Let’s be honest, I started podcasting because an audio-first platform is a little more comfortable for a fat girl than a YouTube channel. And podcasting has been a great, comfortable way for me to get my voice out there without going too far outside of my comfort zone.

Continuing on my journey of introducing/re-introducing myself, I thought I’d talk about how and why I ended up podcasting in the first place. And how it’s helped me feel more confident (even if I’m still not quite ready to start a YouTube challenge).

We’re talking about how to deal with people who suck on the internet, and how you can go about finding your own voice. I think it’s important that everyone has a chance to find their own voice — so that’s what we’re talking about today.

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00:00.20: Welcome to the fattest girl in the room. This is a podcast about being a fat girl in a not so fat. Friendly world. I learned a thing today which is not relevant at all to this podcast episode but I’m going to tell you anyway I learned that I can listen to music and record a podcast at the same time through zencastr. And you it doesn’t record the music but it does record me talking which is really not relevant like I said to this episode at all except for that I could theoretically be listening to music right now and you would have no idea. Also I guess I could have done that if I had like headphones on my you know connected to like my iPod no whatever doesn’t matter so maybe on another episode I will sorry I’m just adjusting the mics. They feel like it’s super loud. Ah maybe on another episode. I will be listening to music and you won’t even know it but probably not okay, so let’s actually to the topic. Let’s not beat around the bush, I did start podcasting. This is this episode is obviously called fat girl talking. We’re gonna be talking about podcasting. And I did start podcasting because I was fat not like because I was fat as in like I wanted to talk about being fat and so I started podcasting I mean I obviously do that now. But um because the alternative which is like a youtube channel or like running. An Instagram account or whatever required like a visual component and I’m like not picture friendly I just don’t think I’m photogenic and also I’m bad. so so I um I could tell you these like same stories that I tell you whatever. In front of a camera with my face like showing it and actually it might be more like engaging for you. But I’m just like not there yet, you know I’m like not at that level where I’m like comfortable enough to do that which I think is totally fair, but before we get like too far into this topic that we’re gonna talk about. Finding a voice in podcasting just finding a voice in general. Um, if you are new around here and most people are because it’s like episode number 2 after me like coming back I am tay I’m your hostess with the most is and the blogger behind hello tay. Um I started blogging because I

02:43.27: Love finding and sharing cute clothes for fat people and some of it morphed into this like cathartic thing where I do which ends up me talking to a microphone in an empty porch hoping the neighbors don’t hear me, they probably do I hope they don’t um I also. Want take a minute before we get too far into this to say that this podcast is marked as explicit. Um, that’s because sometimes we talk about sex vaginas and other like wild topics that people sometimes don’t like or if they think is inappropriate. Um, and also because they might or might not be swearing I’m not like a big I don’t. Really swear a lot I might swear a little bit I see things like shit and stuff I’m not like a big swearer though. But I do open the floor for my guests and so and I let them say whatever they need to say because whatever I’m not censoring them. So um, you have been warned if you’re not and I do say this because I do know that there are teenagers that listen to this podcast. So if a teenager’s mom finds this podcast on their phone I told them that they should tell you that they’re listening first. Yeah tell your mom anyway. Okay. Backed back to back to the topic continuing on my journey of like reintroducing slash introducing myself I thought I would talk about like why how and why I ended up podcasting in the first place and like how you can find your own voice I think is where I’m going with this and how um. And how podcasting has helped and continues to help me feel more confident as an individual. Um, even if I’m obviously not ready to do full youtube stuff that full youtube thing has also has a few things to do with like my current location too. You can’t seem to record like a podcast without someone coming. Walking through the door. It’s like I don’t know I turn on the microphone and like thirty seconds later someone’s like oh hey I need this from you or whatever so anyway whatever and I need to come my hair which is so not relevant and is absolutely an excuse but is also true because it’s very long. Okay, whatever I think I mentioned last episode that I did start podcasting because I wanted to have my own true crime show which I never ended up doing. We do have the lady dicks. Um, it’s a show that’s been on and off for the last like 4 or 5 years I’d have to actually go look at the date. We launch. It. Um, but ah, which is also currently on hiatus for listener to the lady dix or if you want to listen to the lady x we are coming Back. We’re just we’re gonna come back in the new year because this guy me needed to needed to rejectke some things in in her schedule because she’s.

