The weather is getting warmer and summer vacation is officially setting in. But since we can’t (and don’t necessarily want to) get on a plane, we need to find things to do closer to home like camping. If you’re headed for an outdoor adventure here’s a plus size camping wardrobe for you.

Camping is a finicky thing—it can turn from sunbathing weather to sweater weather in no time at all and you never seem to have enough socks, sweaters and underwear. So, let’s talk about what you should pack so you have enough clothes and you’re dressed for the weather.

Plus Size Tops for Layering

When it comes to your camping wardrobe, you need to think layers. The whether can be hot during the day and cold at night—honestly, it can be hot in the sun and warm in the shade. So being prepared is important.

Aim for plus size tops that are easy to layer, and make sure you bring at least one of each layer. You want a tank top like the Just My Size or 7th Element. A t-shirt like the Under Armour or Just My Size. And at least one long-sleeved top like the Just My Size v-neck.

Try looking for tops that are made from merino wool or other moisture-wicking material. This will not only help keep you cool and dry, but they’ll help make your tops last longer too so you can pack less!

Plus Size Sweaters and Jackets

The next thing that has to be in your camping wardrobe, are sweaters and jackets. Just like you want to be able to layer with shirts, you need to be able to layer your jackets and sweaters.

I am a firm believer that you should always have at least three jacket/sweater-type things while camping:

So long as you’re able to fend of most weather instances that might occur, then you’ll be good. You don’t need to overpack, but make sure that you’re prepared so you don’t freeze… especially at night!

Plus Size Pants for Camping

Once you’ve figured out your top situation, it’s time to start thinking about pants. You’ll want to focus on making sure that you have a variety of pants in your plus size campaign wardrobe.

While it depends on how long you’re going. I recommend starting with three pairs of pants:

When it comes to pants, it’s also a good idea to look for pants that are moisture wicking because they can help make them last longer. It’ll also keep you dry and smelling good!

Plus Size Sleepwear for Camping

Getting the perfect sleepwear for your camping wardrobe can be a bit challenging, but I always overdress. You can always take clothes off, but you can’t put them on if you don’t have them.

Sleeping in a tent can be pretty cool, so I recommend going with full-length plus size long johns like these from Nuonita. Then I also always bring along a simple, comfortable tank top.

Finally, I recommend bringing along a sleep eye mask because the sun might rise earlier than you’re ready to. I also always bring a pair of snoozies or long socks to keep my feet warm.

Camping Beach Essentials

Not every camping excursion will include a beach, but if you’re lucky enough to be camping by the ocean, lakeside or other body of water, then you’ll want to make sure to bring your beach essentials.

I recommend packing at the very least a swimsuit, beach cover-up, and a Turkish towel. But that only covers your basis. If you’re spending a whole day at the beach and it’s a bit of trek from your camp you’ll want to consider a few extra things.

Sunglasses are a must-bring to protect those eyes and a sun hat for your head. You’ll want to make sure that you have sun-related beauty products like a good sunscreen. Finally, bring a water bottle and don’t forget and a good beach read!

Camping Essentials Odds & Ends

You definitely don’t want to run out of underwear, bras or socks when it comes to your camping wardrobe. You’ll be really sorry if you happen to and it will NOT be a good rest of the trip.

For panties, pack one pair PER DAY and throw in two extra just to be safe. I also recommend going with sports bras instead of your fancy nice ones while you’re camping, unless you’re planning on bringing a dress or jumper for an event of sorts, and bring two unless you’re going for a longer period of time.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure to bring a pair of gloves along. I know you might be thinking gloves in summer?!? But I swear you’ll thank me if you’re sitting outside with your fingers freezing off. If you’re not sure, go with convertible ones like these by Calvin Klein.

Looking for a great plus size sports bra? Check out some of our favourites!

Must-Pack Shoes for Camping

You’ll also want to make sure you bring the right pair (or, more accurately, pairs) of shoes for your camping trip. What shoes you bring depend on what you’re planning to do, but there are three main shoes you’ll want to consider:

If hiking is not on your agenda, I recommend one pair of sandals and one pair of sneakers or slip ons. You really don’t need much to hang around your camp spot, so don’t overpack!

Looking for more sandal choices? Check out our top picks for wide width sandals!

Plus Size Camp Wardrobe Packing List

When it comes to actually compiling a packing list for your camping wardrobe, the actual items you need depend on where you’re going and for how long. It can also be affected by where you’re sleeping and what you have access to.

Generally speaking though, for a long weekend four-day, three-night trip, I would pack:

  • 2 tank tops
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 long-sleeve shirt (I might skip this for an extra sweater)
  • 1 yoga/sports hoodie
  • 1 waterproof jacket
  • 1 or 2 pairs of shorts (depending on the weather)
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 1 pair of warmer sweats
  • 5 pairs of undies
  • 1-2 sports bras
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 1 set of long johns
  • 1 pajama tank (don’t use one you’re going to wear during the day)
  • 1 pair of slippers
  • 1 pair of convertible gloves
  • 1 sleep mask
  • 1 pair of slip on sneakers
  • 1 pair of flip flop sandals
  • IF I was headed to a beach, I’d also bring everything I’ve got in the suggested beach image because I LOVE my beach stuff

And I would pack it all in a set of Luggage Packing Organizers to keep my bag organized. Feel free to borrow the list and modify for your perfect camping trip!

If you already have a pair of rain or water-resistant boots and just want to make sure they’re safe from salt and water stains, then something like the Solemates weather protector is necessary. It’s cheap, easy to use, but again, make sure that you have the right kind for your shoe’s fabric.

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