 

But capris don’t have to make you look like a country bumpkin or Sharon from accounting who drives a minivan. They can be a super chic choice when it comes to a summer outfit and yes, you can totally find it in jumpsuit form! 

Tube Top Jumper

One of my favourite casual jumpsuit looks is sleeveless, especially in the summer. Getting a plus size sleeveless jumpsuit like the eVogues Sleeveless can be a great way to avoid nasty tan lines.

Being a curvy lady I’ve always been a little self-conscious about going out with bare shoulders, but this summer I’ve embraced it and it turns out I love the sleeveless look! 

Slanted Shoulder One Piece

If you’re not comfortable with a completely shoulderless jumpsuit, something like the Angashion Crewneck Off Shoulder is a great summer night-out outfit. 

Dress it down with a pair of flip-flops for a day at the market, and throw on some strappy sandals and grab a clutch for a night out! It’s a comfortable cotton-polyester blend, with a cuffed three-quarter-length leg.

Dressy Cropped Jumpsuit

The Bold Notion plus size black and white jumpsuit is a classier model if you’re having a more chic night out. This is an especially great choice for a date night out for dinner or to a movie. 

I particularly love this choice if you want something conservative with the covered shoulder. The best part is whether you’re headed into a business meeting or to meet the boss you do not need to wear a sweater unless you want to!

Business Forward Plus Size Jumpsuit

When I first got a jumpsuit, I specifically got one I could wear at work. Something professional-yet-casual that could be rocked at a meeting or a lunch date with a friend. It made me feel amazing to wear and I got SO MANY compliments on it.

Wide-Legged Jumpsuit

This Everything and More black wide-legged choice is perfect to wear in the office if you’re looking for a starter jumpsuit. It has a middle tie across the waist to give you a nice shape and has a beautiful v-neck look.

It has a cute draped look that gives you confidence but doesn’t make you feel like you’re sticking out in the crowd and when you’re trying out your first jumper. It has an air of vintage style that’s perfect for your look.

V-Neck Jumpsuit

The Arrive and Thrive gives you a flowy feel with a splash of colour. If you don’t love the red, you can get it in a navy or black. It has a gorgeous cut v-neck, flowy arms and legs and a sinched waist.

This piece gives you a done-for-you look and has pockets! Best of all it’s fully lined so there’s no risk of having a flash of your undies. There is a front-snap closure that helps pull together the perfect look.

Striped Lapel Jumpsuit

If you want to truly stand out in the crowd, this Stripe Print Jumpsuit is the top pick. With a gorgeous pattern an elegant belt and fashionable lapels. It has a nice loose fit leg, but hugs all the right regions.

You can wear this cute outfit with a pair of flats or heels. It’s the perfect getup for looking flashy in the office and you’re bound to get some amazing compliments. Pair this with the perfect purse and get yourself some jelly looks. 

Patterened Plus Size Jumpsuit

Patterns can be a ton of fun when it comes to wearing a jumpsuit. They can add a little pop of colour to your wardrobe, and can be dressed up by throwing on a classy cardigan or throw and the perfect purse.

Plus Size Floral Jumpsuit

If you are looking for a cute floral jumper, this RoseGal number is a great choice. If you love patterns, this is the plus size jumpsuit for you. This has a cute v-neck that’s perfect for those ladies with bigger breasts.

I personally love the cuffed ankles and spaghetti straps. It’s cute and casual, perfect for the summer weather. But if you want to wear it in the spring, throw on a cardigan to keep off the cool. 

Cute Plus Size Jumpsuits

If you are looking for a cute plus size green jumpsuit, the Every Waking Momentum peace sign jumper is the ideal pick. It’s a linen and viscose combination with pockets, making it perfect for casual, cute fun!

It features a button-up front, cinched waist and has adjustable straps. Wear a cute pair of runners, heels or a pair of comfy sandals. You can also get this cute little number in ivory stripe, blue tie-dye and aqua blue.

Belted Plus Size Jumpsuit

If you’re looking for plus size dressy jumpsuits with a cute pattern, then check out this bad boy from ModLily. It has three-quarter-length legs and arms, and a shaping belted waist.

The slight off-the-shoulder neckline is a great choice for work or a casual setting. It’s made of a polyester and spandex mix that has just a little bit of stretch to it. Pair this with some cute heels and the right jewellery and you’ve got a classy look.

Casual Jumpsuit

Casual Overalls

Typically overalls are associated with denim, but these RoseGal overalls are made of cotton and have pockets and two accented straps. They have the same classic overall look and feel but with a more casual twist.

Mix it with your favourite top and you have an easy outfit whether you’re heading to the market to pick up your groceries or attending a Friday night Zoom gathering. As a fun aside, they have two back pockets for more storage as well. 

Deep V Jumpsuit

Made out of a knit mix, the eVogues jumper is cute and casual for Friday at the office or Saturday at the mall. It’s comfortable, casual and the elastic waist makes it look fashionable. 

The gathered waist and tight cuff make a flattering look for a curvy lady. And the pockets are incredibly helpful for stashing your phone away. If you’re looking for something affordable, this is a great choice.

Metallic Wide-Legged Jumper

If you want to step up your casual jumpsuit game just a little bit then this Jessica London suit is a super cute choice. It has a super cute wide-legged look that you can perfect with a belt or wear with a cute jacket. 

It has a slight magnetic vibe to it. It’s made of a nylon, magnetic and spandex mix. It also has a zipper in the back which makes it easy to get in and out of. It’s the perfect backyard party look. 

Plus Size Jumpsuits For Evening

Luxe Metallic Jumpsuit

This Luxe black and gold jumpsuit plus size is a great choice for a night on the town if you want to stand out. It features a dramatic black background with a gold circle pattern. Plus it has handy hidden side pockets, so drop your card in there and go bagless.

It comes in sizes XS to 4XL, has an elasticized waist and button enclosures at the neckline. You’ll look chic wearing this elegant jumpsuit whether you’re headed out on the town with the girls or attending a wedding dance at night.

Plus Size Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit

The Allegrace Lace Jumpsuit is a great choice if you’re looking for cute and inexpensive nightwear. It has shoulder cutouts making it a great pick for sexy plus size jumpsuits. 

A night on the town with the girl calls for one of these bad boys. You might want to pair this bad boy with a cute kimono and don’t forget to pair it with a cute bag like one of these vegan leather bag.

Striped Plus Jumpsuit

Striped is my favourite look when it comes to business casual but for some curvy advice go vertical, not horizontal stripes. They’re flattering, especially in a chic dark blue, black or grey.

I like the PerZeal Stripe Jumpsuits because of it’s cute bow top. In a business setting, you’ll want to consider a chic blazer to throw on during your next meeting. But for a night on the town show your shoulders! 

Chiffon Overlay Jumper

The Linsey chiffon women’s plus size white jumpsuit is a gorgeous choice for a flowy elegant evening out. If you can get away with wearing all white (which I certainly cannot) this is a great choice!

Made of a mixture of polyester and spandex, it has a high waist, round neck and no sleeves. The pant overlay gives it a flowy vibe and an elegant look. Just make sure not to wear this bad boy to a wedding or you risk upsetting the bride!

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