05:26.43: Overwhelming herself with way too much. Um, so I wanted to start a true crime podcast and then there was a lot of true crime podcasts out there and I was like also I don’t like to do like cases where I have that I don’t want to talk about people who are alive or their families are alive or whatever. Not I mean. Because I want to be shitty about it or whatever like I don’t want to be not talk about victims and people like in a bad way I just like I just imagined that if something happened to like with 1 of my family members I don’t know if I’d like want to listen to your true crown podcast around it. So we do like really old. Stories um, kind of like our cutoff is like the early nineteen hundreds like maybe nineteen 10 we have some from like the like 1915 or whatever and I think we had like 1 or 2 that are newer ones and actually I think we’ve taken them down just because I don’t like them. Um, whatever anyway. Off on a ta I also really wanted to run like a killer youtube and Instagram about like plus size fashion and stuff. Although I don’t like I’m not necessarily the most fashionable person I love to talk about fashion I love to look at clothes I love to look at dresses and stuff like that i. Don’t wear dresses. They don’t look right on me, they look weird I just there. It’s not something comfortable with I’m like a ah ah jumpsuit kind of gal but I do love to recommend dresses and I love to look at dresses. Love try on dresses I just never wearing them. Um, also while we’re talking about fashion. I do want to say that because I feel weird not mentioning it but I’m I don’t really know my I know there’s like controversy with toward going on right now I really don’t know much about it I don’t shop there I find they’re close to be overpriced and honestly I don’t like them. Um, so. If you have questions about that I’m definitely not the right person to ask? Um I did at 1 point like really want a pair of boots from toward they were like these really cool like ankle boots they were like Oxford style ankle boots and like a I don’t know a brown like a caramel or whatever. But the shipping to canada was like ridiculous talking like forty dollars. Um, so anyway there are better brands to shopfront if you’re feeling very betrayed by torrid. Um, they ah they attacked a creator I think is what what what? The issue is um, like I said not super familiar with it. Ah. Probably not super surprised about it either because I hear not great things about them. But there are better brands to shop for from if you are looking for clothes and you want to avoid tour it um, which I think you should do just based on the price alone but whatever. Um.

08:14.64: There are better routes to shot from I have some of them listed on hello tay. Um I always am trying to add more but if you’re looking for something super specific. You’re like I really want like a pinnaforre dress or whatever um send me an email I might be able to tell you who has 1 or or um. Or even who has sales on I get emails all the time for plus-size clothing brands and I just there’s not enough time in the day for me to be able to put those emails out to everyone on the email list at this point in time. Um and let people know about sales but I do know about them. Um. And I I’m working towards like telling everyone when sales are going on and who has really great pricing. So if you’re like looking for something specific. Um yeah, send me an email and I will tell you who if I know who might have them anyway. So not related. Um. Whatever back to podcasting the thing about podcasting is that it actually makes a lot of sense for me for those of you that don’t know I have my undergraduate I actually have my graduate degree as well. But I took my undergraduate degree in communication took my graduate degree in communication too. But whatever. Majoring in journalism and 1 of the things that we studied in obviously in this degree is radio. Um from a journalism perspective like all good old fashioned like really good old fashioned like actual radio like 1 ah 1 point. Whatever. I don’t listen to radio I Never really have but it still exists I hear. Um, anyway during my like second year I think it was we did radio like shows or whatever we like mixed her on radio shows and my professor was like you should be a radio host. Do you have. A good radio voice which I was like thanks girl I Never gonna work in Radio. Definitely not my thing I guess I get it if you are like if you’re very nostalgic for that kind of like radio. Step. I just I don’t really like the music they play I don’t like the choices that are out there and I kind of find radio hus annoying. So but whatever I guess it makes sense that I ended up here and the thing is I knew as a like Journalist if I was going to pursue career as a Journalist I was never going to be a news anchor. Like a weather reporter or like I don’t know an entertainment reporter would never be an entertain reporter. Um, but I’m laughing at these like obviously I would never be a weather reporter because I can’t do science and I’m not going to be an entertainment reporter because I don’t like celebrity gossip.

