Your passport is your ultimate travel document. You need it for any cross-border trip, but when you’re home where should you hide your passport?

Recently I received a panicked text message from a dear friend that said, “have you seen my passport?” It had been almost six months since she’d used it and she had no idea where she last put it.

She thought perhaps she had left it in her bag (it wasn’t there) or possibly the car (not there either) maybe she had given it to me to hold (she did not)… she genuinely had no idea where her passport was.

Losing a passport is not a great option. And by “not a great option” I mean it’s utterly terrible to lose your passport.

The replacement process alone, plus the added security scrutiny when it comes to crossing the border. So, needless to say, you need a safe space to hide your passport.

Where to hide your passport at home

When you’re at home, your passport needs a safe place to hang out while it’s recovering between trips. Somewhere that you can have easy access, but it’s safe and hidden out of the way.

So, where can you hide your passport at home?

In the freezer

I’ll admit this sounds ridiculous but it’s totally legit. This one was taught to me by my mother and while it was totally strange at first, it’s definitely a good move.

The reason for using a freezer to hide your passport (and this works for any valuable document be it your birth certificate, social security card or otherwise) is because should a fire break out in your house, your freezer is unlikely to burn.

If you’re going to use the freezer trick, make sure you put your passport and any other document that you might hide in there into a plastic bag before shoving it in the freezer. This will help reduce page curling.

I’ve used this method before for long periods of time and it works like a charm. Seriously. I always know where my passport is.

In a fake book

I have this fake books on my shelf where I store important(ish) things like my tax papers from the last few years (seven to be specific because that’s the law), hard copy contracts and even my friend’s wedding ring when she was worried her crappy roommate might get her hands on it and pawn it on her.

It’s a great way to give things a place without having obvious storage, along with adding some classy decorations around your house. You can pick up a classic-looking book safe with locks, a cute Alice themed one if you’re a fan of the classics or a Rome-themed book safe if you’re wanting to look like a world traveller.

This can be a great little place to store a passport. But, as a word of warning, not that I have any experience with this but I’d imagine if found they’re pretty easy to take and/or break open. I would recommend having multiple book storage boxes on your shelf.

A small house safe

If you’re looking for a more “standard” storage spot for your passport (and/or other valuable documents that you store at your house) you can also opt for a small standard safe.

There are plenty of different types out on the market depending on what you’re looking for. If you have room in your closet, you could grab a small basic safe from Amazon for under $50 or something slightly bigger for under $100.

If you are going to go with a safe, I would recommend making sure that you have somewhere to hide it. I wouldn’t just leave it out-and-about. Though, it is going to be harder to get into than a false book and heavier to run away with.

A few last tips

Wherever you choose to store your passport, make sure it’s in a safe place that you remember and can access easily, in case you need it in a pinch.

Don’t forget to check on it every once in awhile, and make sure you keep it up-to-date so you’re ready for your next trip. The paperwork to renew it if you’ve let it lapse is a pain in the buttox!

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