I’ve made it pretty clear that I have a complex relationship with shaving—I hate it but I do it anyway. Society and what not.

When it comes to the vaginal area, I’m more of a landscape artist than a lawnmower, if you know what I mean. I’m a fan of grooming but not removing because I’m a full-grown adult and honestly, I think missing hair is just strange to me.

That said, I can’t say there haven’t been times where I’ve done full-frontal (and rear) maintenance when I had a particular date or was feeling a particular way. Which is what leads me to write this post here on how to shave pubic hair.

I know you have questions, I’ve got some answers. So, let’s get into it!

Should women shave their pubic hair?

If you read my soapbox post about women shaving, chances are you already know my opinion on this—I’m not a fan. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in sprucing up the area for myself (or others). No one needs to see that peeking out from underneath a bathing suit.

That said, whether or not you shave your pubic hair is entirely up to you. I certainly don’t think that women should feel forced to shave parts of their body that they don’t want to. I don’t care if Jake from Tinder prefers his women clean-shaven, what you choose to do is none of his business.

How to shave your pubic hair

Exfoliate the area

The skin in your pubic region is just like skin anywhere else on your body except it gets a little less air-time than most other places because not only is it behind your underwear and pants but it also protected by your pubic hair.

This means that you need to be careful before you take a sharp razor to the area you need to make sure to properly treat the skin. That starts with exfoliating. It will also help ensure that you can get as close to the skin as possible, cutting back on the work the next time you have to shave.

When it comes to choosing the best exfoliator for the job. Go with something gentle like Gillette Venus pre-shave or an exfoliating mitt. Skip the big crystal scrubs, I’ve tried them and wouldn’t recommend it.

Trim first!

Before you start bringing out the sharp razor, you need to trim first. If you’ve got full bush going on down there and you try to wack it off with a basic razor you’re going to need at least a six-pack to get through the whole thing.

Public hair is thick, tough and, quite frankly, it would rather stay on. So you’ll want to make sure that you trim and get rid of the bushy hair first. You can do this with a pair of scissors but I choose to use an electric razor.

If you choose the electric razor route (which I swear is SO MUCH faster) make sure that you use a razor with a guard. That way you’re really capturing the bulk of the hair but you’re not pressing down to the skin.

Soak in the tub

With your pubic region exfoliated and the hair trimmed, it’s time to take a legit soak in the tub. Shaving is A LOT easier on skin and hair that’s been soaking in the water.

For starters, a good soak in the water softens up the hair making it easier to work with (you can soak before you trim if you find that works better). It also makes you skin looser, in my experience tight skin is a recipe for razor nicks.

Have a relaxing bath night with one of these fancy bath bombs.

Apply shaving cream

You probably won’t want to shave down there without shaving cream. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t shave anywhere without shaving cream unless you’re using a tool that doesn’t require it.

I’ll admit that I’ve used any old shaving cream in nether-regions, but there are specific creams, like IntiMD Coochy Plus, that are created for intimate area shaving. If I was being smart, I would use that—I’ll leave it up to you whether or not you go with something specific or a classic can of Skintimate.

I tend to stick with a traditional razor in my public region because it has a much closer shave. However, if you’re going electric you might need to skip the shaving cream. Note that pubic hair is much coarser than other hair on your body and whatever razor you use will get duller faster.

Shave carefully

Now it’s time to get to business. It goes without saying that you need to be incredibly careful shaving in this area. Visibility is limited and you’ll want to avoid cuts in your pubic region.

Make sure that you use a fresh razor, you don’t want anything with dull blades. If you’re shaving for the first time in a long time, you’ll want to have a second razor on hand. I’ve definitely had situations where I need to switch razors before I was finished. You also want to make sure you shave in the direction the hair grows.

Using a mirror to help you see the area can also make figuring out how to shave your pubic hair much easier. I’ll admit it’s a little weird to stare straight at your vagina—it’s one of those things that looks better in your imagination than in person.

I recommend going with a portable mirror that has a stand since your hands will absolutely be busy. You’ll also want to make sure the room is well-lit to give yourself the best chance for a good, clean shave.

Rinse area

When you’re finished womanscaping the area, you’ll want to give yourself a nice little rinse off to get rid of any leftover hair or shaving cream.

You don’t need to do a full-on bath, but go around the area with a nice wet, warm cloth and get into all of the creases and folds—we probably don’t need to get into more detail than that. I assume you know how to wash your vagina area.

Lotion up

When you’re all cleaned up and ready to go, the last thing you’re going to want to do is lotion up. While you could, theoretically, use any old moisturizer up in there, you’ll probably want to go with something area-specific like COOCHY Intimate After Shave Protection.

Because the pubic region is like every other area of skin you have, you can absolutely get razor burn or other after-shaving effects. Using a moisturizer will help immensely with this.

Other ways for pubic hair removal

Hair removal cream for pubic area

I am intimately familiar with hair removal cream, courtesy of my not-so-womanly moustache that makes an appearance every once in a while (or weekly, but who’s counting).

But not all hair removal creams can be used on sensitive areas. If you’re thinking of removing your pubic hair with a cream, you’ll need something specially made for the area like Bettybare.

I will warn that I found cream removal to be way less effective than shaving. You need to get the timing right, you don’t want to burn yourself with the chemicals but if you don’t leave it on long enough it won’t work.

Waxing your pubic area

I am not a waxer, the wax simply doesn’t work with my skin and I end up having a really crappy, icky reaction to it which involves a ton of pimples. So, not ideal. That said, waxing is a popular solution to pubic hair removal.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend any old wax for sensitive areas (and if you’re doing it yourself make sure to go REALLY SLOW). But there are waxes like Kolua Wax that have specific formulas for coarser pubic hair.

Light hair removal

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never used any type of light hair removal equipment like Love Dock. So, I am by no means an expert. However, I do know that you should definitely NOT use this on your public region.

It’s good for areas like under the arm and your legs but you need to be more careful with sensitive areas like between your legs. This machine uses light to remove hair permanently and can risk burning your skin. However, the makers of the machine say that you can use it to do your bikini line.

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