Causebox has added a brand new marketplace for subscribers where you can buy one-off items in addition to the season’s box. So, what’s the scoop on the new Causebox Market?

One of the things that I love about FabFitFun is the marketplace where you can get one-off items at a severely discounted price. It’s something that I’ve long-thought that Causebox could use because they have such amazing products.

Luckily for all of us Causebox fanatics out there, the Causebox Market has just arrived! You can now officially get access to a ton of amazing, sustainable products from your favourite Causebox suppliers.

Note: You need to be a Causebox subscriber to access the Market.

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Causebox Market

What is the Causebox Market?

The Causebox Market is where subscribers can purchase limited edition products from sustainable companies including Artisan Direct, Bloom & Give, Parker Clay and Altru. 

Through the market, you can get items that were previously included in boxes (like the Konjac Loofah Facial Sponge and Reduce Everyday’s Wine Tumbler) and some not included.

How do you use the Causebox Market?

Using the market is pretty easy. But first and foremost you have to be a subscriber. But once you’re signed up, you just follow these few tips:

Step One: Sign in to your Causebox account. 

Step Two: Head to Market, you can find it on the top menu.

Step Three: Select your products and hit Add to Cart.

Step Four: Head to your Cart (top right-hand corner) and Checkout.

Pros & cons of the Market

The Causebox Market has opened a ton of opportunity for Causebox lovers. You have the opportunity to purchase products from your favourite Causebox companies and add more sustainable products to your repertoire.

Causebox Market pros

I LOVE that Causebox has opened the market and given us an opportunity to purchase amazing and beautiful products and support sustainable products. I love my Causebox products and often think not enough, this opportunity is great.  

Causebox Market cons

But there is one big comment I would make: I don’t like how the products are purchased and shipped separately from the box.

For those of us abroad (namely Canada), the extra shipping costs because the boxes are separate makes purchasing the products a little restrictive.

I would prefer them to do it FabFitFun style where the products are included in the shipping with your seasonal box.

Causebox Fall 2019 Market: top picks

There are a ton of beautiful products in the Causebox Market and I would encourage you to check them out yourself. That said, here are three of my favourite picks:

Find the bamboo travel kit in the Causebox Market

Bamboo Travel Kit in Pink by Ettitude

The Bamboo Eye Mask came in a previous Causebox and I absolutely loved it. This travel kit comes with an eye mask, eye pillow and a standard-sized pillowcase, perfect for your next trip.

These products are made of organic bamboo lyocell, and is a fabulous addition to your sleep routine—either in bed or on an airplane!

If you don’t have one of these bad boys, you can get one through the Causebox Marketplace for $10. Throw this set into your carry-on bag and enjoy a rest on the airplane.

You need to be a Causebox subscriber to access the Market. Not a Causebox subscriber yet? Use my link to get $10 off your first box!!!

Find the wine tumbler in the causebox market

Wine Tumbler in Navy by Reduce Everyday

I absolutely LOVE my wine tumbler by Reduce Everyday. I have this in white, but I would definitely add a navy one to my collection.

It keeps your drinks cool for a long period of time—seriously, I used it while camping and it kept my iced tea cool for hours. Not only does it work, but it’s also an environmentally sustainable product.

You can get your own wine tumbler through the Causebox Market for $9, which is a bargain price! 

Find the merkato signature tote in the causebox market

Merkato Signature Tote in Rust Brown by Parker Clay

My final pick for top product in the Causebox Market isn’t something that I own, but it’s absolutely adorable. The Merkato Signature Tote is crafted from full-grain Ethiopian leather and looks adorable.

It can fit a 15-inch laptop in it, has a D-ring for your keys and is perfect for everyday and office use. You’ll never want to leave home without this bag and you can get it for yourself for $123. 

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