Chilly days are starting to become more frequent, which means it’s time to start thinking snuggling knits. And what’s a better choice for fall than a plus size cashmere sweater?

Not only is cashmere incredibly comfortable, but they’re versatile and go with virtually anything— skinny jeans, skirts, or even a pair of slacks. Adding a sweater to outfit rotation will add a boost of style to any fat fashionista’s wardrobe.

But what I really love about a cashmere sweater is the fact that it fits perfectly into a business casual wardrobe. They’re 100% work-approved, whether you’re in the office or hanging out on a Zoom call. I added a basic v-neck cashmere sweater to my wardrobe and it was my favorite piece of years— so I recommend getting one of your own.

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Best plus size cashmere sweaters 

You can find a plus size cashmere sweater in a variety of styles and colours suited to compliment your wardrobe and shape. From a classy crew to a trendy cowl, there’s a perfect cashmere blended sweater for every personality and occasion.

To help you show off your curves while still feeling comfortable in-between seasons, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cashmere blend sweaters — all designed to flatter your figure in the most stylish way possible. 

So, let’s dive in!

Mockneck by Madewell

Cut to flatter your curves, Madewell’s (Re)sponsible mockneck cashmere sweater is the perfect winter layer for traveling or cuddling up with a cozy fall thriller.

This versatile sweater features a subtly rolled mock turtleneck and dropped shoulders for a relaxed vibe. It’s perfect to pair with just about anything from your favorite jeans to a chic maxi skirt.

Made from the finest cashmere wool blend for a luxurious touch-and-feel, this mock neck needs to be hand washed. But proper care could help avoid any pesky shrinking or pilling. It’s a cute choice with a cropped boxy fit that’s easy to dress up and down.

I personally love it, how about you?

Crewneck by Lands’ End

If you’re looking for a cozy and modest layer that will keep you warm during the winter months while still oozing style, the Lands’ End crewneck is the ultimate closet basic.

Made from grade-A fiber and a two-ply cashmere blend, it’s construction is truly quality. And the fine gauge yarn makes this mid-hip length sweater incredibly soft while maintaining its structure.

The crew neckline makes it perfect for layering under a cardigan or a stylish button-down oxford shirt. And while it’s perfect for cool months, you can still rock this bad boy during the warmer months. If you’re looking for simple but cute, this is it.

V-neck by Neiman Marcus

Calling all fashion-forward fatshionistas!

This Neiman Marcus v-neck is a classic yet sophisticated design that is perfect for any occasion, and can be dressed up or down with ease. It’s an excellent addition to any fall and winter wardrobe.

Made with two-ply knit fabric, this sweater features long sleeves and a fashionable v-neck. This sweater is made of impossibly soft material that can be slipped on and off anything you might want to layer. Throw it under a fashionable blazer or over a collared shirt!

Pullover by J.Crew

Cuddly and sexy, the J.Crew’s cotton cashmere pullover sweatshirt offers a body-slimming silhouette and luxurious comfort that will make the perfect sweater whenever the temperature takes a dip. It’s the sort of cozy partner you can snuggle up with all day — every day.

While it might be cozy, it’s lightweight and breathable thanks to its cotton-cashmere blend— there’s no need to sacrifice comfortability. It has a relaxed fit silhouette with long sleeves, which makes it perfect for those balmy evenings you want to keep casual.

This is an exceptional pick for those loving the solid-colored sweaters, which means you can find the perfect shade for any outfit. Not to mention, it’s machine washable— which means you won’t have to stress about stains!

Vera Duster at 11 Honore

This Vera duster is precisely what you need for an inescapable, unrivalled hygge. Featuring ribbed sleeve cuffs for added stretch, this sweater is poised to make any plus size woman look and feel fabulous during any season.

It’s a medium-weight wool blend fabric that will keep you warm with drapey knit and large pockets that give it a casual vibe. Pair it with your favorite pants and throw a cuddly turtleneck — it looks great either way.