10:54.83: Ah, don’t get me wrong I’ll like read some of it. Um, but 1 time a company K this is when I was this is so not a story I was planning on sharing at this time but that’s ok, it’s relevant 1 time I when I was like starting out my freelancing career I yeah. As a freelancer I mean I had a lot of experience in content marketing but not in freelancing and so I there was this company I don’t even remember what they were called. They like a big company they own like a big celebrity gossip website or whatever entertainment website will call it and I think they do a lot of celebrity gossip. Don’t remember who it was not super relevant and probably not going to call them out because there’s lots of places that do this. But basically I wanted I was like I think I want to write about film I love film if I haven’t told you this before I watch like movies. Every day slash night mostly at night mostly I watch like a movie or half a movie before bed because I I like it and it makes me less anxious I guess um so it’s like I would be a really good tv writer I’ve seen. Probably thousands of movies now. Maybe I used to keep records of how many movies I’d seen but I probably watched the equivalent of like. 200 and fifty to 3 hundred movies a year no yeah yeah, I’d say that. So yeah, I’ve probably seen like a thousand movies are there a thousand I’m just kidding There’s definitely a thousand movies so not relevant so I was like I think entertainment would be really cool for me because then I could write about my favorite movies or whatever. Great so families job applied for it and they were like awesome cool. Yeah, we’ll pay you crap to write entertainment that that was this is not the part that’s surprising. Although if you’re starting out freelancing. It does not pay great at the beginning. It doesn’t necessarily pay great later, but it does if you find the right. Whatever case so I get this this job this this writing job where I’m supposed to write like I don’t know I think it was like 1 article a week for um. This entertainment publication and I was like I’m really interested in like movies and that’s like the stuff that I sent in and they’re like cool. Yeah, we definitely need movie writers and then the first thing they assigned me was like an article and I think it was called like what happened to alicia cuthbert or whatever cuthbert is that her name anyway.

13:37.96: Was like what this is not um, this is like not movie or but I guess she’s an actor so maybe and so I started like looking into it I was like okay well, we’ll just give this what we’ll give it a try and like you know twenty minutes into doing the research I felt gross I felt disgusting I felt. I was like I am like digging into someone. Also oh no I think the article was like why is why is alicia cuthbert irrelevant or something that it was like not a nice and I was like no so I never did file the article I don’t even think I told the company. That I wasn’t interested. Oh actually I did I emailed the editor and I said I’m not writing this and that was like the end of the story anyway. So um, was never going to be an entertainment reporter I guess that didn’t work out very well for me. Um, anyway, it’s not. Couldn’t be any of these things. It’s just that I was never passionate about being like a news anchor or you know whatever, um, passionate enough to like deal with the the shit that comes with it. There are plus size women in. Um, like in those positions. In fact I remember a story like sometime this year about a a news anchor. No story. She was a weather a weather reporter somewhere in the states and I think people were just making really horrible comments about her which is why. I would have read the story. But anyway I just never wanted to I was never passionate enough to deal with that kind of stuff. So I knew I was never going to be in those positions but podcasting is like an entirely different story because you don’t really know what I look like you can go on Instagram there are pictures of me those are they’re actually me. Um I don’t know how many there are because I think we deleted our feed. Let me look There’s probably like 1 picture of me which is fine. It’s actually me promise you it is me um oh look There’s like 3 no, there’s 2 there’s four there are four pictures all of them are me except for there’s like 1 picture that’s a stock photo. Oh. It’s not a stock photo. Sorry it’s a shout out to someone I’m so good at Instagram anyway, the thing is you don’t really know what I look like. And you’re not like watching me and whatever and um I also podcasting on like Youtube doesn’t have like open comments which is like look the internet is full of.

