I broke out the big ol’ plus size fanny pack today, and it made me realize how damn handy those bad boys are. I was headed out on a long walk with my pup, the weather was beautiful and my leggings had no pockets… what to do about my phone? I didn’t want to drop it, nor did I want to lose the case for my Apple Airpod Pros.

So, I cracked open my summer bag and pulled out my handy fanny pack.

I get that there are a lot of people out there who consider the fanny pack to be less than fashionable, but the hands-free experience is totally worth it. Whether you’re headed for a walk on the prairies or spending the day at Disneyland, the fanny pack is a truly amazing invention.

If you’re considering getting yourself one, I’ve picked out the best fanny packs plus size women love:

What is a fanny pack for plus size women?

Fanny packs are small pocket bags that sit on a belt that gets clipped around your waist. They’re essentially small purses that give you a hands-free experience and is handy when you’re out-and-about without pockets.

I was super hesitant to wear a fanny pack until I started volunteering at a film festival and had to carry a walkie, clip board and my phone with me all the time. Now, I’m weirdly OK with saying they’re one of my go-to picks, especially when I’m headed out on a walk with the pup in the warmer weather when I’m not wearing a sweater with pockets.

Best fanny pack for plus size women

RarityUS sequin fanny packs

If you’re looking for something a little fancier when it comes to fanny pack style, then check out the super-cute RarityUS sequin fanny pack. While the outside is made of sparkly sequins, the inside is a polyester fabric—overall it’s lightweight and durable, perfect for providing a hands-free experience you’re confident with.

You can drop in your keys, cash, passport, cellphone, credit cards and even a few pieces of makeup in this bad boy. The waist strap is adjustable, so you can make it bigger if you need to or you can add an extender if you need more room. You can use it as a waist bag, chest bag, fanny pack or even a sling bag.

Brkn Label fanny pack wallet

Brkn Label makes a fashionable fanny pack plus size might just women love. This handy little hip bag allows you to cart your personal belongings with you—phone, cash, cards—while keeping your hands free and your outfit on-trend (seriously, fanny packs are allegedly trending these days).

There are five fashionable colour choices for this canvas fanny pack. It’s set up for optimal organization featuring a secret zip pocket and a large compartment to store your bigger items with you. And with breathable mesh netting, you can stay comfortable while you carry whether you’re headed to the beach or out on a hike.

Core Hemp hemp fanny pack

If you’re looking for a plus size fanny pack that has a handmade touch with it, look no further than the Core Hemp bag. Made of 100 percent Earth-friendly materials, you can get this hemp fanny pack in 7 colours and designs.

This mini bag can keep you organized. It features 3 compartments that are perfect to carry all of your smaller belongings in. What I love about it is that it’s quality and unique, chances are no one is going to be walking around with the exact same bag as you.

Waterfly outdoor products fanny packs for plus size women

This compact yet spacious fanny pack features one main double-zipped pocket and two extra front pockets so you can keep organized. There’s also a hidden rear zippered pocket where you can keep personal things that need to stay safe.

The waist size for this bag is up to 50 inches, which works well for some bigger bodies, but there are also extended band straps that can be purchased if you need more room. It’s water-resistant (not proof), easy to clean and looks nice overall.

ZZNICK leather fanny pack

If you’re a leather kinda gal, the ZZNICK makes a great fanny pack that can be worn both across the waist and over the shoulder (not my preferred method, but still super popular). What sucks about it is that it can only go to 48-inches, so it won’t work for all of us.

It features sturdy metal zippers and a cotton lining. There are six outer pockets so you can stay organized and one inner pocket to keep a few things particularly safe. There are 5 neutral colour choices for you to pick from, and you’ll keep stylish with all of them.

WindTook mini waist bag

If you are looking for something small and cute, the WindTook is the fanny pack for you. What I really like about this bag is that it’s convertible, you can wear it as a belt or use it as a crossbody-shoulder bag. But the adjustable belt only stretches to 40.2-inches.

