Aubrey, Jenny and Kate were thrust together their freshman year of university at Carlise when they’re paired together as roommates. It doesn’t take long for their school year and relationship to go awry, and over 20 years later it comes back to haunt them. It’s Always the Husband is a compelling thriller that mixes complex relationships, a shaded past and a brand new mystery. I highly recommend picking up a copy of It’s Always the Husband, you won’t regret it!


The Highlights

  • Female-driven story
  • Female author
  • Thriller, Murder Mystery
  • Page-turner
  • Compelling Storyline
  • Complex and convoluted, perfect for keeping you guessing
  • Warning for themes of suicide and violence

It’s Always The Husband

Aubrey’s on scholarship to Carlisle College and it’s all she’s ever dreamed about — and she has dreamed about it. Getting away, leaving her crappy life behind, becoming someone else, and Carlisle College is her new starts. She’s thrilled to be rooming with townie Jenny and New York elite Kate. But not long into their freshman year at Carlisle, a tragedy takes place and someone dies, which changes the course of their lives and friendships.

Twenty years later, Kate shows up back in town after the collapse of her lavish lifestyle, charmed marriage and high-impact life, she’s forced to live in the place she hates most. The past comes back fast to haunt her. Cue, murder mystery!

It’s Always the Husband was a compelling read, with narration shared by a variety of characters to give you a full 360-degree view of the world of the Whipple Triplets. This story was complex, ever turn I thought I knew what was going on, who committed the murder and why — and I’m pleased to say when it came to the final page, I had been wrong the whole time.

I would risk saying that I only read page-turners, so my litmus test for the book is how fast I turn the pages. I found myself constantly skipping to the next paragraph (which I don’t recommend doing because you might miss something!) and itching to get to the next page. All-in-all, it was less than 48-hours from the time I read the first page of the book to when I closed it at the end.

I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a thrilling book that takes the traditional murder mystery, flips it on its head and intertwines the characters with complex relationships. You really do have to read this novel to the end or you’ll never figure out what really happened.

  • Recommended for readers who love a good thriller that mixes college and adult life, preferably with strong female leads.
  • Writers keep an eye out for how smoothly Michele Campbell transitions from past to present without missing a beat or losing impact.

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The Author

Michele Campbell writes engaging prose and a truly convoluted tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

This isn’t surprising to me because as a former New York City prosecutors, I’m sure that Michele has seen more disturbing real-life stories than most of us could even imagine.

She left her big city law career, having worked for a prestigious Manhattan law firm prior to her prosecutors, and now spends her time teaching criminal and constitutional law and writing amazing books for bloggers like me to devour and share. #ThankYou

Plus, you know she has a killer sense of humour because she dedicated her book to her “husband, who has never tried to kill me… as far as I know.”  

This was my first book by Michele, and I’m psyched for her next book A Stranger on the Beach to come out this summer.

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