I don’t know about you, but my thighs rub together like nobody’s business. When I walk my legs rub together and if it’s summer and I’m wearing a dress, then it often creates the annoying, dreaded chub rub rash. This is a problem that plenty of women have out there and if you have it too, with summer approaching, I feel like it’s high-time we figure out how to solve the problem.

So, I’ve gathered everything I know and could find about thigh protection. It’s time we all figure out how to get rid of these pesky thighs rubbing together when walking business. So, here are the best anti chafing products that I could find out there. Say no to blisters and irritation, and yes to fun in the summer sun!

What is chub rub?

Chub rub is that super uncomfortable feeling that happens when your legs (or other patches of skin) rub together and create an irritation. Prolonged periods of skin rubbing together can create uncomfortable rashes or blisters that are a real pain-in-the-ass to deal with.

You do not have to have a fat body for this to happen—lots of people have thighs or other areas of skin that naturally rub together when you walk. Chub rub tends to become a bigger issue in warmer months, when you’re wearing specific clothes like shorts or a dress.

It’s a genuinely annoying problem to deal with and can happen when you’re doing something like walking around Disneyland in a super cute-ass rompernot that I’m speaking from experience or anything. But, the good news is, there are ways that you can prevent it.

Best anti chafing products

Chub rub stick

You can use an anti friction stick like Body Glide for Her just like you’d use a stick of deodorant. Except that instead of leaving you smelling nicely it, it helps prevent chafing before it starts. A good balm will be made of something that keeps the area moisturized and feeling great.

You can use it between your legs, under your breasts or underneath your arms—anywhere that your skin rubs together. When you get yourself an anti chafing stick, you want to make sure that you find something that isn’t going to clog pores or otherwise cause issues in the area—you don’t want to trade chub rub for another issue.

Anti chafing cream

Creams are popular anti chafing products when it comes to preventing chub rub, and something like Chamois Butt’r is a great choice. It’s a non-greasy cream that’s easy-to-use and washes off of anything it’s not supposed to be on with ease. Plus its paraben and gluten-free with no artificial fragrances or colours.

Plus size reviewers of this product say that this is one of the best anti chafing cream choices on the market and they’re blown away with how well it works. If you’re looking for lotion for chafing, this is it. You slap this on and you’re ready to relieve or prevent chafing!

Anti chafing gel

If you want an anti chafing product that’s half-way between a cream and a balm stick, the KT Tape chafing gel is the answer. This is an easy-to-apply gel that’s both sweat and water-resistant and lasts up to 24-hours. You can apply this anywhere that you experience chafing and remain confident that you’ll be protected.

An anti-chafing product like this is great for using while you’re out on the beach, sporting that adorable swimsuit. Reviewers say this product is a lifesaver, it’s odourless and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Whether you’re an athlete or you’re just trying to wear a pair of shorts, it’s built for you!

Anti chafing powder

Lady Anti Monkey Butt is one of the most well-known anti chafing powder choices on the market. It’s a combination of cornstarch, calamine powder, tricalciumphosphate and fragrance, which reduces chafing by absorbing sweat. It’s a satiny-smooth formula that’s easy to use and long-lasting.

There are over 13,000 reviews of this product and people love it. It comes highly recommended for preventing chub rub and clearing irritation. Reviewers say this is easy to apply, works fast and helps clear up chafing right away. Wipe it between your legs or under your boobs and head out for fun.

Anti chafing wipes

If you’re looking for something quick and easy that offers maximum chafing protection, then look no further than the KT Performance anti-chafing wipes. You wipe the gel-like solution over the surface and it offers 24-hours of protection that helps to reduce friction. Best of all, it’s incredibly fast to apply and is sweat and water-resistant.

Reviewers said these are some of the best anti chafing products on the market. They are odourless, leave no residue and do exactly what they say they’re going to do. You can use these wipes between your legs, under your breasts or anywhere else you might face irritation.

