Corduroy is back in fashion, or so the internet tells me. And why not? It’s a fun, cool-weather fabric that keeps you both stylish (as long as ‘70s is part of your style game) and warm.

But you might be a little nervous to shove that big, beautiful bod into a purposefully vertical patterned pair of trousers that tends to have limited stretch. I know I hesitate, so I thought we’d do a fun little primer on how to wear corduroy pants.

We’re going to talk about a variety of plus size corduroy pants styles from leggings to flare and straight leg. So, get your style journals out ladies because it’s time to go back in fashion 50 years!

How to wear plus size corduroy leggings

Picking out a pair of plus size corduroy leggings might not be your go-to move but bigger bodies require a little extra give. I’m a HUGE fan of tighter pants, and a pair of leggings like the Everyday Hustle that’s made of polyester and spandex suit my fancy.

When it comes to picking out a pair of corduroy leggings, you want to make sure that you go with quality (hence my ModCloth top-pick) because you want the stretch to fit your body but you don’t want the cords to look like they’re being pulled.

Going with something that’s a corduroy-like fabric gives you the ideal look but is a lot easier to work with. I like to find high-waisted, easy-to-pull on and crafted well enough that they can be dressed up or down… then get one in every colour 😉

What to wear with corduroy leggings

Once you have the fit down you need to start thinking outfits. Corduroy isn’t as hard to dress as one might think but you don’t simply want to throw any ol’ top and shoes on and call it a day.

Instead, go with a fun but simple shirt. I like striped or floral patterns, but if you want to go basic for business, a solid coloured silk blouse will suit perfectly.

For shoes, I like a boot or bootie for fall. That’s because it’s warm enough to keep your tootsies from freezing off but stylish enough to work for any occasion. If boots aren’t your fancy, a pair of basic heels or flats is perfect. But skip anything wild like sparkles or patterns on your shoes if you want your pants to be the focal point of your outfit.

How to wear plus size corduroy flare jeans

I’ll admit that leggings don’t make every fat girl comfortable and I totally relate. It can be intimidating to show off every leg curve you’ve got going on, so if that’s not your style try a pair of plus size Corduroy Flared Jeans.

ModCloth’s Mariner Days is a great pick for flare because they’ve got the traditional corduroy look, but there’s a little extra give with the 2% spandex added into the mix. These are the perfect addition to your fall or winter wardrobe if you’re looking for nature colours and superior construction.

Flare corduroys are a true blast-from-the-past. Whether you’re headed to a (small, COVID-friendly) dress-up party or you’re headed to an intimate cafe for a date, they’re sure to fit the bill. Just make sure the sizing fits you (because 2% stretch isn’t much).

What to wear with corduroy flare jeans

Once you’ve got your flared corduroy pants in-hand, it’s time to think tops. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I LOVE me a plus size bodysuit and, quite frankly, they’re a perfect fit for flare.

When you’re creating an outfit with flare pants, you want to keep everything on the top tight. Avoid the bell sleeves and flowy tunics and opt for something straight and tuckable—there’s no need for the entire outfit to come bursting out of That 70s Show.

For shoes, you’ll want to think short. Ditch the knee-length fall boots because you’ll end up having to sacrifice on boot length or full flare, and where’s the fun in that? Think nondescript flats, heels or booties since everything will be tucked under the flare anyway. 

How to wear plus size corduroy straight jeans

If you want to add some corduroy to your wardrobe but you don’t love the idea of skin-tight leggings or far-out flare, then meeting in the middle is your best bet. Opt for a straight-legged plus size corduroy jean for your perfect fall look.

Levis makes a super cute Classic Straight Jean that comes in corduroy. These are a mid-rise pant that sits at your waist and wearers describe them as flattering, comfortable and having the perfect fit.

While straight-legged plus size corduroy pants can be both dressed up or down, they’re best for more casual scenarios where regular ol’ jeans are appropriate. 

What to wear with plus size corduroy straight jeans

When it comes to picking out the perfect top and shoes to go with your jean-like corduroy pants, you’ll want to stick with simple. Again, because of the texture of the fabric you don’t want to pull too much attention elsewhere.

I like a simple patterned or one-colour crew neck like the Lands’ End Long Sleeve T. It can be tucked in for a slightly dressier look or worn straight if you have a bit of extra curve you’re itching to cover up.

Adding an additional piece like a blazer or a dressy fall jacket will help these bad boys become date-night ready. And going with a simple bootie or flat will help you complete a cool and casual fall look. 

Plus Size Corduroy Pants FAQ

Can you wear corduroy pants if your plus size?

Hell yeah! Of course you can pull off a pair of plus size corduroy pants. A little texture goes a long way.

When were corduroy pants popular?

Corduroy pants are a classic staple from the 1970s, though admittedly I tried to pull of a pair sometime in the mid ‘90s (and it was not pretty).

What season can you wear corduroy pants in?

Truthfully, you can get away with corduroy for any season, but they’re a thicker fabric that’s perfect for the fall and cooler spring months. I also like them for the winter because they don’t have the icy cling of a jean.

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We’re going to talk about a variety of plus size corduroy pants styles from leggings to flare and straight leg. So, get your style journals out ladies because it’s time to go back in fashion 50 years!

What’s your favourite thing to wear with plus size courduroy pants? Share your top pick in the comments below!

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