My Causebox Spring 2020 Box has arrived and it is time to review it. I am super stoked for this box because it has some really amazing products included in it. It has a super cute bag, beauty products and a few things that will help you focus on self care.

If you’re curious to see what came in the Spring 2020 Causebox, then I have all of the amazing (and totally gorgeous) details for you.

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What did I get in the Causebox Spring 2020 Box?

Pixie Mood Zoe Crossbody

I am madly in love with the Pixie Mood Zoe Crossbody. Because I am an annual subscriber of Causebox, I got to pick the colour of my bag and went with the honey. It’s gorgeous, but it looks like you can only get the colour in the Causebox Spring 2020 Box.

This minimalistic vegan leather bag has a crossbody strap so it’s a great choice to cart around (when we’re all allowed to leave our houses again). It features a small front slip pocket and a larger zip pocket so you can organize all of your valuable goods.  

This is BY FAR my favourite item in the Spring Causebox. It’s worth $80 USD on the Pixie Mood website and you can get the Cognac one on for $65 USD. Since each Causebox is $50 USD it makes this season’s box well worth it.

Bentgo Stackable Bento Box

The Bentgo stackable box is a great pick for those commuters that are looking to save money by carting food back and forth. Granted, none of us can leave and go to work right now but it’s perfect for when that happens. 

I picked the box in sunflower which looks like it’s a Causebox Spring 2020 Box exclusive but there was a tad bit of a manufacturers mistake and not enough sunflower boxes were made. So, instead, I got the cloud colour and they’ll be sending me the sunflower box later in the year. At the end of the day it was a two-for-one deal for yours truly.

The Bentgo Classic bento box has two different levels—one a full layer and the second a sectioned level. It’s fashionable, seems durable and overall looks nice. However, I am someone who works at home so I don’t have a ton of use for a  bento box ?. This box is worth $17 USD.

Dime Beauty Super Eye Duo

I was really excited to get the Dime Beauty Super Eye Duo in my Causebox Spring 2020 box. It features an eyelash boost serum that you run over the base of your lashes and a volume mascara that you brush over your lashes. It’s a great little set that I was itching to use. 

The one thing that I would say is that this mascara isn’t as dramatic as I like mine to be. I typically go with Too Faced’s Better than Sex or Damn Girl mascaras for a full-blown dramatic look. The Dime Beauty mascara is more refined and classy, but still really nice.

This eye duo is worth $56 USD from right off the website. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I will replace the Dime Beauty mascara set once I’m done with it. But it just might be the perfect set for someone else. It’s definitely a quality product!

Simple Self Daily Self-Care Planner

I am ALL about self-care these days and The Self Care Planner x Causebox by Simple Self fits perfectly into that. It is a 13-week journey that allows you to plan your own self-care journey, record and evaluate it.

I am a bit of a self care junkie as of late, mostly because I’ve traditionally been terrible at taking care of myself. I love that the Simple Self planner is so minimalistic and simple. It’s a perfect for you to grow and reflect as an individual and learn to love and care for yourself better (seriously, who doesn’t need to do that). 

This planner is worth $30 USD, and while I absolutely love the wellness planner that I got at the beginning of the year from, this one fits my needs just that much better. I like the organization of this planner better and it just simply fits my self care needs. If you’re looking for a self care planner, I would highly recommend it! 

Cardea Auset Calm Mood Mist

I am loving scent-related products that help you function as a better human being and the Calm Mood Mist is one of my favourite. I actually didn’t realize that I was getting this in the Causebox Spring 2020 box, but I was SO EXCITED when it showed up. 

This handy little mist combines the scents of witch hazel, lavender, bergamot and frankincense to create a calming concoction. It has a $30 USD value. It can be used for a ton of AMAZING things like helping you get better sleep, giving you more focus and helping you calm down when you simply need a break.

I would highly recommend using this stuff by spraying it on your pillow or misting it above your head. It has a great calming effect. If you need something to help balance out your mood, give it a chance!

Artisan Direct Grocery Starter Kit

Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit

I have to say that the Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit was not exactly what I’d imagined. I was a tad bit disappointed with these because I 100% wanted them to have handles and they did not. Beyond that though, they are a quality grocery bag. 

These bags are worth $22 USD. They are made by a team of artisans out of Jaipur, India. Intended to replace single use plastics, these bags help you pack up your produce, grains and other items home from the grocery store… which is exactly why I want them to have handles ?

I think at the end of the day I wanted something different from these. However, I do love that the making of these bags had a truly meaningful impact. According to the booklet that came with my Causebox, 350 women were employed to create these—100 of these were able to do it from home at their rural communities and it was their first time being employed!

Ultimately, beyond the fact that I LOVE the products this is one of the biggest reasons I support Causebox. 

Earth Harbor Reparative Eye Cream

I think out of all of the things included in the Causebox Spring 2020 box, the Earth Harbour Aqua Aura Eye Cream is my least favourite. This has NOTHING to do with the quality, I simply have never found eye-specific creams to be of value to me. It’s worth $34 USD. 

However, this one smells really nice and feels pretty good when you put it on. It helps get rid of dark lines and wrinkles, firm up any areas that need to be and help add some hydration back into your skin. What I love most about this is that it’s vegan, it’s natural, there’s nothing synthetic there and it’s cruelty-free. 

Should I get Causebox?

Wondering whether or not you should get the Causebox? It all depends on what you’re looking for in a subscription box.

If I’m being completely honest, I absolutely love my Causebox. It’s my favourite subscription box that I get because not only do they focus on products that are good for you and the world, but they have such great quality.

While I really like all of my subscription boxes, if you only have the budget for one I would recommend signing up for Causebox. It has less products, but they are totally worth it.

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What was your favourite item from the Causebox spring 2020 box?

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