16:17.45: A ton of amazing people that I would never in my wild. The streams have a chance to connect with without the internet but it’s also home to trolls and people who hide behind their computers and say mean things and that’s like their purpose for being on the internet and I the thing is I don’t. Really care. What people say about me but it’s also really hard to read terrible things about yourself like I don’t want to read I know the thing is I know that when someone says something to me that’s hurtful and disgusting and rude and whatever. They hate themselves way more than they hate me and they have a problem with themselves and they’re taking it out on me and it really has nothing to do with me but I also don’t want to read stuff like that either about myself so places like Youtube and stuff are an Instagram are like full of people who just trash other people and that’s like there. That’s their like entertainment. That’s so like enjoyment of life and so I was definitely not ready to start on any of those channels but podcasting doesn’t have that you can’t comment I think you can comment on some of the podcast apps for the record I don’t go on podcast apps to like interact with listeners if you send me an email I will absolutely email you back and if you send me. Like a message and like I don’t know Instagram or whatever I will probably also message you back. It might take me a little bit longer because I don’t get them as often. Um, but ah, there’s like there’s really no like interaction like that in a commenting basis in podcasting and I’m not necessarily. Sure that there shouldn’t be like maybe there should be but there isn’t at this point in time and so I don’t feel like there’s not an immediacy of me like posting something and then people coming back and being like oh you’re fat and ugly and whatever which people do say because they’re just horrible people. Um. And so podcasting feels just like a little bit safer to me and it’s also audio is also an area that I’m a little bit more familiar with in video and I feel like it takes us time I don’t really know anyway. So that said it’s not like I don’t get mean people on the internet commenting. And so I thought we’d go over like 3 different ways. The 3 like most recommended ways of dealing with shit people on the internet mean people on the internet. The first is just to take a cyber break. This is not really an option for me because I work on the internet and i. Mean I guess I could just not check out social media and stuff like that which I really don’t um so I guess I kind of already take cyber breaks but I mean it’s hard to if people are I don’t know it’s sometimes it can be hard to avoid those comments. So um.

19:07.50: If you have the ability to take a cyber break and you think you need like a vacation from your internet phone I would recommend doing that. It’s probably a very good thing to do I do it what I can um so long as it’s not you know, affecting my work. Whatever um, the second. And this is like kind of controversial but you can remove the comments hey look people are really weird about comments removal especially on like big websites like news websites and staff because you like whatever freedom of the speech freedom of the speech freedom of Speech and stuff like that which I am fully on board with um, but. I also okay look I fully believe in freedom of speech I think it’s a fundamental rate that we should all have and if you don’t have it. Society’s pretty dangerous, but having the right to say anything that you want to doesn’t necessarily free you from the consequences of saying whatever that is that you wanted to say. You say something shitty there are going to be consequences or there there might be consequences and it’s not guaranteed, but there might be consequences of you saying that and therefore and you’re not barred from not facing those consequences just because you have the right to freedom of Speech which I think is a very fundamental thing that people miss especially people who are like some people who I think would consider themselves like activists for freedom of Speech don’t necessarily understand the like they get the freedom of the speech part but they don’t necessarily get the freedom of consequences part which I mean if you read the u s constitution or if you read the canadian. Charter of rights and freedoms canada doesn’t have a constitution. We have a charter um neither of those things say that you are free to say whatever you want and no consequences will be will be had and so um, the other thing that I think it’s really important to note. Um, is that. So I know people are like you’re removing comments or whatever it can be very controversial I also don’t think that if I have a platform like you know hello to like the website someone doesn’t have the inherent right to come to my platform the platform that I built and use that platform to say mean things. That is something that I am like firm firm in my belief of I don’t like if people are coming to my website and they’re saying really shitty things about people or groups of people. Obviously the website deals with you know plus-size fashion and plus size women and plussize people and honestly. We were getting really bad comments there for a while I can actually think about 1 in particular which is what made me like decide to turn off comments for most of the posts I think comments might be off for all of them and if they’re not off. It’s probably because it’s on my to do list to do sitewide but there was this there was a.

