As things start to re-open again, the Canadian government (along with government bodies around the world) are recommending that you head out into the world with a face mask.

Now, these aren’t exactly the prettiest thing you can wear, but what if you found a fashionable one that would do the trick and still look super cute. Not sure where to find one? Luckily we went and found six fashion-forward choices for you.

Best Fashion Face Mask Choices

Masker-AID Reversible Face Mask

If floral is your jam, then the Masker-AID floral-grey reversible choice is for you. This bad boy has a floral pattern on one side and a solid gray on the back—but make sure that you go home and wash it first before you flip it inside-out.

Made by Kiyonna, it made of 3-play 100% cotton and can be washed and reused. They’ve made it with CDC recommendations, so you’ll keep all that gross stuff off your face and away from your mouth while still keeping fashion in mind!

Outdoor Flowers Print Riding Mask Scarf

I really LOVE the idea of combining a face mask and a scarf to make a protective covering that’s slightly less restraining and can still be dressed up. That’s where DressLily’s Outdoor Flowers Riding Mask-Scarf comes into the picture.

This one features a scarf-like layer with pink flowers on a white background. It’s made of chiffon to keep the flow. And, if you want to dress it up, tuck the top of this mask into a cute coat just like you would a scarf!

iHeartRaves Seamless Face Mask

While the iHeartRaves Seamless choice is clearly made for keeping dust off during an outdoor party, this microfibre polyester mouth cover can also help you keep germs away too.

It has a multi-functional design that can be used as a mouth cover, head band, bandana or even a balaclava, which makes it a great choice for versatility. Plus they have 24 fashionable designs for you to choose from.

Balaclava Full Face Mask

Another great option for a covering while you’re headed outside is a Balaclava Full Face Mask, especially if you’re living somewhere where it’s still cold out.

One of these will make sure that your mouth and nose are covered while you’re out and about, and there’s less risk for you to adjust and get germs all over your face even though that’s what you’re trying to avoid!

Reusable Fashion Face Mask

While the traditional style isn’t the most fashion-forward, going with a good old-fashioned cotton model covering might be right up your alley. These reusable cotton ones are a great choice as they can be washed and used again.

While these masks are not FDA-approved, they are made with CDC guidelines in mind. They simply loop right behind your ear and have an anti-microbial finish that lasts up to 10 washes!

Jazzco Silk Scarf

If you don’t have the extra cash or you don’t want to wait the shipping time (seriously, it’s understandably a longer wait right now) then you can repurpose something around the house you have as a face mask. A scarf like the Jazzco Mulberry Silk Scarf can be a great alternative.

You simply need something that’s comfortable and you can wear around your mouth and nose to combat any airborne germs. But make sure not to touch or adjust it too much or you’ll risk contaminating yourself.

Tips for Wearing a Face Mask

When it comes to wearing a mask, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to keep you safe:

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds BEFORE you put it on.
  2. Check it for any defects like a tear or a missing ear loop. Get a different covering if it is defective.
  3. Place it on your face with the right side out (if there is one)
  4. Use the straps or ties as they’re intended to be used. That means if there are ear loops put one over each ear.
  5. Do not pull your mask off to rest it under your chin.
  6. Do not take your mask off then reuse it again unless it has been properly cleaned.
  7. Try to touch the strings or ties and not the actual mask itself. Both sides will be contaminated with germs after you’ve worn it.

It’s important to note that I am NOT a doctor or health professional. My tips all come from research that I’ve found or information that I’ve been told. The bottom line is don’t touch your mask when you’re wearing it and wash your hands before and after (and during) use.

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