Let’s be honest, regular towels suck for plus size women. They’re not big enough to wrap around your body and therefore they are a real bummer to try to dry off with. Luckily there are bath towels for plus size women out there, and they make having a bath or shower a pleasant experience (I know because I have one or two). 

Just because we’re fat doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to wrap ourselves in a plushy towel after a relaxing bath and dry off. Nor does it mean that our beach trips should be earmarked by a towel that’s too small and can’t break the pesky 5 o’clock wind. 

No, if the world doesn’t conform to us (and let’s be honest, it won’t) then we may as well make it work as it is. So, in lieu of “regular” bath towels being made for tinier people, here are eight bath towels for plus size women. Towels that truly cover your body so you can dry off without having to use more than one!

Cotton plus size bath towels

Regular cotton 35×70 bath towels

If you’re looking for a plus size bath towel that looks like a bath towel then the Cotton & Calm is for you. These classic towels come in a ton of adult-like colours like grey, blue, chocolate, beige—honestly the sage green that’s pictured is the most fun of them all. But in traditional bath fashion, these are easy-to-care-for, 100% cotton and plushy AF.

The advertisement for these towels say they last a long time and absorb more than your average Turkish towel—and while I can’t personally attest to either of those things, I can verify that I have a set of pretty similar towels and that would be an accurate descriptor. And, most importantly, they’re extra-large at 35 by 70 inches. 

40×70 patterned cotton beach towel

If you’re a fan of fun patterns and aren’t terribly worried about making your bathroom matchy-matchy (seriously, it’s a bathroom), then the Pendleton beach towel might be the perfect one for your next luxurious bath. It’s a large 40 by 70 inch towel that is soft and absorbent. 

I love the fact that these aren’t your boring old bath towels (that’s what your grandmother’s house is for), instead, they have fun and unique patterned designs. And if you don’t like the aqua-themed one that I picked they have 22 other colours and designs for you to pick from. Just make sure to wash this bad boy cold before you use it for the first time.

40×80 cotton plush towel

If you’re looking for regular-style bath towels for plus size women, then this American Soft Linen oversized bath towel that’s 40 by 80 inches might be your best bet! It comes in a neutral grey, which is perfect if you’re looking for something basic for your bathroom. 

Made from 100% cotton these are “jumbo” bath sheet towels according to their listing. In fact, they might be one of the best bath towels on Amazon if you’re looking for quality with a basic look. If your looking for something that will let you dry off and look very adult on your towel rack, then this bad boy is your answer!

Extra large Turkish towel

27X61 Turkish towel

Turkish towels are a great choice for plus-size bath sheet towels because they’re long, typically wide, very absorbent and dry quickly. I happen to have a Turkish towel for my bath towel. The Buld&Co. is on the slightly smaller side at 27-inches by 61-inches, but it’s super cute.

This fashionable yellow towel is slightly thicker and a tad bit more durable than other Turkish towel choices. That means that while they’re lightweight and packable, they become slightly heavier when wet. But they still dry quickly, making them ideal for your bath time. If you don’t love the yellow, you can get it in a green or pink.

35×67 Mebien Turkish towel

I love the Mebien Turkish towel. It’s got a super cute and cozy-looking colour scheme (you can get it in 10 different colours and patterns if you don’t like the one we have pictured) and it reminds me of something you’d get at a beachfront resort. It’s perfect for bathtime, on the beach, as a throw or out while you camp.

The Andrea series is lightweight and compact. It’s already pre-washed so there’s no worry about it suddenly shrinking. And It’s incredibly absorbent and quick-drying. It’s a great luxury size at 35-inches by 67-inches, making it a great bath companion for our plus-size bodies!

40×70 Pestemal Turkish towel

If you’re looking for an elegant but colourful design in your Turkish towel, the Barcelonetta is the answer. It’s made of 100% cotton, is highly absorbent and dries quickly, making it perfect for bath time or beach time. 

At 39 by 70 inches, this towel is massive and perfect to wrap yourself in. It gets softer with every wash (and yes, it can be machine washed) and is lightweight so you can bring it on the road with you. If you don’t love the purple/yellow colour scheme, fear not there are 15 other colours you can pick from. 

Plus size towel wrap

Luxury spa plus size towel wrap

If you’re looking for luxurious bath towels for plus size women, then this spa wrap is for you. It has an adjustable snap close, falls 32 inches down (keeping you covered) and covers sizes up to 6X. You can get it in three fashionable colours including black (pictured), pink and white. 

This handy towel is made of 100% cotton terry velour. It can be machine washed (though read the instructions for details). And actually has a three-snap close and a small pocket that you can drop your lip chap in. Purchasers of this wrap report that it’s lovely, fits great and is comfortable. Though it might not be as plushy and absorbent as some hoped.

Enjoy a true spa day with one of these awesome face masks!

Plus size towel wrap with straps

Looking for a hands-free experience when it comes to bath towels for plus size women? I love this Zexxxy plus size towel robe. It comes in sizes up to 3X, though you’ll definitely want to reference the size charts before you buy. And you can get it seven different colours including the blue evening blue pictured.

It’s made of cotton, can be machine washed and has a handy little pocket patch on it (make sure not to leave any of your favourite things in there before you wash it though). It wraps closed and has two straps to keep it on while you get ready for your day (or bed, if you’re like me).

What’s the best kind of plus-size towel?

There are so many great choices out there for plus size towels, so which one do you choose? I recommend taking a look at your options and choosing whatever works best for you.

If you have a colour scheme that goes with a set of cozy Turkish towels, then go for that. If you prefer a traditional cotton bath towel, there’s something there for you. Or, if you love at-home spa days, then go for a luxurious towel wrap!

How do you match plus size towels to your bathroom colour scheme?

If you can manage to match your bath towels for plus size women to your bathroom colour, that’s great. But to be honest, my plus-size Turkish towel actually doesn’t match. I have my set of “regular” towels that go with my colour scheme and my extra-large towels that hang on hooks instead of the towel bar.

My bathroom decoration works out like this because my Turkish towel came well after the original towel set I purchased when I moved out. I’m all about having matching things in my house (or at least a scheme) but it’s not worth replacing your entire set!

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Are you tired of using tiny towels that don't cover your body? Fear not, these bath towels for plus size women are big enough to keep you warm after your next luxurious bath!

Do you have a favourite set of bath towels for plus size women that you’d recommend? Share them in the comments below!

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