21:54.99: There was a story that I wrote about um, what was that Melissa McCarthy movie that came out I it was kind of cute I didn’t love it. Thunder force maybe anyway it wasMelissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer and I wrote like a blog post about it with the trailer and that kind of thing and this. Person who I think was a guy because think is like username or whatever was Steve, I guess he could be Stevie could be like a girls Steve or stevie is I don’t know if Stevie’s go by Steve but whatever I assumed it was a dude because he was being jerky just unfair of me. Um, anyway, this person kept put a comment about like fat people in movies and how they didn’t we didn’t need a fat superhero movie blah blah blah blah in my thing and I deleted the comment I rejected the comment which said person obviously got a notification of because they had signed up and. Then they came and commented again and was like look obviously you’re limiting controversial opinions I don’t agree with you blah blah blah bla like you’re censoring me blah what and I rejected the comment again and then was like dude like stop stop posting on my my website you like it’s not your. You can say whatever you want and I don’t really care but you just you can’t say whatever you want on my website because what happens is someone you know person x posts something really horrible on my website I approve the comment and then someone else is reading that comment and sees that comment about people like them or you know. This like obviously in this case, he’s saying we don’t need pluss size women in a superheo movie. That’s Stupid. We don’t need that and then you are reading this article and you’re like oh yeah, I’m super excited by that and then you hear this like derogatory or and then you read this derogatory thing about plus size women and how they’re fat and ugly and can’t be superheroes. Whatever. I don’t need people that the website was not made for people who want to comment about bad things. It was made for people who are plus eyes and are looking for fashion resources and want to know about movies that feature plus size characters and that kind of thing. It was not meant for the people making bad comments. So. As a consequence of that I shut down comments which is I also think my right? So I know that like I said removing comments and whatever that can that is a controversial opinion. It’s a controversial opinion that I’m like very. Steadfast but if it’s my platform and I want to remove a comment I will or if I want to bar people from comments I also will because I do it to protect my own mental health and the mental health of people who are coming to my platform who the platform is built for to get resources. So I think that’s really important to note. Um.

24:46.76: You’re welcome to give me by the way your opinion on that if you have if you have an opposite opinion I’d love to hear it I will not change mine but I’d love to hear yours? Um, but okay so those are 2 ways to do with it. You you either take you take your cyber Break. You remove comments or or you shut you don’t give people the avenue to. To talk to you like that or like you know, whatever you block their email address block their text messages. Whatever or and I’m going to say and not or this isn’t like a third option this is just something to keep in mind someone had it when I was like. Looking up what other people say about this someone did have this at the third option. It’s not a third option. It’s just something to keep in mind. The best thing to do is to remember like I said at the beginning those comments in context the people who take their time to go out of their way. To break you down or to say mean things about you or other people are people that have problems that they’re not even able to identify and like I said they hate themselves more than they hate. You. Your comment is not about you. It. It is directed towards you. But it’s really not about you at the end of the day and so remembering that for me is paramount in me being able to like get over stuff and feel less shitty or feel shitty for a much smaller amount of time than. Um, that they want their opinion out there. They have their opinion. They don’t probably don’t like themselves. Whatever um, and the other thing is don’t like don’t compromise yourself and get down to their level. Even if you really badly want to I look I’m not always the nicest person. But I do. Try and sometimes people say st and I just I really want to be like you suck in a much meaner way. But I try my best not to say things that will intentionally hurt people even if they’ve hurt me because it’s kind of like a civil case I’m not a lawyer and I don’t know. Whatever how great I am and going to be explaining civil law. So if you’re not familiar with civil law. This is just kind of like a a a not accurate overview of what happens but basically in a civil law case if you’re like let’s say you’re like charged with something like negligence the kind of the standard for. The standard for whether or not, you know you’re really, um, you’re really responsible for something as if a reasonable person could have foreseen something happening and so I kind of use that same idea like I said super water down version. Not a lawyer but I can’t use that same idea for.

27:34.89: Commenting or saying things or whatever if I know that a reasonable if I as me as a reasonable individual can kind of identify that someone will be hurt by this comment or you know, um, that someone it will hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally. Then I just don’t see it now look I’m not perfect I do not I don’t sit there and like pencil out the like you know flow of where the communication might go and all that kind of stuff. So I I don’t get it perfect all the time and I think that’s okay I don’t know what I don’t know. But I know what I know so if I know that someone if I know that there’s a reasonable chance that my comment will be heard by someone who it will hurt then I will try not to say it. Um, if it can be avoided in most cases it can I think the big thing is to like keep in mind is like that golden rule that if. Like you can’t say anything nice. Don’t say anything at all. That’s my mom used to say that when I was kid. Um I don’t agree with that statement as a blanket statement for the record I think that there are times when um, when stuff needs to be said and especially if you’re like. Look this this I’m talking about I’m talking about this context in in or this this discussion is about people on the internet people you don’t know trying to you know, bring you down on Instagram like they’re whatever they’re posting your picture. They say you’re ugly, whatever this is how to deal with them. Not how to deal with people in your everyday lives that are saying horrible things to you about you? Whatever that’s a whole other ballgame that we can get into on a different episode because I do think it’s really important to know that you you have every right to defend yourself. And you absolutely should if you feel you need to Um, but I don’t you know Whatever don’t waste your time on the internet the internet sucks anyway we all know that I do want to say though I do want to stop and say for a minute um this statement about generally being a nice person does not. Condone cancel culture by the way this isn’t like a thing of me saying like yay people shouldn’t be able to say bad things. Whatever my personal and professional opinion as someone with 2 degrees so roughly 8 years education the field of communication is that cancel culture already has and we’ll continue to have detrimental effects on the way we as a society interact and communicate it’s silencing individuals even ones that are total trash total trash is really really dangerous.

