‘Tis the season for spooky accessories. If you’re ready to get your ghostly attire out of the back of the closet and are looking for some smashing Halloween earrings to add to your collection, then I’ve got nine smashing choices for you.

Many of these earrings aren’t for the faint of heart. If skulls, creepy crawlies and kitchen knives aren’t your thing, then you might want to sit this one out. But if you’re looking for some Halloween earring ideas, then you’ll find them right here!

Knife Halloween Earrings

There are a lot of ways to have fun with Halloween earrings, but as a true crime aficionado (seriously, we cover some cases on The Lady Dicks) the Vinca Chop to It Earrings are my absolute favourite. 

Not only are these earrings daring and surprisingly accurate to a chef’s knife, they’re a great design for Halloween. They’re made of surgical steel, which means they should be good even if you have a metal allergy like I do.

Looking for a sexy plus size Halloween costume? We have lots of choices this year!

Halloween Spider Web Earrings

I’m not a huge fan of spiders myself, but they’re a great addition in earring form to your Halloween wardrobe. If you’re looking for something cute but creepy, then the a pair of Webful Desire jewels will be perfect for you.

Whether you just want something for October or you’re looking for something that will add to your everyday wardrobe’s quirky design, then these bad boys will totally fit the bill. 

Dangling Halloween Skull Earrings

Skulls are kind of the ultimate Halloween accessory theme, and the Scintillating Skull Dangle Earrings are both festive and fashionable. They’re cute with their silver tone and the perfect compliment to your festive getup.

Whether you’re looking to dress your outfit up or down for the seasons, these are going to be a conversation piece. Plus, they’ve got black rhinestone studs at the lobes and the skulls themselves are also a tad bit bedazzled. 

Book of Spells Earrings

If you’re looking for something a little more witchy, then these Book of Spells Earrings are perfect for you. They’re shaped like little cute books so you’ll never be without a few on you.

These are a metal. They have an edgy, worn look. Perfect for Halloween or just a simple overall spooky look. These Halloween stud earrings are small and unassuming, but they’re perfect to pair with pretty much any outfit.

Halloween Mood Earrings

Feeling a little moody this Halloween? If you want something festive but not too overpowering or creepy, then these cute short, dangling Aura You Ready? Mood Earrings.

A spell-binding blue, these are great to add to any outfit and… they’re primed to change colour with your mood. Add them to your collection and you’ll be looking fresh, cute and charming.

Gold Halloween Skull Earrings

The Lenora Dame Skull and Response Earrings are handmade by Lenora Dame. They’re spooky yet stubble with the elegant gold accent behind the spooky white skull, perfect for the season. 

These are bound to get a rise out of all of your friends without being too much for your outfit. Whether you want a slight accent or you’re going all-out, this will be an excellent addition to your accessory collection.

Dinosaur Skeleton Earring Set

If you want a quirky collection of earrings that can be worn just for Halloween or pretty much any time of year, then The Gang’s All Here Earring Set is something you’ll want to consider adding to your collection.

These feature tyrannosaurus rex, sauropod and stegosaurus silhouettes—a skeleton over a black background. They’re fun, and make for a unique trio that you can add to your Halloween accessory collection.

Dinosaur accessories are the perfect addition to your collection!

Itsy Glitzy Halloween Spider Earrings

It’s time to talk about spiders again. The Itsy Glitzy Spider Threader Earrings have the spiders but no webbing. They’re also a tad bit more bedazzled with gold metal spiders hanging on a thin gold chain.

These will be showstoppers paired with an all black outfit, or simply a chic and creepy addition to your regular old wardrobe. They’re a fun, flirty addition to your holiday attire and you’ll be the talk of the town. 

Glitter Halloween Stud Earrings

Did we overdo it on the spiders this season or are you totally game? Because we’ve got one more to add to the mix. If you’re looking for sparkling studs, then the Spinning Webs of Glitter Earrings are perfect for you.

These are made of a gold glitter-infused acetate with surgical-grade steel. Whether you want to creep out one of your coworkers or doll yourself up for the Halloween festivities, then they’re a must-add to your collection!

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