The downside to this particular number is that you can’t fit a smartphone that’s as big as the iPhone 12 Max Pro. It has multiple pockets so you can keep your things organized and features a zippered closure so everything stays packed comfortably and safe, plus you can wear it with a cute dress.

Waterfly hydration fanny pack

This bold purple fanny pack is fantastic for taking your belongings out on a hike. It features a handy water bottle pocket as well as 2 separate zippered pockets. It has a buckled closure that’s easy to take on and off, and there are reflective strips which can help make sure you’re seen in the dark if you’re out for an evening stroll.

This bag is water-resistant so you can take it to the beach, there is also an elastic rope on the water bottle holder mouth, which helps keep the bottle stable while you’re moving. There are over 3,700 reviews on this bag, and writers say that it’s a great fanny pack for Disneyland.

OlimpiaFit fanny pack for dog walkers

The OlimpiaFit is the organizer’s dream bag. It’s an ultra lightweight comfortable waist pack that can keep you hands and pockets free. It fits pretty much everything you need it to, plus with multiple pockets mean that you can put everything in its own place without having to pull everything out to find it.

There are 6 separate pockets, 2 hidden zippered pockets inside the bag that boast anti-theft measures, you can hide your most valuable things so they’re hard to get ahold of. This fanny pack is made of 100 percent nylon, making it smooth to the touch and easy to clean. The material is also water-resistant, plus there’s a handy headphone cord hole if you need it.

Maxtop extra large fanny pack

If you’re looking for a slightly larger fanny pack, the Maxtop might just be your gal. This bag is particularly great for many plus size women as it’s adjustable for waist sizes for 20 to 50-inches, I know this isn’t perfect but it does give some of us more wiggle room.

With 19 different colour choices, this fanny pack is great for style. It also features a key fob holder and a theft-proof back pocket that can help you keep your belongings safer while you’re out and about. Not to mention it’s made of durable, high-quality material that’s water-resistant and light weight.

Zodaca Plus Size fanny pack wallet

If you’re airing on the dressier side of the fanny pack game, the Zodaca can make a big style splash even though it’s a small bag. I like that it works in both a dressed up or down situation. You can take it to the beach or you can bring it to a concert.

It features two pockets, including a large main zippered pocket where you can fit your passport, ID card, cellphone, a small wallet and keys. It’s made of durable, sturdy nylon. Overall it’s heavy-duty but remains both functional and stylish.

Afreter hiking fanny pack with water bottle sleeve

The Afreter bum bag is a practical design that’s equipped with a water bottle holder that’s great if you’re headed outdoors for a hike. The mesh holder bag is fixed by an elastic band so it won’t slide out and the adjustable belt can help make sure everything stays in place while you’re out and about.

There is ample capacity in this waist bag, it has four main components that can be closed with a zipper, with a rear compartment that’s perfect for your mobile phone. There are three fashionable colour choices of the water-resistant, high-quality material.

ZORFIN fanny pack for dog walkers

I LOVE the yellow on the Zorfin fanny pack for women (though, if you don’t there are 12 other colours to pick from). And while it can be dressed up and down, I like that it can fit a roll of dog bags or two without making the bag look weird (I seriously hate that).

This fanny pack is made of water-resistant material and has a non-slip belt that will keep it comfortable on your waistline. If you’re a big fan of organization, you’ll love the fact that it has 5 zippered pockets where you can store your things. It can easily and quickly adjust the waist size, and you can use an extender to make it larger if you need to.

How to make a fanny pack plus size

EC ElegantCharm belt extender

You can make almost any fanny pack suitable for a plus size body if you use a belt extender. The belt extender gives you a little extra room to work with if you’re struggling to find a fanny pack that fits you. I was concerned about finding a big enough belt when I started looking for one, but lucked out. But that’s not the case for everyone.

A simple belt extender can help make the fanny pack you want suitable for plus size women, which is a modification I happen to love. I also enjoy the fact that they’re not ridiculously expensive and you can use them on multiple bags. Though you’ll want to watch the colouring to make sure it doesn’t look to odd.

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