30:17.61: Because drawing that line saying this person is cool in this part like we can censor this person we can’t send to this person is like super dangerous, but whatever. That’s all I’m going to say on that I just wanted to clarify me saying me saying people should be nicer does not also mean that we should be canceling people who are not nice. Whatever. Look they suck. We know that everyone knows that I don’t listen to people that I think that suck but I also don’t sit there and say stuff about it because I just don’t want to spend the time anyway, whatever, we’re definitely off topic. What this episode is really about is that podcasting for me has and and will continue to. Be a way for me to slowly inch confidence towards what I think I want to do Slash b and I know that often I’ll like come across as confident and in person I tend to kind of act like it. But so much of it is like a fake until you make it situation. Which I highly encourage if you’re struggling fake it till you make it that is okay, you are allowed to do it with confidence because it usually does lead to being able to establish that confidence in my experience anyway I look I wanted to be a blogger when I was younger like really wanted to be a blogger. And I started blogging years and years and years ago but I never really did it and what I mean by that is like I would have like private blogs or like blogs on wordpress dot com if you’re going to start a blog. Don’t do it on morepress dot com but whatever, not the subject of this but I I had private blogs and. No 1 ever. Saw them and it was just me talking about whatever I actually have access to some of them have been deleted but I actually have like a wordpress dot com account that has like 3 or four different old blogs of mine on there and I’ve went through the content they are taken down. You can’t see it. But I’ve been through the content and like oh wow stuff they are wow anyway, my point is I so I was I wasn’t ready to like share my thoughts with the world but I did I wanted that experience of doing it. And so I started talking about just like non things not things that where I wasn’t like really risking anything being out there. No 1 was watching no 1 could see so I was experimenting and then. I found podcasting and I started podcasting in an area that I loved which is obviously ghost in history but wasn’t necessarily like opinion based I wasn’t I didn’t feel like it was putting a thing on the line. Whatever it didn’t really matter who I was to talk about that subject.

33:01.39: Um, which I think is really important because I think if you want to do something starting with something irrelevant or maybe not not relevant, not irrelevant but something not relevant to whatever it is that you’re you’re trying to build up to doing is a great way to um. Start doing it if you want to do a blog or if you want to run a podcast like you know like the fattest girl in the room that’s going to talk about fat girl issues starting a knitting podcast as like a tester is totally cool to do absolutely That’s a great idea. And I would highly recommend doing it? Um, so I started that podcast and then I started blogging and I started blogging about things that were more personal to me that’s like kind of when I started hello tay actually Hello, Taee started out as a blog called the signal girls guide to real adults like which is a blog by the way that still Exists. We’re actually in the process. We. Me are actually in the process of like rejigging that that platform because it does still exist I moved the blog but I and I moved to some of the content but I didn’t necessarily take down the old blog. Um, which had more to do with the age of the url than anything. It’s like 5 or 6 years old so which is. Great for a url. Um, but it started out as as a blog about that. It was a blog about living by yourself and like moving out for the first time and then morphed into a plus size fashion blog and then we stopped move the blog and now there there are 2 separate things which is fine. Um, but I started blogging about things that were more personal to me and then finally I moved to the point where I am today where I’m doing this podcast which is something that I’ve clearly struggled to maintain and and part of that does have to do with putting sorry I dropped something putting my. Personal opinions out there where people can hear them probably because they’re it like there is so much judgment in 2020 North american internet culture in general people just people love to judge other people. Um, I really don’t have controversial opinions for the most part. It’s pretty like whatever. Um but putting any opinion out there is still like nerve wracking um now I will say that doing something like podcasting gets less nerve wracking the more times you do it. I know sounds wild but anything that you do tends to get a little bit easier every time that you do it? Um, so I swear we’re we’re getting to a point I would love love love, love love to shoot youtube videos and.

