I didn’t get my curly hair until my mid-20s and prior to that I would have done anything to find the best beach wave curler for my hair. But I never could quite get the look that I was going for.

But today there are SO MANY tools out there on the market that can help you achieve that specific style of loose, natural-looking curls. If you want to sport a gorgeous wavy beachy hair style this summer, these are the tools you’ll want to take a look at. 

Best Tools for Beach Waves

There are plenty of ways to create that perfect beachy wave but I firmly believe that using a tool is the best way to do it. When I was little I used to use those foam rollers, but these seven tools will make it way easier for you:

Bed Head Wave Curling Iron

If you’re looking for the best curling iron for beach waves, one of the easiest routes to go is simply with something built specifically to create that look. There are specific heat wave curlers that will help turn one’s luscious straight hair into gorgeous waves.

Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go is a beach wave curling iron that unlike regular curling irons is designed specifically to create looser waves. It has tourmaline ceramic plates that will help reduce frizz and it is adjustable so you can decide on the size of the wave and from multiple temperature settings (up to 400F and dual voltage) to work on any hair type, from thinner hair to the thickest hair.

Beauty buffs who have this bad boy say that it’s easy to use and works great for any length of hair (even shorter shoulder-length hair dos). It heats up really quickly, gets really hot (so be careful) and it’s a smaller device than other curlers which can be more comfortable to work with.

Bed Head Rock n Roller Curling Wand

Another great option to get those desired beachy loose curls is to get yourself a top-rated curling wand. These wands are specifically helpful if you want beach waves in long hair.

If you’re wondering what is the best curling wand for beach wave curls, the Bed Head Rock N’ Roller takes the cake. The round barrel is made from ceramic technology and has built-in texture to make it the perfect beach wave iron.

Ladies who love this product LOVE it. It’s highly recommended because it heats up fast, produces a long-lasting curl, is relatively easy to use, and it works fantastic for most hair types.

Nition Straight and Wave Hair Curler

When it comes to hair tools we tend to have to have one tool for everything, but what if you could do more with less? One of the best tools for beach waves is really a two-in-one deal.

Nition is a two-in-one tool, which means you can use it as a curling wand or flat iron for waves. A key feature is the 5-in-1 heating plates. They are ceramic coated but also infused with Nano Silver, Argan oil, Tourmaline & Titanium. It has a smart temperature system that will help keep consistent heat while toning your hair and reducing moisture loss. The end result is no heat damage!

Those who use it say that it’s easy to use and heats up really fast, making doing your hair a piece of cake. And it comes highly recommended because of its professional salon quality.

Landot Wavy Hair Curling Iron

If you’re looking for a styling product to create beachy loose waves, then another option for a two-in-one deal is a spiral straightener. These act as both a straightener and a curling iron and have curved spiral plates that help create definition and a long-lasting curl.

Landot is one of the best beach wave curler options. It has adjustable heat settings and twist heater plates that can give you a better angle with less adjusting. Best of all, it’s dual voltage so you can take it on your next trip.

Those that have this say that it is easy to use and good quality. They praise the anti-scalding grips at the end of the ceramic barrels (save your hands from heat damage), the temperature lock setting on the handle, and the automatic shut-off feature. All of these amazing features make creating looser curls easy.

InfinitiPro by Conair Beach Wave Curl Tool

An automatic curling wand is also ideal for beach wave styler. It does exactly what it says it does, you simply feed sections of hair in and it curls the hair strands on its own. No help needed!

InfinitiPro is the best automatic curling iron on the market according to beauty pros. You feed your hair in and it pops a gorgeous consistent curl out. It uses tourmaline ceramic technology that reduces frizz and adds shine. It can create a loose, medium, or tight curl.

Those that use this auto curling iron say that they highly recommend it. It’s virtually foolproof and produces “perfect” curl. You do have to break your hair into smaller sections and some say that it takes a bit of getting used to.

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

You can get beach waves with hot hair rollers which does a similar job as a curling iron but you roll them all in then roll them all out. I’d probably say that hair rollers are harder and longer to work than an iron but that really depends on your hair.

If you’re looking for an affordable choice, the Remington beach wave hair rollers come highly recommended at a great price. It helps create less frizz and more shine. Plus they have three colour-coded clips and hair roller sizes so anyone can use them.

Those who have experience with these beach wave round hair rollers say that they’re incredibly easy to use but it takes a little practice. But they’re not great for thick hair and they don’t hold well for some users.

Waybas Self Grip Beach Wave Rollers

Hot rollers aren’t your only option when it comes to a roller beach wave tool, you can also use rollers that work while you sleep. You simply wet your hair, roll and clip these in and let them dry overnight.

Waybas beach wave hair rollers are a great option for this. This pack of self-grip rollers comes in a variety of sizes to help you create any beautiful curls overnight.

Those who use this roller set say it’s super easy to use. You simply have to separate small sections of damp hair, wind the roller to the scalp and place it. They’re really lightweight and easy to store.

Best Beach Wave Hair Products

Creating a beach wave isn’t just about the tool you use. If you pair an excellent tool with the best hair product for beach waves you’ll get something grand. These are the best products out there:

Beauty By Earth Sea Salt & Textured Hair Spray

Beauty By Earth makes great sea salt beach waves hair products and their spray is no exception. It is a texturizing spray that helps to create beachy windswept styles that will look great with that cute linen dress.

It is a lightweight spray that users say smells great and will help to give your hair some great texture and lift. It’s made with sea salt (obvi), organic aloe, green tea, algae, and raspberry fruit. It not only styles your hair but nourishes and conditions it.

OGX Curling Perfection Cream

Another great option to add to your beach wave hair routine is the OGX Defining Cream. It helps give your hair more body while keeping it soft and manageable.

This cream not only adds volume but it adds shine and bounce to give your hair a beautiful, relaxed look. It works on all hair types, and combined with your favourite tools will definitely help to achieve that gorgeous look.

How to Get Beach Wavy Hair FAQ

Do automatic rotating curling irons tangle your hair?

Technically the advertisement promises no tangle, but it really depends on your hair. Some users have reported tangles but higher-end products have a release button so there’s limited risk involved.

Does the barrel shape and size of a curling iron make difference with the curl?

Yes, absolutely. Smaller barrels will create tighter curls, for beach waves you’ll want a bigger barrel.

How to get waves in short hair

Shorter hair can be a little more challenging to get beach waves in it. Depending on how long your hair is, you might want to consider a smaller barrelled wand or rollers.

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