Walt Disney is one of my heroes—not because he was such a great guy, we know that he wasn’t—but because he dreamed up this amazing place then had the audacity to actually make it happen. Disneyland is by far my favourite place in the world. But, unfortunately, I live no where near it.

I have this dream where I take an annual pilgrimage to this amazing theme park, but some unfortunate events (i.e. COVID) have made that simply not possible this year (and last), which is a real bummer. But that doesn’t mean I love Disney any less.

Best Disney subscription boxes

If you consider yourself a magical dreamer like me, perhaps these Disney subscription box picks can help you bring a little of that sweet Disney magic to your life while you wait to head back to the happiest place on Earth. I’ve searched the internet high and low, and these eight are the top picks I’ve found on the market.

Here’s what we found for our top picks:

Let’s take a look at these in more detail:

Walt Life

Walt Life promises to deliver a little Disney magic to your doorstep each month, which is exactly what we’re looking for. It features Disney Parks merchandise, souvenirs and exclusive pins (which is great if you happen to be a collector of them). Reviewers of the box report getting cute jewelry pieces, and amazing themed items from the films and their famous characters.

You can pick up this subscription for as low as $5.99 plus shipping if you’re planning on going the pin route. Or you can go big with something like the Magic Plus box which will get you a jam-packed delivery for $49.99 plus shipping each month. They allow you to customize your box experience, and pack everything with love and care!

Those that have received this box are smitten with it. They say it features true quality items, including mystery items you weren’t expecting (AKA not everything is laid out in the preview photos like some boxes). Plus it ships fast (the company says three days after your first order) and people can’t wait to get their hands on it.

One of the biggest comments I read was that the customer service for this Disney subscription box is top-notch. Not only is the box magical itself, but the overall process of getting it (even if there do happen to be issues you come across) is too!

Mickey Monthly

The Mickey Monthly Disney subscription box is full of handpicked souvenirs and snacks that will bring the happiest place on Earth to your home, even if it’s just for a short while. Their boxes come in a variety of sizes from individual to family size, so you can get as much magic as you need.

In true subscription box fashion, you can take their MyBox quiz and customize your box. That way you’ll make sure to get the best authentic Disney items, snacks, souvenirs and pins for you. It’s your Disney at-home experience, so it definitely needs to meet your magical needs!

This box is beloved by many. Reviewers say that their boxes came packed with amazing Disney goods that were of the highest calibre, and they were certainly not disappointed.

You can tell that these subscription boxes are set up, the items are picked, and everything is packaged up with care by people who truly know what Disney is all about. So many reviewers commented on how amazing their customer service truly was.

Not satisfied with just a Disney subscription box? How about getting yourself an awesome colouring book for when it’s time to relax?

Dreamers Box

Calling all Disney dreamers, the Dreamers Box was made for you. Featuring fun themes from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel, this Disney subscription box delivers magic on a monthly basis by providing you the best collectibles so you can bring the fun-filled joy how with you.

These boxes are made for fans, by fans, which means they actually know what you want to get. They promise that you’ll love the box so much that you’ll basically wait at the doorstep waiting for it each month, and you’ll get some awesome mystery collectibles that you’ll want to keep forever.

Reviewers of this box say that it features quality items that gives the box real value, and note that it’s the perfect personal gift for all Disney lovers (and isn’t that truly why we get subscription boxes?). Fans also appreciate that you can see the contents of the box before it ships, just in case this particular box isn’t the right fit for you.

Compared to other subscription boxes, purchasers say they find true value in this one. They have exceptional customer service, fun Disney themes, and an overall purchase-worthy aesthetic. And, you can skip a box any month you need to!

Main Street Mail

If you’re a true Disney park-hopper, than the Main Street Mail Disney subscription box is for you. It brings a little magic into your home by letting you pick between Disney small shop merchandise, or official store and park exclusive content… or, if you can’t decide, both!

