Boyfriends are hard to shop for. But it’s Christmas and you want to get him something that he’ll use and like… without going overboard.

But what to get? That’s the real question.

If you’re struggling, we’ve got 13 of the best gifts for boyfriends that you can get this Christmas. We’ve got a sentimental book, scratch off world travel map, a gorgeous Fossil watch and a hot sauce subscription.

There’s bound to be something great on this list that you and your partner will both love!

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    Best gifts for boyfriends

    I Wrote a Book About You

    If you’re the sentimental kind of lady that wants to give a particularly special gift to your main man, then I Wrote a Book About You might be the perfect gift. This gift is sweet and lighthearted, that can bring a little more fun into your relationship.

    This book gives you an opportunity to answer questions about your significant other. Those that have given this gift a shot say it’s a great gift for someone you love. But if you’re going to go this gift route, then you’ll want to get started on it right away. 

    LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest

    If your man is a fan of Disney’s The Mandalorian (and, I mean, Pedro Pascal… who isn’t), then The Razor Crest LEGO set is a great pick for a Christmas gift. 

    I know technically LEGO is for kids, but is it really? This particular set has 1,023 pieces so it’ll take you boyfriend at least a little while to put it together, no? It’s a totally fun choice for the man in your life.

    Comma Vintage subscription box

    If your boyfriend appreciates vintage fashion, then Comma Vintage could be a great Christmas gift idea… so long as you see him being a long-term kinda guy. Every month a curated box of vintage clothing will be sent directly to your guy.

    This box requires a bit of pre-planning because you’ll need to know a lot of sizing details… so it might be a bit more challenging to hide this one. But it’s a truly unique gift because he’ll be getting clothes no one else has.

    UV light sanitizer box

    For the boyfriend who has everything but could use a little assistance keeping his phone clean, the perfect Christmas gift idea might be the UV Light Sanitizer Box. Chances are we’re all well-versed on how germy our phones are since 2020 has been a nightmare, so now’s your chance to help a dude out.

    UV light sanitizers are great because in less than 5 minutes, your phone is clean and ready to use. Throw it in when you head to the shower and by the time you’re done, you’re ready to scroll Pinterest or play a game. 

    Scratch the world travel map

    The truth is that the scratch the world travel map is on this list because it’s something that I want (not that I need it), so I guess it’s a gift for any partner or friend who loves travelling. This is the perfect trip for the boyfriend with a bit of wanderlust who can’t seem to stay off the road.

    When they get back from a new destination, it’s time to scratch off the destination. Memorable and fun for couples that travel together a lot, it’s a great way to bond and reflect upon your previous trips!

    Tie or sock subscription

    If your man has a fancy suit-and-tie job, the Spiffster Tie Club is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. For a totally reasonable price, they’ll send your main man a fresh new tie each month.

    But for men that prefer to be a secret fashionista, the Spiffy Socks Subscription will allow them to play with a bit of colour while still dressing ultra professionally. These soft socks are made of bamboo, have antibacterial qualities and are equipped with thermo-regulating abilities. 

    Modoker vintage laptop backpack

    If he is constantly on the move—OK, maybe not now but usually—then the Modoker vintage laptop backpack is a great boyfriend gift idea. This backpack has adjustable, padded straps, a USB port and a slot that’s perfect to fit a laptop.

    It’s a great pick for the traveller who’s looking to stay organized while he’s on the road. It’s comfy with six pockets and cushioned so it’s easy to carry and great for daily or occasional use. 

    Fossil minimalist quartz watch

    While I prefer a digital watch myself, most of the men in my life go ga-ga over a nice, well-built traditional clock, which makes the Fossil Minimalist Quartz Watch the perfect gift for your significant other.

    This watch features a gunmetal plated stainless steel bracelet, and the watch head is interchangeable with other Fossil bands. It’s water resistant but isn’t great to go for a scuba dive with. Plus, it’s totally fashionable. 

    MATTER science subscription box

    For the dude (or dudette) who loves science, MATTER is a subscription box that will let them explore new fossils, tools, specimens, materials or artifacts each month. It’s the perfect no-screen pass-time during quarantine.

    This box describes itself as part museum, part laboratory, so he’s bound to have a fun time studying the 4 to 6 items that come each month. Who knows when we’ll be able to get back to normal, but this bad boy can help pass the time. 

    Hot Sauce of the Month Club

    If hot sauce is on your man’s must-list, then the Hot Sauce of the Month Club will deliver him something delicious and new to try each month. He’ll get new artisan hot sauce delivered right to his doorstep so he can experiment with his home cooking.

    You get to choose the heat level, so he won’t get anything that’s too wild for him. And you can adjust this subscription to come monthly or quarterly so he has a chance to actually try all the sauces he gets. 

    Marshall Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker

    If you’re looking for gifts for boyfriends that are big music fans, the Marshall Stockwell Bluetooth speaker is a great Christmas gift idea. This speaker has built-in rechargeable batteries that last for 25 hours of playtime.

    It works with bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. You can also answer, decline and end calls with the phone button. Plus, when you’re short on juice for your phone, there’s a USB port you can use to keep the music going.

    PlayStation classic console

    Nostalgia isn’t lost on any of us. If your boyfriend played a Classic PlayStation growing up, then this throwback gift might just be the perfect Christmas gift idea. It’ll provide hours of quarantine fun.

    The PlayStation comes with 20 preloaded games into the system, so he can basically start it up and go. It includes Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4 and Jumping flash, among others. There are also two wired controllers, a virtual memory card and an HDMI cable.

    Novel duffle

    Herschel makes some exceptional bags, which includes their Novel Duffle. It’s perfect for the man-on-the-go. It features a waterproof two-way zipper, custom striped fabric liner and an internal storage sleeve.

    It features two brown straps with reinforced carrying handles and a removable padded webbing shoulder strap. It’s one of the best gifts for boyfriends that travel for work or pleasure.

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