The summer weather is coming in fast, even here in cold, hot Canada. With plus 30 (Celsius) weather having already arrived for at least one day in 2021, it’s time to start talking about how to beat the summer weather and keep sweat to a minimum.

Many of us plus size babes have plenty of experience with excessive sweat, which means the summer weather can be excruciating. But fear not, if you have a sweat problem, there is a solution for you!

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How to reduce sweat in the summer: the essentials

If you’re heading out in the warm weather and you want to reduce sweat (or at least the affects of it), these six tips and tricks might be able to help you out:

Good setting spray

Just because the weather is hot and humid doesn’t mean you have to skip the makeup—especially if it gives you a boost of confidence that you want on your Friday night out (when we can start the whole “Friday night out” thing again).

When it comes to keeping your makeup in tip-top shape in the heat, makeup setting spray (or finishing spray) is your best friend. A light, gentle spritz of a spray like Urban Decay’s De-Slick over your face and you’re ready to head out into that beating sun, makeup in tact.

Setting spray isn’t just for warm weather. Unless you’re someone who’s constantly touching up your makeup, then you should definitely be using setting spray all the time. It can help ensure that your carefully made-up face lasts from dawn to dusk.

As an alternative to setting spray, if you wear mineral-based makeup then you might be able to set it with a simple toner. A quick spritz of toner can be used to set your makeup in place, or give you a slight pick-me-up if you need a mid-day refresh.

Stellar antiperspirant deodorant

Antiperspirant can be a lifesaver for those of us that find we sweat a lot. Sweat equals gross feelings, and usually a not-so-great smell, so it’s important for most of us to fight it off.

Those of us with bigger bodies or those who find they sweat a bit more than the average gal might find that antiperspirant can be used in more places than just the pits.

You can give yourself a dab anywhere that you find you sweat a little more than usual—at the bottom of your spine, mid-back, or even in your groin area (though make sure you double-check the ingredients because you don’t want to put anything bad in that sacred place).

I’ll admit I’m not a big antiperspirant fan because a few years ago I got a terrible under-arm infection from it. I now use Native, which is just a deodorant, but I find that a few refresh swipes per day keeps the bad smells away!

Handy antiperspirant wipes

It’s not all about that deodorant when it comes to sweat, sometimes you need some help in the form of a handy little antiperspirant wipe! Having a handful of wipes stashed in your bags no only helps you deal with a sweaty situation but the antiperspirant in them helps reduce future problems.

I really like the LA Fresh wipes because they’re travel-ready. You get 50 individually wrapped wipes that you can use without risking drying out any of the others. They’re also biodegradable and compostable, yay for eco-friendly products. Throw them in your purse or backpack and go along your merry way!

Pick the best warm weather fabric

Not all clothing is good for warm weather, some fabrics like nylon and polyester and definitely not your friend. Instead of throwing on a cute outfit that’s made of synthetic fibres, opt for natural material instead.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for warm weather because it’s soft, lightweight, breathable, and soaks up sweat (bonus!). This is exceptional news because a lot of cute summer clothing is made of cotton, like this warm weather-friendly Just My Size tank top.

Since cotton is an acceptable choice, denim and chambray can also be worn in warmer weather. Chambray tends to be a lighter “imitation denim” which might be a better choice since traditional denim is a lot heavier. However, if denim shorts are always a summer-approved choice!

If cotton is not your style, or you’re looking for something else, linen is also a great warm-weather fabric choice. Because it’s lightweight and loosely woven, it makes for a great breathable fabric—especially if you’re looking for a cute summer dress.

Not all synthetic fabrics are disastrous in the summer weather, rayon, a man-made blended fabric, can also make for a cooling summer piece to add to your collection. It’s a breathable fabric that’s lightweight so it doesn’t usually cause too much uncomfortable stickage (or whatever the legit term is).

While these choices make for great warm weather fabrics, every body is different. You’ll want to round out your wardrobe with the best pieces that not only make you feel confident, but keep you cool in hot weather!

Blotting papers

If you’re looking for something easy that you can drop in your bag and use when the going gets a little too hot then blotting papers are for you. These are small, handy little pieces of paper that are highly absorbent that you can quickly dab on your forehead or cheats to get rid of excess sweat in a pinch.

Throw a pack of blotting papers (like these ones by NYX) in your purse or fanny pack (my favourite summer bag), then take it out when you need to blot away. Just make sure to keep the paper flat as you blot, and use a gentle but firm touch.

Absorbent powders

We’ve talked about using absorbent powders to prevent chub rub before, but they can also be used to pat away excessive sweat when you’re spending time outside in a warm climate. Finding a great absorbent body powder is a must-have for warmer weather.

Chances are you’ll want to go with an actual body powder that purposefully fights off sweat—many of those contain talcum. But in a pinch you can use something like baby powder that can also help fight off extra sweat.

Hand-held fan

If you’re travelling to (or live in) a warm, humid destination, then carrying a small hand-held fan might be a great decision for you. You can store one of these tiny little fans in your travel bag and pull it out when you need it.

This is an absolute must-have if you’re walking around a place like Disneyland in the hot summer heat. Whether you’re wandering around the park or standing in a long line (though I hear they’re trying to get rid of many of them) these little battery-powered devices can really make or break your day.

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