Are you itching to find out what the Causebox spring 2020 spoilers are? I LOVE Causebox, it’s my favourite subscription box. So I dug into it and found out what we’ll be getting, and some other details about it.

**This post has been updated with ALL of the subscriber spoilers (and what I picked!)**

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Causebox Spring 2020 Spoilers

Spoiler #1. Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit

This is actually SO CUTE, I’m stoked about the Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit. The starter kit comes with five mesh and muslin bags that you can (and should) use to replace your single-use grocery bags.

These bad boys are 100% cotton and hand-stitched in Jaipur, India, so you know they’re quality. The meslin bags are intended for dry good goods—think pasta and rice, while the mesh bags work for produce.

Every Causebox subscriber is going to get the sustainable grocery starter kit, so if you haven’t signed up get on it! It’s worth $22 USD.

Spoiler #2. Zoe Crossbody by Pixie Mood

Say hello to my new favourite bag, I kid you not. The Zoe Crossbody by Pixie Mood is a DREAM that I cannot wait to come real. It comes in three fashionable colours—gray, black and honey, and it’s made from premium vegan leather (with a lining made from plastic water bottles).

It’s so fashionable! I love the fact that it has a spacious interior, a ton of pockets and will work perfectly for your day or night look. This bag is going to be perfect for your next night out or your Sunday afternoon brunch.

Those with an annual subscription get a chance to pick what colour comes in their box—and honestly guys I have NO IDEA what I’m going to go with. I’m leaning towards the honey, but honestly, anything is in play! If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you’ll get a surprise colour—though honestly, it’ll be great whatever it is!

Update: I totally went with honey ?

Spoiler #3. Bentgo Stackable Bento Boxes

Our next spoiler for the Spring 2020 Causebox is the Bentgo Stackable Bento Box. It’s a two-layer food container with three compartments, perfect for those of us that work out of the house. Sadly, this will likely be the least used of my items but I might be able to throw it into my set kit and use it every once in a while.

You can get one of these cute boxes for yourself on Amazon for $20 USD, but the Causebox ones look to be special edition colours. Naturally, I chose sunflower since yellow is my favourite colour. The blush and cloud options are also super cute.

Spoiler #4. Super Eye Duo or Layered Gem Necklace

Spoiler number for the Causebox Spring 2020 spoilers we have a choice between DIME Beauty’s Super Eye Duo and the FOSTERIE Layered Gem Necklace. If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you’ll get one of these chosen for you. But, if you’re an annual subscriber like me, you’ll get to choose.

Dainty jewelry just doesn’t look good on my body. I wish it did but chunky tends to be better with my look, with a few minor exceptions, so I went with the Super Eye Duo. And to be completely honest, I LOVE eye make up because my eyes and eyebrows are my favourite features on me, so the choice wasn’t that hard.

Spoiler #5. Self Care Planner or Wild + Free Bandana

The Simple Self Self Care Planner Causebox picked for the spring box is super cute. I am all about the planners, and I am SO STOKED for this planner. I actually already have a self-care planner that I’m bad at using (though it’s part of my #MarchGoals) but I really like the look of this one.

The second pick for this Causebox Spring 2020 spoilers choice is the Wild + Free Bandana by Jenni Earle. It’s a totally cute bandana, but I got something similar a few boxes ago and haven’t really taken the opportunity to wear it. I think because as a plus-size women a simple scarf doesn’t work for me (I need something larger) and bandanas just don’t fit my style. But if you love bandanas, this might be an amazing pick.

How much does Causebox cost?

If you purchase a quarterly Causebox subscription—where you pay each time a box comes out, you’re looking at a cost of $54.95 USD four times per year. Plus shipping if you don’t live in the US. I believe the shipping is around $8 USD for Canada.

However, if you purchase an annual subscription you get each box for $49.95 USD, plus you get to select certain choices. To be honest, I LOVE being an annual subscriber for Causebox.

Ready to sign up?

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Should you be a Causebox subscriber?

If you are looking for a subscription box that’s perfect for you, I would highly recommend the Causebox. I happen to LOVE the Causebox despite the fact that it has fewer items in it than other subscription services, and that’s because it focuses on sustainability.

I’ve received so many high-quality, sustainable items in the Causebox over the last year, and I’m so stoked to keep getting more. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself, this is it!

Check back later for more Causebox Spring 2020 spoilers. I’ll be posting them as they come out!

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