I have turned over a new leaf of body positivity over the few years. Which comes from the realization that I only have this one body, flaws and all, so I may as well take care of it. After a particularly itchy bump underneath my armpit scared the crap out of me, I switched some of my daily-use personal care products from ones with chemical-infested ingredient lists that had aluminum and other crap inside them (seriously, aluminum?) to natural products by Native Deodorant. 

The results? I am in love. My experience with Native Deodorant has been life-changing and really opened my eyes to what happens when you coat your beloved body in a bunch of chemically crap. Sure, a natural product like those by Native is more expensive. But when it comes down to it, you need less and the positive effects are priceless.

More body, more problems?

Historically, I’ve been terrible at taking care of myself. I find a bump, bruise, or sore tooth and assume it will just go away on its own. I don’t ask questions, I don’t seek help, I simply let it ride.

In case you didn’t know, this is a terrible approach to health. It’s the equivalent of saying “I don’t care what happens to me.” But I have a combination of being fearful of finding bad things out and uncomfortable talking about my body, so I just leave it. I assume that as a fat woman, I’m going to have more health issues. And a further deep-seated issue that I somehow deserve that. 

Thankfully, I’ve been doing some serious work to get rid of this toxic mindset. I’m shrugging off the idea that I’m fat and ugly so I somehow deserve bad things to happen. And, it might surprise you to learn that changing what products I use on my body have a lot to do with that.

WTH is that lump?

I am more used to weird bumps and skin issues than I should be, but I got the hereditary gift of psoriasis which results in rashes basically anywhere you can think of. So, when a new rash that shows up looks similar to psoriasis, I typically let it alone.

But a few months ago while putting on my traditional deodorant, I noticed a rash forming in my armpit. Not a small armpit rash, but one that was taking up pretty much my whole armpit. I thought it was another spot of psoriasis until a few days later a bump showed up. It was itchy, sensitive and definitely shouldn’t be there.

So, I did what all adults do when they have a body issue. I called my mom. Ok, maybe not everyone does this but my mom was a nurse for 20-years, so medical issues are kind of in her wheelhouse. At least more hers than mine.

Not surprisingly, she told me to book a doctor’s appointment.

Native Deodorant: Here to save the day

At the same time as my weird armpit issue was going on, one of my bestie’s Nicole was preaching to us about her switch to Native Deodorant which is a natural aluminum-free deodorant. She was loving it and suggested that I make the switch because regular deodorant has aluminum in it. WTF, seriously, aluminum?

I find that one skin issue typically means more than one skin issue. Along with my psoriasis comes a harsh allergy to any cheap metals nickel, aluminum, copper none of it is good. And weirdly enough, metal seems to be in everything from makeup and jewelry to, you called it, deodorant! Gross!

So, I decided to get me some deodorant (coconut and vanilla, if you’re curious). One week and $12 USD later, I had myself some amazing-smelling Native Deodorant. I immediately tossed my old deodorant (maybe a tad bit premature, I honestly had no idea if it would work for me) and started going full-Native.

About a week-and-a-half after I started using Native Deodorant, I managed to get in to see the doctor. By that time, my rash was going down and the bump was receding. She took a quick look and surmised that the cause of the rash was probably my deodorant, and the bump likely came from a plugged lymph node, a run-off of the rash-deodorant combination.

Her feedback was getting an ultrasound, just to be safe, and continue phasing out products that were making my already bad skin worse. By the time I got into my ultrasound, both the bump and the rash were gone, and the radiologist confirmed my family doctor’s original diagnosis.

Why Native worked

Your skin is constantly plummeted with germs, toxins and generally bad things, whether by fluke or, more commonly, by things that you put on it. Everything from your makeup to your laundry detergent contains certain types of toxins which, on their own might not be so bad, but combined with others and skin that’s like mine that isn’t always the healthiest, it can be a really bad combination.

But products like Native Deodorant get rid of all that bad crap in average deodorant so it isn’t meshing with your body juices or getting into your pores. They don’t use nasty things as a clean deodorant and are aluminum free, paraben free, sulphate free, which then allows your body to breathe, relax and do what it’s supposed to.

Using Native Deodorant for three weeks (that’s about how long it took to clear the rash and the bump) gave my sensitive skin a chance to recoup. And I’ve used it every day since. In fact, I loved Native so much that I went back and got more products.

I am now the proud owner of:

Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

Coconut & Vanilla Body Wash

Charcoal Toothpaste

And I LOVE it all. The body wash and deodorant both smell amazing (which, in turn, makes me smell amazing) and you have to use so little that the amount you get lasts a long while. The Charcoal Toothpaste makes your teeth feel amazing and your breath fresh.

There honestly isn’t a product I’ve received yet that I wouldn’t recommend. In fact, I love Native products so much that I’ve convinced some of my friends and family members to make the switch too. And, guess what? They LOVE it!

They have a variety of natural fragrances I am looking forward to trying. Their natural product line includes the following sustainable fragrances:

Coconut & Vanilla (my favorite), Cucumber & Mint, Lavender & Rose, Eucalyptus & Mint, Charcoal, Blackberry & Plum, Blood Orange & Clove, Apple & Honeysuckle, Blackberry & Plum, Pear & Linden Blossom, Rose & Vanilla Scent, Citrus & Herbal Musk, and Unscented (helpful for sensitive skin).

Here’s my Instagram video review of Native:

Why should you make the switch?

One of my biggest goals this year is to become healthier, and I want to help other people make great choices for their mental and physical health too. And if you’re up for making small, incremental changes to improve your health (which will make you feel so much better about yourself, even if you already feel great), then switching to a natural aluminum-free deodorant like Native is a great first step.

Try making small product changes in 2020 to help your body recover from all that crud that it gets slammed with every day. 

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