While we can’t exactly make our way to another country this summer, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have an adventure. But that means you’ll have to pack for one. So I highly recommend getting yourself one of these top picks for best anti theft travel bags.

There’s plenty of opportunity for a road trip to explore something local, spend the weekend camping by the lake or even visiting a nearby theme park. And a really great locking back would be a great piece of luggage for all of these trips!

What is an anti theft bag?

One big worry about travel is that you’ll end up stuck in an unfamiliar country with no money or identification because a thief got ahold of your belongings. This isn’t uncommon, especially while visiting more well-travelled tourist destinations like the Eiffel Tower. That’s where travel bags anti theft features come in.

You can acquire a purse, backpack or messenger bag that has specific theft-proof features like RFID blocking material so your credit information isn’t stolen, slash-proof construction so someone can’t cut the bag off your back while you’re not looking and locking compartments so there won’t be any unwanted hands digging around snatching things.

How to pick the best anti-theft travel bag

Picking an anti theft bag for travel doesn’t have to be challenging. You simply need to consider where you’re planning on going and what you’ll be doing.

If you’re hiking around all day and need to bring more stuff, something like an anti theft backpack for travel might be the most convenient solution. However, if you’re looking for something more handbag like, there are anti theft travel purses available.

Decide what kind of bag you would normally carry with you and what you need to do, then look for one with theft proof construction that can come along on your next journey.

Best anti-theft bags for travel

Best anti theft crossbody bags

Travelon anti-theft Heritage crossbody

Travelon makes exceptional anti theft bags for travel. The Heritage cross body is a cute, theft proof bag that features two open-top pockets and a weathered key clip with an LED light that will help if you happen to get stuck in the dark.

The front zipper of this travel bag has a locking front zippered pocket to keep your things secure. The RFID blocking pockets will help prevent identity and credit card theft. Not to mention there is a pocket that will perfectly fit your passport.

I like this particular bag for a day wandering the theme park or exploring a busy city. It’s a little small to be your airplane personal bag, but it’s great for carrying a few things around town so you can keep your hands free. It also has slash-resistant straps that will help keep pickpockets from doing a slash-and-grab.

Travelon Signature anti-theft bag for travel

The Signature bag by Travelon has a deep main compartment that you can use to organize your things and features both RFID blocking passport and card slots. The front pocket zips closed and the larger of the two locks closed.

This classic crossbody bag looks small but features a zip compartment that’s big enough to hold an iPad or tablet. It also has a rear zip pocket that’s adjustable so you can hid things against your body.

As for other security features, the body and straps are slash-resistant, there are locking comparmtnets, a lock-down strap and overall RFID blocking. It’s a great, stylish bag for travel.

Baggallini Anti-Theft Free Time Crossbody Bag

If you’re looking for anti theft purses for travel, the Baggallini crossbody is a lightweight and water-resistant choice that can hold in almost any climate you’ll be visiting. Made of nylon, this fashionable bag comes in five different colours.

This anti theft crossbody bag features a cut-resistant double strap, so you can turn it into a shoulder bag if you’d prefer. It also has an RFID-protected interior, slash-resistant pannels and locking zippers.

What makes this bag an exceptional choice is its adaptability and light weight. There’s no need to sacrifice fashion for practicality, you can travel in style and comfort with it.

Travelon anti theft crossbody bag

The Slim Day is the Travelon anti theft travel bag for minimalists. It features a sparse, classic design that’s perfect for keeping the essentials beside you while you explore an exciting destination.

It features a main locking zipper compartment with two wall pockets, five RFID-blocking card slots and a passport pocket, and the overall bag is large enough to hold an iPad Mini.

The shoulder strap is cut-resistant and adjustable, so it can be attached to a stationary object (or a moving one like a stroller) to prevent a grab-and-go scenario. And there is a front slash pocket to keep your smartphone safe.

Travelon anti theft messenger bag

The Active Travelon messenger bag anti theft features are exceptional for those that want a hands-free experience. Not to mention it’s stylish and practical with the handy water bottle pocket, perfect for a day at the theme park.

It has a roomy main compartment that features two top-open wall pockets and an RFID blocking zippered pocket. It also has a tethered key clip with an LED light.

There’s plenty of space and organizational opportunity with the front and rear zippered pockets and the mesh expansion for the water bottle. Stay organized, keep your hands free and ensure your things are safe!

Crossbody anti theft travel purse

This super cute anti theft shoulder bag is reliable and perfect for your next adventure with its adjustable and comfortably padded shoulder strap. You can use it as a handbag or a crossbody, depending on what you’re planning on doing that day.

It features a theft-deterring RFID pocket for credit cards, and is made of tough, water-resistant nylon with zippered pockets. It’s not only easy to use but perfect for packing and organization.

The downside is it doesn’t feature slash-proof material, but it does come in nine fashionable colours and patterns that are perfect for whatever style you want to pull off.