The loose fit means there’s no need to worry about the sweater being too tight. So pair it with your favorite furry slippers and keep warm during those epic winters.

Turtleneck by Lands’ End

Plus-size Lands’ End argyle turtleneck sweater is a casual must-have classic sweater for all-seasons wear. Combining functionality and modern looks, this fine gauge 2-ply turtleneck sweater has a casual argyle pattern with long sleeves to provide an elegant silhouette with a touch of casual chic.

The turtleneck collar ensures extra coziness around your neck, while ribbed trim gives it some edge. In addition, it’s available in a variety of sizes and color options, making it a staple item to any wardrobe.

Wear it around town, comfortable on your couch, or layered under other clothes for all seasons. The best? The longer you wear it, the softer it gets!

Bell sleeves by Lapointe

What cape or leather leggings would be complete without a cozy cashmere mock neck? With luxe details and a stunning silhouette, the ribbed mock neck bell sleeve sweater from Lapointe the ultimate in luxury for both your day-to-day life and dressing up.

This sweater is crafted with premium cashmere that offers softness, while the mid-weight knit offers just enough warmth in comparison to the open-cut sleeves. The mock neck keeps things modest, while the stretchy fabric and dropped shoulder gives you a chic appearance.

It offers a flattering silhouette that’s relaxed enough for everyday comfort, making it an instant classic. Pair it with matching ribbed tapered pants or throw a casual vibe together with some leggings.

Cowl neck by Lapointe

If you’re looking for everyday luxury, Lapointe’s cowl neck sweater is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, no matter the season. It’s a feminine lightweight sweater that compliments any outfit it’s paired with.

Add a touch of charm with the bold pink that you can pair with your favorite ponte pants or stylish jeans. You can layer this bad boy, throwing a double cold shoulder out there if you want to add a little sex appeal and pulling it up when you need some coverage.

You’ll stay on trend, warm, and accentuate all the right curves. Draw attention for all the right reasons with this must-have fall pieces.

Bonus: cashmere lounge pants

Looking for the perfect partner for your new cashmere sweater? If so, you need a pair of these cozy cashmere lounge pants.

With their durable cotton-cashmere blend, these lightweight and machine-washable lounge pants are flowy enough for any occasion— from an evening out with friends or catching up at home Netflix binge-watching sessions.

Still, you can opt to pair them down in style over a cashmere hoodie or a pullover sweater. Either way, they’ll be sure not only to keep you warm but also stylish during the cold season.

Plus Size Cashmere Sweaters FAQ

Why is cashmere so soft?

Cashmere is a luxury fiber that comes from the furs of cashmere goats, which have two different layers of hair. On the outside are thick wiry hairs that provide cushioning for their harsh terrain conditions such as rain or snow for those wintery months, while on the inside there’s an extremely soft layer with less than 18-5 microns in diameter. 

However, all cashmere isn’t created equal! For starters, when the cashmere goats shear their coat in springtime, it’s only the soft downy fibers of the undercoat that are cut away from its body to make yarn or clothing with cashmere’s signature luxurious feel.

Second, the way that cashmere is processed after shearing, sorting, and cleaning can make it softer or less fluffy depending on how it was spun into yarns. That is, the raw cashmere can be cleaned without damaging its admirable softness by removing sand or dirt while ensuring purity with strict sorting standards. Afterward, it is graded according to color then carefully sorted into batches depending on desired texture, white being the finest.

Why is cashmere so expensive?

The combination of its features — soft, fine, light, and strong — has made cashmere highly sought-after for centuries. There are only a few countries where cashmere is produced on a large scale, and each region has its own production methods and laws — resulting in limited supply and high prices on the international market.

And while other fabrics are prone to shedding, it holds its shape under any circumstances — making it an enduring material that can be worn for years to come. It’s also hypo-allergenic and sustainable.

Needless to say, cashmere is quite popular — which makes it a bit harder to get your hands on than other wool fabrics.

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