Midi rings are super cute.

I admit to being semi-jealous of women who can rock a bunch of rings so, I decided to see if I could find some midi ring sets that I love and could work with my personal style code.

I’m not huge on spending big dollars on style choices I haven’t settled on, so I focused on affordable, variety. I’m a test it out then replace with quality kinda gal.

If you’re curious about midi rings and you’re not sure they’re right for you, check out these different sets to see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy. You don’t have to be skinny to rock some gorgeous girly fingers!

What are midi rings?

Midi rings sit above your lower knuckle, essentially between your lower knuckle and the tip of your finger. This leaves a ton of options for showing off your unique style that is great if you love the ring look.

You can wear a midi ring set on your knuckles and wear them one at a time. Or you can spread them out on the midsection of all of your fingers. What you do with one of these ring sets is completely up to you!

Looking for plus size rings? We’ve got a whole post dedicated to where you can find them!

Best midi ring sets

Pantide silver and gold midi ring set

Midi ring sets come in an assortment of sizes, so even if you have larger fingers (like yours truly) you’re bound to need smaller and larger rings. The Pantide set has 67 different rings included of varying sizes.

These are pieces of costume jewelry. They’re made of high-quality alloy and the different rings are silver or gold plated. This particular set is more playful than professional, it features vintage styles that include carved flowers, shapes and jewels.

Adjustable rose gold midi ring set

For those of us that simply cannot find the right size for our atypical-sized fingers, adjustable midi finger rings can be a good solution. This way you can fit them to the right fingers as you see fit.

This long tiantian midi ring sets features eight dainty, adjustable rings that you can open and close to fit your finger. I like the minimalistic design and the pink hue. They’re made of copper with a colour polished finish.

Jewelled silver midi ring set

The LoyalLook midi ring silver set features over 80 bohemian styled knuckle rings that feature different jewels. They can be stacked or worn separately, depending on the look you’re going for.

This set features varying midi ring size options. You can create a whole host of jewel finger looks with this set. Whether you’re looking for bohemian bold or simple and accented.

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Minimalistic gold midi rings

The Orazio midi gold rings set features 43 different minimalistic style pieces for those that love a yellow-gold accent. I like the consistency in colour (I’m a very #BasicBitch when it comes to colour choice) and the simple designs.

These rings can be worn separately or you can stack them together to create your own design. This is a great midi ring set for those looking for variety but mostly accent with gold jewellery.

diamond midi rings from Amazon
Diamond Midi Rings (see index below)

Assorted diamond midi rings

I know I said I’d focus on affordable rings, but I can’t help but throw some legitimate diamond midi rings on this list. Sometimes I’m jelly about skinny girl hands and how they can rock dainty diamonds, and the midi ring is a great chance for us fat women to do the same.

I probably wouldn’t go with anything too close to an engagement look, but throwing a higher-end ring into the mix can help you perfect your midi ring set. Here are some of my favourite picks:

  1. Lab Grown IGI Certified Diamond Ring 10K Gold ($589.99+)
  2. Open Ring for Women with Bezel Set Diamonds Stackable Band ($99+)
  3. Spectrum Jewels Natural Oval Shaped Blue Sapphire Gemstone ($230)
  4. Friendly Diamond Store yellow gold ring ($289.99+)
  5. IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamond Ring 14K Rose Gold ($409+)
  6. Bypass Ring for Women Offset Diamond Ring ($80+)
  7. IGI Certified Lab Grown 925 Sterling Silver 3/8 Carat ($209+)
  8. Thin Diamond Wedding Band ($49)

These diamond rings make for great plus size knuckle rings if you’re looking for something fancier to rock. I know there are times that I just want to glam it up!

Adjustable double knuckle rings

If you’re looking for a double midi rings sterling silver choice, then this LOYALLOOK is a great choice. It features four midi silver rings that you can choose from (or wear all at the same time).

Because they’re adjustable they make for great plus size midi rings. You can also find this exact set in yellow and rose gold.

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Jewellery can be a great expression of style a midi ring sets can truly add to that. If you're into the knuckle ring trend, we have a few sets you should look at!

Do you already have a few midi ring sets? Share your favs in the comments below!

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