Valentine’s Day is coming up right away here and since we’re all stuck inside this year is going to look a little different than past years. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of fun board games for couples.

Whether you want something a little naughty or you simply want to get to know your partner a little better, these are all great choices for this year’s Valentine’s Day activity.

Why play a naughty card game this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there are a TON of ways you could spend it with your significant other. You could grab a bite to eat at your favourite restaurant, head out to watch a flick on the big screen—oh wait, it’s COVID.

Scratch that.

Most of us are stuck in side this V-Day and those of us that aren’t (hopefully) aren’t headed to a crowded party. So, it’ll likely be you and your significant other (if you’re lucky). And, if you’re like me, it’ll just be you ???? (though, admittedly, this post isn’t for people like me).

I’m assuming that you want your Valentine’s Day to differ slightly from your regular finish work, order in food and binge-watch whatever you haven’t seen on Netflix. Which is why we’re here.

It’s Valentine’s Day—the perfect day to have a little extra fun with whomever you choose to spend it with ???? and a great way to do that is with a spicy, fun board game for couples.

Whether you need to spice up your sex life or want to get to know each other a little better, there is a board game out there for you to try out this year.

Looking for something else to do this year? Check out these picks for date night in a box.

Best couple board games


Monogamy bills itself as the game where you get to have a hot affair with your partner. Cue the Dunphy Valentine’s Day aliases reference. Seriously though, if you’re looking to get hot-and-heavy with a partner, this is one of the best sex board games for couples out there.

You start out asking and answering questions and end up in a whole world of sexual experimentation. If you’re looking try some new things out but need a little nudge, this might be the perfect game for you.

As a head’s up, this game calls for alcohol and food as part of the whole playing experience but you can play without if you choose to. It was also created with heterosexual couples in mind, but same-sex couples could absolutely still play—you might just want to get a little creative with the rules ????.

Looking to get experimental sans board game? Switch it up this v-day with one of the best sex positions for plus size women.

Love Battleship

If you’re looking for couples sex board games that you can have some real fun with Love Battleship is a sexy play on a board game we’re all familiar with. And it’s 100% intended to be played in the bedroom.

This game is incredibly easy to play and you can match it to whatever comfort level you have. So, you can skip the totally intimate or you can go straight for the good stuff depending on what you’re interested in.

For those of you worried that some of the spicier activities might be out of your sexual repertoire, there’s no need to panic. The cards come with handy illustrations so you can get a true idea of what you’re supposed to be doing.

Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets

While technically not a couples board game, Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets can add a ton of fun to your quarantine Valentine’s Day date. And, yes, in case you’re wondering everyone wins!

You scratch one of these bad boys to reveal three matching symbols that give you a sexy position or foreplay activity for that night. It’s a great way to get the night started without taking all that time to get through a whole board game.

How Game Are You?

If you’re looking for naughty party games that you can play with your significant other or you can enjoy with another couple, How Game Are You? might just be the winner.

This one is less dirty that Monogamy or Love Battleship, and bills itself as a game that’s made more for the mind. However, it does have a steamy spin to it and it’s definitely one of the best adult board games for couples on the market out there.

You can enjoy this love card game as a pair or you can team up with another couple and learn something about everyone involved. It’s a great way to learn your partner’s thoughts around relationships and personal topics.

O-ing Tower

O-ing Tower is another one of those board games couples will love. This updated adult version of the classic game Jenga will have you getting to know your partner better and having a little extra naughty fun this Valentine’s Day.

This game comes with the wooden blocks you’ll be familiar with from Jenga, but also features truth or dare questions you ask your partner. With this game, you’ll get a chance to learn secrets about your partner, their body parts and complete challenges.

This one of those great board games for a couple looking to add a little suspense into their eventual Valentine’s Day sexcapade. Whether you’ve been married for a decade or you’re just getting to know each other, this game is bound to spice up your evening.

Truth or Dare for Couples

If you’re looking for fun couple board games, look no further than Truth or Dare. This is a great way to spice up your love life with naughty truths or risque dares.

This isn’t the truth or dare you remember from your school years. It’s a way to connect with your partner, have a little fun and get to know each other better. It’s the perfect choice for couples looking for some bedroom inspiration or that simply want to have a great laugh together.

Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk, Flirt, Dare! is a naughty card game that is bound to heat things up with your partner this Valentine’s Day. It’s a romantic game that’s fun for adults, but you can also play it at a party with friends so it’s not too spicy.

Whether you’re aiming to simply have a little fun or refuel a connection in your relationship, the cards can help make that happen. Pick a card, answer the question or forego it for a dare with your partner.

This is a great gift for you this year, or you can package it up and give it to a pair of newlyweds or to your best girlfriend on her anniversary. Why not give yourself a romantic evening?


Looking for a hot and juicy game tonight? Loopy is an exceptional choice. It’s a little naughty, so you’ll want to close the bedroom door if the kids are home. It boasts being able to add some heat and emotions into your evening.

This game comes with 150 playing cards. You simply spin the arrow, choose a card and let the fun begin. There’s also a satin blindfold involved… I’ll let you figure out what you’re going to do with that.

You might have a chance to learn something new about your partner or simply have a little naughty fun. This is a great day way to switch your next romantic night up.

Our Moments

For some quality time with your partner, Our Moments might be the answer. This game will push you out of your comfort zone in both mental and physical ways (or so it says). You’ll learn something new about each other and have a little fun doing it.

This fun couples board game gives you a chance to push away other worries and focus on your partner for the evening. Chat about romantic topics and have a laugh together.

Bonus: Strip Twister!

This isn’t the naughty card game you had in mind but if you happen to have a Twister board in the closet, you can put a fun little spin on it for your next date night. Naked Twister and strip Twister are both choice activities for a romantic night at home.

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Valentine's Day is coming up right away here and since we're all stuck inside this year is going to look a little different than past years. That's why I've compiled a list of fun board games for couples.

What fun board games for couples do you love? Throw your top pick in the comments below!

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