35:53.34: I swear that I am working towards maintaining an active Instagram and TikTok account I don’t I’m so on the line about TikTok. But I do know how how important it is to like Brand growth. So I will do it? Um, but those 2 things require more visual components and. They’re actually you know that they require a little bit more work. For example I’m sitting here recording this podcast in basically my pajamas actually they’re not my pajamas I put on my pajama sweater because it was a little cold. Um. But I don’t have like my hair’s not done. My Makeup’s not on bubble bla. But like all that kind of stuff I don’t have to do that recording a podcast I can get up I can sit down and I can plug in the mic and that is the end of that story versus something like a youtube video and Instagram or or tiktok video where I feel like I have to you know, get all dressed up and. And look cute as she at which I don’t currently, um, but it’s a process. The whole thing is a process finding your voice in general is a process if you are someone who has a story to share though and for the record we. All have stories to share. But you’re not ready to get your voice out there in a big way. You’re not ready to do whatever that big thing is start small. You don’t have to go all out on day 1 um, but trying things and experimenting. Like with content creation or or whatever it is that you want to do when no 1 is watching is great. It’s a great way to do it because when they are you will be ready when people are watching. You’ll have like a little bit more grip on what you’re doing. Um this is all to say this podcast is. All to say that podcasting in general has been a really good place for me to figure out who I am and I find that as a creator and everyone creates something even if you don’t find yourself to be particular creative. Everyone is creative. About in somewhere some aspect of the life and everyone is passionate about something and I find as a creator that it’s super important for me to make things and build things blogs podcasts whatever because every time that I do something I I learned just like a little. Bit more about myself and um, yeah, I’m pretty cool person. That’s so that’s where I’m going with that anyway. I would love to hear what you’re passionate about I would also really love to hear if there’s something else, you’d like to see from me. Um.

38:41.95: For both of those things you can send me an email at hi@hellotaee.com which is ah in the show notes and if you want to get inspired by some big women doing big things. We obviously have some interviews coming up I’m like crossing my fingers that I can finish editing 1 this weekend and we can have 1 up. Next week ah that would be so cool. Hopefully um, but there are some amazing creators out there who I love to watch when I need a little pick me up and confidence boost and I don’t have to edit interviews you know, watch them. Although some of these people are people that are coming out in. And interview. So the first person I would recommend is um, is sure on Instagram her ah handle is at caitlin scott boudir all of these by the way will be in the show notes and on the blog post that’s associated with this so you can just go there and and click on the links caitlyn is a photographer um she does. Phenomenal photos of plus- sized people I should add that they’re boudgeoir photographer. She’s a Boudir photographer and focuses mostly on on boudoir style photos I also know that she previously has listened to this podcast because I’ve we’ve chatted about it. So um. Just give her a shout up. She’s awesome. So if you do need to see like elegant, professional, classy, non porn photos of naked fat women for some like body confidence that is where you’ll find it. She has an amazing Instagram that I love to look at um lexixi nemo who is at Lexie nemo. Actually have an interview with her coming up. Um, it’s already recorded I have to record the intro and exit and and edit it all together. Um, Lexi is a plus size actor. She and a model out of Nashville. She’s absolutely gorgeous and her and some of her friends have a. I don’t know if you’d call it a society or a company I really don’t know what it legally is and I’m so sorry if alexi is ever listening to this and she hears this because I’m doing this off the top of my head and I really don’t know if I’m describing this correctly. But basically this this thing that they’ve set up focuses on connecting brands with plus as. Models and Influencerst cetera. Um, and so they’re doing some really cool stuff there I cannot for the life me remember what it’s called and I’m so so so sorry. But if you go to lexi’s profile at Lexie email. Um in the um. Show notes. Oh my goodness. That’s the word I’m looking for. Um, you should be able to find that kind of stuff if you love disney another person may have coming on the podcast and another person whose Instagram account and and all of her stuff I recommend absolutely recommend.

