Welcome back to The Fattest Girl in the Room, this is a podcast about being a fat girl in a not so fat-friendly world. I’m your host Tae, plus-size fashion and fat girl lifestyle blogger at Hello Taee.

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We are officially onto the second SOAPBOX episode of the week and I’m stoked you decided to come back and hangsies with me. In this episode I’m talking about how I constantly tell myself that I’ll do that “when I’m skinny” despite the fact that I have zero plans to lose weight. Anyone else do the same thing?

Us fat girls are constantly delaying doing the things that we REALLY want to do and using our weight as an excuse to delay going after our dreams. I’m sharing the stories of being an accidental TV extra, the time I tried on my grad dress from highschool (spoiler alert: it didn’t fit) and just talking about how it’s terrible to aim to “lose weight” instead of aiming to be healthier. 

So, stop holding yourself back from doing something that you truly WANT to do because you’re not “skinny enough.” If you happen to be itching to see what I looked like in my grad dress when I was 17? Here you go:

BTW that’s Nikki from The Lady Dicks, we defs went to high school together.

Thanks for joining me at The Fattest Girl in the Room, I’m glad you decided to join us. We don’t have tee-shirts yet, but one day soon we probably will ?

If you want to reach out to me you can do so by email fatgirlpod@hellotaee.com or check out my plus-size blog at HelloTaee.com.

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