Clothing for preventing chub rub

Anti chafing thigh bands

Bandelettes are a great chafing guard, plus they add a little sex appeal to the mix. They can be worn under dresses or a skirt to keep your legs from rubbing together. And, if you really want them to, they can double as lingerie pieces because who doesn’t love a little lace?

A set of anti chafing thigh bands like the ones we have pictured are made of a combination of nylon and spandex, so they’re stretchy and comfortable. Using one of these thigh bands will go a long way to helping you when you’re preventing chub rub.

Anti chafing swim shorts

When you spend a lot of time in the water, then head out to the beach to run around you get moisture, sand and a bunch of other crap caught up in your nether-regions, which is where a pair of anti chafe swim trunks comes in. Wearing something like the Hilor can help make sure you’re fun-in-the-sun doesn’t turn out to be regretful.

These shorts are lightweight, comfortable to wear and dry easily, which means the fabric shouldn’t rub against your skin and irritate it either. They have a built-in mesh bikini bottom and have UPF 50+ sun protection built right into them, making them ideal for those summer months with sunny days.

Anti chafing underwear

Wearing longer underwear that prevents chafing can help when it comes to avoiding chub rub. I wear slip shorts like these from Joyshaper on the somewhat-rare occasion that I wear a dress, especially if it’s a hot summer month. These are spandex shorts for under dresses and they do the clear job of making sure your thighs don’t rub together.

If you’re looking for something like these that fits the bill, you want to focus on lightweight, silky and cool—especially if the weather is hot and humid. The best underwear for chafing is a pair that’s comfortable, fits well and keeps your skin apart. No chub rub is the best type to get.

How to relieve chafing

Chafing is a pain in the ass when it happens, but it does happen. So, in the case when this does happens you need to treat it—otherwise it could cause further issues like an infection or something equally as undesirable.

When trying to treat chafing, here’s what you’ll most likely want to do:

  • Gently clean the area thoroughly
  • Apply a substance like petroleum jelly or something that can help healing

Repeat this until it goes away. If the chafing has turned into something worse—as in it is cracked, bleeding or looks to be an infection, consult a medical professional. I’m also 100% not a medical professional, so if you have questions about the care of chafing-related irritation, definitely ask someone who is!

Chafing relief products

Let’s say you weren’t able to prevent chub rub upfront—honestly, it happens—luckily there are ways that you can relieve the pain. Often chafing costs a rash or something worse like blisters. So, if you need to relieve the discomfort of chub rub, here’s what I suggest:


Something as simple as lotion can go a long way when it comes to relieving chub rub. A healing lotion like Aquaphor can be used for minor wound care such as relieving a rash. While it’s not a chafing rash, I often use moisturizer to calm the itchy ness.

This cream is preservative and fragrance-free, making it ideal for those of us with sensitive skin. Reviewers of this cream say they highly recommend it. It goes a long way to relieving dry or irritated skin but they do say it’s a little more oily than they were expecting.


If you’re looking for quick relief for a variety of skin-related issues, like itchy, cracked, inflamed or irritated skin, something like the Chamuel Tea Tree Balm can help out. It comes highly recommended by reviewers. They say that it starts working almost instantaneously, helping to relieve irritation.

If you’re focused on preventing chub rub, this little balm can help clear everything up. It works just like a cream but has a little less of a moisturizing feel and slightly more of a citrus scent. Throw it in your beach bag and head out in the sun!

Chub rub FAQs

Does deodorant help chafing?

Deodorant is for reducing body odour, not to prevent chub rub. If you’re looking to avoid chafing you can go with a deodorant-like product that you can swipe on, an anti-chafing balm.

How to stop chafing between buttocks

If you find that there is chafing between your butt cheeks, you can apply an anti-chafing product like Lady Anti Monkey Butt. This can help reduce irritation and prevent it in the future.

What is chafing skin?

Chafing skin happens when your skin rubs against itself to create a rash or blisters. Mixing rubbing skin together with a tad bit of moisture can cause a whole host of problems, namely skin irritation.

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Looking to prevent chub rub? Here are the best anti chafing products that you can find on the market. Head out for some fun and the sun in confidence.

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