I am a HUGE fan of Matt and Nat bags, I bought my first one in high school (longer ago than I’d like to admit) and fell in love.

Matt and Nat bags look cute. They’re made of vegan leather, which tends to be one of my favourite bag fabrics because I find it sleek and easy-to-clean. And they come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for every occasion.

If you’re looking for the perfect Matt and Nat bag for your situation, here are my top picks.

Matt and Nat Crossbody Bags

Crossbody style bags are the best option if you only have a few items to cart around, and you’re looking for a hands-free bag experience. If my outfit is pocketless, I use a crossbody for everything from a long walk to a trip to the zoo!

I like the Hiley Matt and Nat crossbody for a night out because it’s a tad bit dressier than my other choice. It actually has two pockets, the main larger pocket that folds over and a second hidden zippered pocket that hides under the flap. You can get it in four cute colours—lily, pine, pomegranate and stone.

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Crossbody bags can be both dressy and casual. I cart around a sleek plain black one for a night out that can fit my cards, cash and phone, and a cheap mint-coloured casual one (that I’m looking to replace due to its sticky zipper) that can hold an extra few things so I can use it all day without going bigger.    

If you’re looking for a more casual crossbody, then the Sam Dwell bag is a great choice. It’s a single-pocket crossbody with an adjustable strap. It’s made of a sleek vegan leather and comes in five colours—black, dusk, koala, red and whisper. 

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Matt and Nat Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are more convenient to carry than handbags (in my books) but less than a crossbody. But there’s a time and place for every bag, and I like the shoulder style when I need to bring along a few extra things. Shopping is a good example for when I use a shoulder bag or a tote because I like to toss smaller items right in my purse.

The Matt and Nat Maikki hobo bag is on the medium-sized shoulder bag size. It has enough room for your wallet, keys, a few pieces of make-up and your phone, plus a few things you might pick up along the way. It has a zippered enclosure so all of your things keep safe, and comes in black, pomegranate, lily, stone and pine. 

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Lexi Bucket Bag

I also like shoulder bags because they often offer more unique looking bags than some of the more conventional styles. And they’re still comfortable to sling over your shoulder, meaning they can have a tad bit more weight in them.

The Lexi Bucket is another one of the best matt and Nat bags if you want a shoulder-style. It has a bucket shape but isn’t as secure as a zippered pouch so there’s that to keep in mind. It also comes with a removable pouch that you can stick right inside the bag. I like the pouches to throw in my cards and cash instead of using my huge wallet.

Get the Lexi Bucket Bag on Amazon

Matt and Nat Handbags

Matt & Nat Gloria Dwell Satchell

Handbags, in my opinion, are the most inconvenient bags, since you have no other choice than to carry them in your actual hand meaning you have one less to work with. That said, I like handbags when I’m trying to complete a certain look. But, when it comes to getting a handbag, I recommend keeping it small so you don’t overpack it. 

The Gloria is one of the Matt and Nat bags that’s perfect to be a hand-sized bag. Just don’t carry bricks in it! I like this handbag because of it’s sleek way of adding a touch of colour to your outfit, and the fact that it comes with a crossbody strap making it easier to carry when you need it to be!

Get the Gloria Satchell on Amazon

Matt & Nat Cassidy Handbag

I also find that handbags have a more professional look. To me, a shoulder bag or crossbody bag looks sloppier in business situations, whereas a sleek handbag can be a great power booster in an important business meeting.

If you’re looking for Matt and Nat bags with a business vibe, I recommend the Cassidy. This handbag is big enough to fit a tablet or laptop (so long as they’re 13-inches or under), and it has two zippered pockets to keep your things safe and organized. It also includes a crossbody strap, great for travelling on the commuter train with ease.

Get the Cassidy Handbag on Amazon

Matt and Nat Backpacks

Matt & Nat Brave Backpack

Backpacks have become my favourite bags as of late. As it turns out, I often need to cart a lot around with me and I like the hands-free ease of the on-the-shoulder straps. Backpacks are comfortable because they evenly distribute the weight so I can walk to my destination comfortably, with ease!

The Brave Backpack can fit a 13-inch laptop in the main zippered compartment, making it great for running back and forth from work or school. It also has a front pocket that you can zip smaller-sized things. You can get the Brave backpack in the Grass colour pictured, or you can get it in other colours including dusk, stone, lily and whisper. Or you can even find it in a sleek black. 

Get the Brave Backpack on Amazon

Matt & Nat Mumbai Backpack

Backpacks don’t have to be the fashion-don’t that many people think it is. It seems like every day new stylish backpacks are being put out on the market. Whether you’re headed for a night on the town or just need something to cart your things to and from work, there’s a backpack for that.

The Mumbai Backpack is one of the Matt and Nat bags that’s more designed for style. While it can’t fit your laptop, it’s got room to cart around a smaller tablet and keyboard. This has no zipper, favouring the drawstring enclosure instead but it has a flap added for extra security. Plus there’s a secure internal smartphone pocket.

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Matt and Nat Luggage-Style Bags

Matt and Nat Vintage Weekender

One of my favourite Matt and Nat bags is my weekender. It’s great for packing a few clothes and heading out on a short trip, or as my airplane personal bag—I used it on my trip to Vancouver, though as a word of warning it can get pretty heavy with a laptop and iPad so I use one of the handles to secure it to my rolling carry-on.

The vintage weekender bag has a ton of room, and I can tell you from experience that there’s enough room to fit a 15-inch Macbook in a case, my 10-inch iPad Pro, a professional camera, my wallet… and a whole lot of other things including my Deux Lux Demi Backpack so I can use a smaller bag where appropriate!

I will mention that the Matt and Nat weekender bag is one large compartment, so there’s not a lot of ways to organize. In that case, I recommend using some of the smaller packing cubes if you’re using it as a vacation bag!

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Matt and Nat Unisex Weekender Bag

If you’re headed out on a weekend excursion and want to share a bag with another traveller or just want a little more organization choice, then the Matt and Nat bag for you might just be the Unisex Weekender Bag. Instead of one larger pocket, it has two for you to pack with. 

You can still use packing cubes with this bad boy, but you’ll definitely have to pack them vertically. It also has a hand outside pocket to drop things you need easy access to like a pair of headphones.

Get the Unisex Weekender Bag on Amazon

Why choose a Matt and Nat Bag?

I’m a huge fan of Matt and Nat bags. From what I know about them, they’re made sustainably from vegan leather and lining crafted from recycled water bottles. 

While their bags are not always made of PU, the most environmentally friendly leather material, they try to when they can (and that counts for me). They also sustainable cork and rubber.

Plus, Matt & Nat is a Canadian company, and as a Canadian blogger, I love to support great Canada-based companies!

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I love Matt & Nat bags, so I decided to comb Amazon for my favourite ones. If you're looking for a brand new Vegan leather bag, I've got some ideas for ones that you can pick up for yourself!

What’s your favourite Matt and Nat bag? Share it below (and tell me why) in the comments below! ??????

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