41:25.30: Looking into is the girl with the dolip tattoo that is erin is her name. She is adorable. Lovely such nice person. Um, and she has the most amazing disney themed outfits. Um, she does like disney bounding. And um visits I think she she lives really close to disney world. So she visits a lot and I’m so jealous of it I’ve never even been to disney world had been to disneyland do absolutely love it. Um, anyway, she is also gorgeous. She has amazing photos and I highly recommend taking? Ah um, checking her stuff out. Um, if you want another podcast jen rad key. She I’m sorry if I pronounced her name incorrectly. She hosts the fat girl book club. It’s a great podcast. Um I talked with her I sometime last year I think it was um, maybe 2 years ago or a year and a half I’m so I whatever I’ll find the episode and I’ll include it. But um about a book called gooded bed by Jennifer wiiner. She is je is funny and she’s lovely and charming and she has a beautiful voice. Um, and we have an interview coming up with her and we’re gonna be talking about ha. Um. Ah, hallmark movies for Christmas but um for the christmas and holiday season. But um, yeah I would recommend listening to her podcast. Um for non interview people. Let’s give some people that um. Oh loie lane look as she her handles at lowie bug. Um, she is like right up my ghostly alley she has a ton um of really great like edgier photos and videos and stuff like that and um i. Like highly recommend you check her stuff out, especially if you have like ah, an edgeier slightly more like gothic um vibe to or or want to have that vibe by the way you can change your style at any time just want to say that. Um. If. That’s what you’re going for if that’s what you’re into loie is an amazing person to check out and then um alexandra rodriguez I think is her name I’m gonna find out what her handle is because I off the top of my head I don’t remember but she has a gorgeous feed and she also. A ton of followers so does loie by the way. Um, which just goes to show that there are people who want content from from plus size um creators and so if you do want to be a creator and you need to see that other creators are out there doing stuff and and they have audiences.

44:10.44: Um, Alexandra’s page would also be a great place to go. Um, there are a ton of creators. Oh the cur fashionista um I will find out the website because I always type it into my browser wrong. But I think it’s like Currie vashney. Curvyfastinniia dot com or the curvbyfashionista dot com I will find it and I will type it in but it’s like a it’s a blog. Um and they they do like um plus size news and plus size clothing and and fashion and all this lovely stuff. It’s a great resource for stuff. Um, great place to like stay up to date with what’s happening in the plus size world. Um, and I visit that website often I really like it. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Um, yeah, also this cave super not related but whatever, let’s just save some money here. Kids. If you’re in canada and you’re not like a disney plus member and you want to try it out. They yeah I saw this is not sponsored by Dis disney I do not have an affiliate link or anything like that. But I saw in my email this morning that they have a promotion for like one month of disney plus at 100 so and um. Jungle cruise just came out on disney plus like I think today. So if you’re like itching to see um dwayne dwayne johnson is is slashing Johnson I think it is and um emily. Blood emily blood. Oh my goodness in like a basically the mummy movie but in release in 2020 and not with bread and fraser. Um, that is on disney plus today. So would highly recommend watching it? Um, so yeah, go. Go there, get the promotion for 91 nine I don’t know how it works I know nothing about it I’m already disney plus member. So I’m not eligible for it. Also I think we pay a yearly fee instead of the monthly 1 because it’s cheaper. So um, yeah, if you’re in Canada I don’t know if that same deal is in the states. So yeah. Anyway, hashtag you’re welcome for that little like money saving tip slash getting you to spend more money I don’t know whatever, not an affiliate just really like disney movies. Anyway, I will be back next week we also have something new that. Is coming next week which I’m not going to tell you about in case I need another week to finish it. Slash started? Um, but it will come up sometime in the next like week or 2 probably next week um and I’m really very excited about it and it means more content.

46:56.57: So yay if you want to get ahold of me for any reason you can email me at hi at helloate dot com this podcast is hosted by yours. Truly my name is tay. Um, and it’s edited by me and all of the stuff is currently done by me which will probably change in the future. But right now that. How it works I will see you next week and I’m super excited. You stayed this long bye.

*please note that this transcript is AI-created so it might not be 100% correct. It’s just me over here, so I REALLY appreciate your understanding.