For those of us that have never tried a subscription box before or simply aren’t sure if this is the right box for them, you can try out a box by picking one of their one-time, non-recurring options. That way, you can get some of the Disney magic without committing to it full-time yet, though you’ll probably want to!

The box is described as being “extremely customizable,” and they add new items monthly. It features park-exclusive items, as well as exclusive small-shop items, so you get the best of Disney all in one box! Reviewers say this box is perfect for individuals or families, and they’d give it more than five stars if they were able to!

Almost everyone who received their box seemed really satisfied with what they got. Their customizable questionnaire is described as being incredibly detailed, and you get pretty much what you tell them you want. But you don’t have to sacrifice on a variety of items, because they truly add value when picking out items to go with your theme.


The Mickey-To-Your-Door Disney subscription box promises a box for every budget out there. Whether you want themed merchandise or you’re missing Disney so much you need a pair of cute ears, they can absolutely deliver. Seriously, check out their Mystery Disney Ear subscription choice.

If you’re looking for a customizable Disney-themed subscription box that will help you bide time until you can travel to Disney again, then this might be just your solution. Featuring great value and a ton of Disney-themed fun, you simply can’t go wrong (can you? you’ll have to let me know!).

Reviewers of this box say they simply cannot wait for the next one. If you go the snacks route, it brings you the perfect mix of sweet and savoury, which means you can enjoy not only the fun of Disney, but the taste of it too!

Other reviewers say the pin trader box is an exceptional value if you happen to be into Disney pin trading. They mention that all of the pins are in mint condition, boxes arrive on time, and everything is all packaged up well. Across the board, this box comes highly recommended.

The World Delivered by Showcase the World Travel

If you’re itching to travel to a Disney park (really any Disney park) like I am, The World Delivered box can help you both prepare and wait patiently. It will deliver fun Disney-themed items that will not only help you with planning your next trip, but can help get the whole family exicted.

Their goal is to give you the gift of easy, stress-free family fun. So, why not give their planning resources, crafts and recipes a try? This box is particularly good for the whole family.

The World Delivered subscription box delivers Disney-inspired fun monthly, and is built to align with the vacation planning process, which is especially helpful for first-time Disney goers who might feel a bit like a fish out of water when it comes to getting everything done on time.

The curator of this box has years of Disney planning experience that’s been built right into these boxes, so you can use them as a resource to make the most out of your trip. Plus you get planning tips delivered right to your inbox each week too!

Scent by Mickey

If smell brings up immense feelings of nostalgia (it is one of our strongest sense after all), then Scent by Mickey might be the best Disney subscription box for you. It features magical fragrances from the happiest place on earth right to your door.

Each box features a Disney-themed scented candle, two fragrance products and a custom artisan crafted gift. Light the candle and bring yourself back to one of you happiest memories of all time!

Reviewers share that the products are made by The Columbia Frangrance Co, and they’ve received amazing items that they’ve been able to integrate into their daily lives. It’s cited as a favourite subscription box for a number of Disney fans.

The stress that the fragrances are unique but not overpowering, and absolutely remind them of their times at the Disney parks. Plus, they say that the candles burn for a long while, so you definitely get value from the products.

MyFavoriteKawaii Monthly Magic

If you love Disney items and are a fan of Japanese product design, the MyFavoriteKawaii Monthly Magic Disney subscription box is for you. Each box features three to eight rare Japan-exclusive official Disney items that their purchasers look forward to getting every month.

The items are from the Disney Store Japan, Tokyo Resort, and more places! They’re all cute, carefully curated and they’re usually able to include your favourite character, film or type of item, you just need to let them know what it is!

Reviewers of this box say that it’s a perfect pick, and their customer service is exceptional. They’re thrilled when they get their hands on it, and they love that they get items that they simply cannot find in North America.

The box is overall described as small, but the items are incomparable to most of the other Disney boxes simply because they’re hard for most of us to get our hands on them. You do have to pay a bit more for shipping, but that’s because everything does actually come from Japan!

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