Calling all Canadian plus size fashionistas—Addition Elle is permanently closing down and there is a massive sale going on. But things are going super fast!

If you’re looking to snatch a cute pair of pants, a comfy sweater or the perfect summer dress, then they might just have what you need. And today you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for affordability!

I’ve seen some HUGE price slashes (think around 50 percent) and some clothing items are going for like $10 apiece (including a really cute sweater I didn’t manage to grab ?).

p.s. If you are going to grab yourself something from Addition Elle this weekend, don’t forget to sign up for Rakuten where you can get 2 percent cashback on your purchase.

My Addition Elle Clothing Sale Finds

I haven’t purchased clothes for months despite the fact that in November of last year I donated or recycled 75 percent of my wardrobe (I have a tendency to wear my clothes until they fall off).

But with this closing sale going on and the fact that the three pairs of pants I have left are starting to fall apart, I honestly couldn’t pass it up. So, I set out on a mission to find a few pieces of usable and cute clothing without breaking the bank. Here’s what I found:

  • Solid Ankle Length Jogger Pant in Dusty Olive
  • Solid Ankle Length Jogger Pant in Medium Beige
  • Solid Pajama Pants in Etruscan Red
  • Scoop-Neck Swing Tank in Carnelian
  • Big Hair Coils 2 x 4 packs—they were buy one, get one free
  • Printed Crepe Bomber Jacket in Navy

All-in-all my bill came to $114.25 with taxes and shipping (which is free over $50 so I really didn’t pay for it). Which I have to say is an EXCEPTIONAL deal.

The only thing I purchased that I legitimately didn’t need any ANY capacity was the crepe bomber jacket, but it was on sale for less than $50 and it goes with both pairs of pants and the shirt that I purchased. So, I let it slide.

Go Now, Before They Sell Out

If you’re itching to find yourself a steal of a deal at Addition Elle, you’re going to want to head there right now.

I originally picked a pair of pants that I really wanted and a few hours later I went back to make a purchase and they were gone. Stuff is moving fast, but there are still a few really awesome things you can get yourself!

Don’t forget to sign up through Rakuten and get yourself 2 percent cashback on your purchase!

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