I love clothes and accessories (seriously, this blog is the only proof you really need), but there are some that fit way more into my lifestyle than others. I tend not to have a ton of dresses (even though I do really like them) but I’m big on making sure I always have an extra pair or two of slippers.

Because I live on the road, these choices make sense. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t carry fashionable pieces on me and some unique must-have items, and one of my favourites is my (albeit small) collection of cozy blanket shawl wrap scarves.

These simple pieces of essentially fabric are able to triple in application. I cuddle up with them as a blanket, wrap them around my neck to keep the wind off and drape them across my arms to warm my shoulders. I love pieces that serve multiple purposes, and even if you don’t have a life on the road, you absolutely need to have one of these!

Must-have travel accessory: blanket shawl wrap

When it comes to versatility and warmth in my travel accessories, the blanket shawl wrap is a must-have. I LOVE a good throw blanket, but it’s unrealistic to bring all of my favourite throws with me when I’m on the road—but I don’t want to sacrifice on comfort.

I run a little hot, so I’m always switching between a sweater on my shoulders and a blanket on my legs, depending on the room temperature and weather, but when you’re on the road carrying different types of sweaters and throws to get different levels and warmth and coziness is unrealistic.

Before I got rid of everything and packed up for the first time, I had a whole blanket ladder of throw blankets, plus at least two on the bed, another two draped on the couch and usually one on the back of my office chair. Talk about a lot of throws. Then with sweaters, I had pull-overs, zip ups, cardigans—you name it.

I realized I had to seriously cut back on what I carried around (a process I am 100 per cent still working on) and pack smarter. That’s when I realized the shawl blanket was the perfect solution.

Why pick a travel shaw blanket?

I already had four shawl blankets. A medium-weight one, a heavy one and two lighter ones for warmer months. So I didn’t have to add anything to my wardrobe, but these items did help me reduce a decent amount of fabric that I’d otherwise have to cart along. Travel blanket shawls are great because they fill a number of needs. They act as a:

  • Throw blanket when you want to cuddle up
  • Scarf when you need to keep the nip off
  • Sweater wrap when you need something over your shoulders

But one of the things I like most about them is that you can wear it through the airport as an accessory so it doesn’t take up extra space in your carry-on or checked bag. How brilliant. If you’re like me and you travel with a dog, you can wear one and have the second double as a cozy pad for your dogs crate—you need to make sure to brush it off before you wear it, but it saves even more space!

How to wear a blanket scarf

You can essentially wear your blanket scarf however you want, but there are three main ways I use mine:


With the exception of one beautiful silky scarf that my mother bought me during her trip to Scotland, I don’t travel with any scarves. I used to love them (honestly, I still do) but they take up a lot of unnecessary space so I decided to axe them from the luggage.

But I’m from Canada where scarves are absolutely necessary for at least part of the year because of the cold weather. Plus even when the weather is warm, the wind can be a bit biting, so you need to have at least something to carry with you.

So, I wrap my cozy blanket shawl around my neck and either tie or wrap the ends together to keep it safe. If you’re somewhere where you need to wear a winter coat, you can tuck the ends of the shawl blanket scarf into the neck and zipper that bad boy up.


While a blanket shawl wrap doesn’t eliminate the need for a hoodie or something that you can button or zip-up, it does work in a pinch especially if you’re in a warmer destination. I wear mine as a shawl or a cape by simply draping it over my shoulders and leaving it open, or I might wrap or tie the ends together.

I have two different blanket shawls that I regularly carry with me—the first is a medium-weight neutral-toned grey and black blanket shawl with fringes on the end. Because this one is lighter, I can easily tie or drape the ends together.

My second is a much thicker, sweater-like poncho blanket shawl with pockets—notably it’s also a black-grey combination because I think neutral is better for pieces like this. This one is a lot harder to wrap and often has to be left open. Chances are if I’m wearing this one, it’s much cooler out and I probably have a sweater or turtle neck underneath to keep the bite off the open part. But I can be wrapped and tied, so long as the pockets aren’t in use.


It might make more practical sense that I use my blanket scarves as a shawl most often, but they actually mostly end up as blankets. Whether I’m covering up my legs to keep them cozy or burying my arms to keep warm during my Friday movie nights, blanket is their most popular use.

I love that the blanket shawl wrap can be my airplane blanket and doesn’t have to take up space, so I wear it through the airport then cozy up with it on the flight and pop open my tablet to watch whatever film I have downloaded. And because I have two weights, I can use either the lighter or heavier blanket, depending on what I need.

While blanket is the practical pick, you can also fold this bad boy up and use it as a travel pillow if you want. I do have one that I sometimes travel with, but it really depends on how much I’m trying to reduce my packing. Lately, I’ve been less enthralled with the travel pillow and more into using a blanket shawl as a pillow if I need it because it’s really just an extra piece.

Best blanket shawls

Moss Rose shawl blanket wrap

Made of a combination of polyester and viscose, the Moss Rose is my second-favourite blanket shawl featured in this post (my first is the KirGiabo style that I have pictured everywhere above). I love how sharp and bold it is, even with the neutral colour choice. Plus it’s reversible, which means you get two wraps for the price of one!

The material is finely woven and feels like cashmere, and it has a slight touch of asymmetrical drama with the loop you can pull the one side through. It has over 2,700 ratings on Amazon, and they rave about the scarves superior quality, softness and how lightweight it is.

Extree poncho blankets for women

The Extree is a large blanket shawl wrap at 70 by 25-inches. It’s made of an elegant cashmere-like material that’s cozy and soft. Plus it comes in 19 fun and fashionable colours and patterns for you to choose from—though I’ll admit that most of them a re a bit bold for my everyday wear choice.

Reviewers say that they love this scarf wrap because it’s versatile and cute. You can throw it over a t-shirt or pair it with a work-friendly blouse. It’s very soft and well-made, but some of them report that the shape might lend itself better to a scarf than a shawl.

The Neal Link blanket scarf is a little bit on the smaller side with a little more scarf than blanket appeal, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve both purposes. It comes in 24 fashionable colour choices that flow free and can be worn all day long. It’s light but warm, so it’ll work in pretty much all seasons.

It has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon, and most say that it’s a super comfortable and fashion-forward choice. One even commented that, depending on your body type, you could belt in into a fashionable top. It’s a soft, practical layer that adds a little colour to your look.

Melifluos Ruana blanket cape

The Meliflous Ruana shawl blanket cape is made of a soft, luxurious bamboo viscose. Beyond the soft feel, I love that it’s reversible—I’ll take a good two-for-one deal any day. Especially if it has such an elegant cut and design. And while I tend to go with neutral greys and blacks, this soft pink is muted enough to be worn with almost anything.

There are over 5,900 reviews on this poncho cape, and most of them rave about how much they love it. Wearers report that it’s beautiful, soft and looks like a much more expensive choice. If you want something that drapes nicely and is lightweight enough for a summer day, this might just be it.

Kollie More blanket shawl with pockets

If you’re someone who likes to have a little extra storage, the Kollie More blanket shawl with pockets might just be the perfect fit for you. I like to pair my heavy pocketed scarf with a warm top on colder days, it makes for a great companion. This particular scarf we have featured is made of a soft, cashmere-like acrylic fabric that will keep you cozy.

It has two pockets, one on each side, and is 50 by 58-inches, so you can definitely wrap yourself comfortably in it. This scarf is also on the lower-end of the pricing scale, so if you’re looking for cozy value you’ll definitely want to take a second look.

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I've learned how to cut down on what I need but still have all of the conveniences I'm used to. One way I pack lighter and stay cozy is with a travel blanket shawl wrap.

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