Best Anti-Theft Backpacks

VGOAL Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

The VGOAL travel backpack anti theft features are perfect for those that prefer to travel with one bag that serves as their airplane bag and day bag. It’s slim, stylish and perfect for a life on the go.

The backpack features waterproof and cut-resistant fabric and there’s a hidden pocket in the backside where you can keep your valuables. It can freely open at 90-to-180 degrees just like a suitcase for optimal packing.

This travel anti theft bag is durable, well-padded and made from quality waterproof fabric that can protect your things from water and from theft. It doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly comfortable to carry.

Travelon Slim Backpack

Travelon makes hands-down the best anti theft travel bags, and their slim backpack is my favourite choice for both style and security. This bag is large enough that it can hold a 10-inch tablet for those of us that travel with a smaller device.

This bag features locking compartments, lock-down straps, slash-resistant straps and body, and RFID blocking technology build right into it. It’s ideal for travellers that want to protect their belongings.

It comes in three stylish colours and is ideal for everyday or travel use. Simply pack your favourite things and head out on your journey. There’s no need to sacrifice style for security.

Zuk anti theft sling bag

The Zuk anti theft sling bag features dual access zippers and a combination lock that’s designed for increase safety. There’s also a hidden pocket on the back of the bag where you can keep your most valuable items.

The high-density, water-resistant and tear-resistant oxford fabric is perfect for your next long journey or even everyday use. The breathable mesh design of the back and straps can help relive carrying stress on long days and the crossbody strap can be adjusted.

Whether you’re looking for something that’s comfortable for your next adventure or you want something that you can use on a daily basis, there are 13 different style choices for you to pick from.

NAITOKE women backpack anti-theft

If you’re looking for a bag that’s easy to pick out from a pile of boring bags, the NAITOKE is a great anti theft travel bag. It features a main pocket that is accesed from the back to keep things safe.

The removable shoulder strap can be turned into a sling shoulder-bag for easy carrying. It’s suitable for laptops up to 14-inches and is made of high-quality material that’s wear-resistant.

There are nine colour choices and two sizes—large and small. This bag is easy to carry, clean and pack. Say yes to style and get yourself a stellar new travel bag.

HSFX anti theft backpacks

If you’re looking for minimalist style in your anti theft backpack, the HSFX is a stylish choice. The water-resistant material made of polyester fabric comes in six stylish colours, giving you plenty of choice to match your personal brand.

For anti theft features, it has a durable metal shackle with a hidden design to protect your most valuable belongings. It’s durable, airplane-friendly and easy to keep an eye on when you’re on your next adventure.

There is a separate laptop compartment that can hold up to a 15.6-inch Macbook, making it ideal for work, travel or personal use. There is also a spacious front compartment, a large main compartment with pockets and organizers, and there is a built-in USB cable port.

Oscaurt theft proof travel backpack

When it comes to picking out the best anti theft backpack, the Oscaurt is both stylish and practical. It’s made of a strong anti-scratch, anti-slash fabric that will keep your belongings safe while you’re on your next adventure.

The zippers for the main pocket are hidden and there’s a secret pocket at the back to keep things like your passport or cards safe. It features versatile compartments so you can keep your things organized, and there is a built-in charging cable you can use with a power bank so you don’t have to pull your electronics out to charge them.

This backpack has a minimalist design for exceptional style, features reflective strips on the front for night travel, a luggage strap to make it easier to wander through the airport and has adjustable straps. You can stress less and store more with this bag.

Anti theft travel bag FAQs

Which is the best anti theft bag?

There are a ton of exceptional theft proof bags on the market, but we like Travelon, Bagalini and Pacsafe here because they’re stylish and have a ton of exceptional safety features that will help keep your belongings safe.

Do anti theft bags work?

Carrying an anti theft bag while you travel doesn’t guarantee that you won’t lose your things, but they can help make avoiding pickpockets harder while you’re out and about.

What is the safest type of purse to travel with?

There are no bags for travel that guarantee that thieves can’t get into your things, but travelling with an anti-theft bag can help increase the chances. We’ve featured our favourite on this list, but you can also check out other theft proof bags on Amazon.

How do I make my backpack anti theft?

Let’s say you have a great bag that you want to travel with instead of purchasing a whole new one. There are a few things you can do to turn your regular bag into an anti-theft one:

While it’s not fool-proof, it will give you a little extra peace of mind. Make sure that you keep an eye on your bag while you’re travelling and don’t forget to make sure you keep your cash in a private place like a bra wallet so it stays safe.

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While we can't exactly make our way to another country this summer, that doesn't mean that we can't have an adventure. But that means you'll have to pack for one. So I highly recommend getting yourself one of these top picks for best anti theft travel bags.

What’s your favourite anti theft travel bag? Share it in the comments below!

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