Welcome to our brand new Fashion Friday column: the $100 outfit of the week. This is where we feature a brand new outfit that costs $100 or less (in USD) to create. You can buy the whole thing, just a few pieces or window shop—but at the end of the day, it’s an opportunity to have affordable curated pieces picked for you! 

I LOVE fashion—gimme all the clothes and accessories—but I’m super money-conscious, so I want to make sure that everything I add to my wardrobe doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, is quality make and looks cute. I’ve been online shopping for outfits for years, so I thought I’d bring that to you!

Check Out the $100 Outfit of the Week

LEE Skinny Jeans

The LEE skinny jeans are really more of a jegging, as they’re made of cotton, polyester and spandex. None-the-less, they look gorgeous and come in sizes up to 30W for us fat fashionistas.

I like these for a $100 outfit of the week because they’re a mere $30, which for a pair of pants (ANY pants) is a steal of a deal. They have a genuine jean look (and, judging by the reviews, feel) with functional front and back pockets (SCORE). Best of all, they have a waistband (goodbye annoying belts).

These are super cute pants that you can wear with so many outfits, which makes the $30 price tag a serious deal. The fabric “stretches, sculpts and holds” but be warned that the wash on the jeans can bleed, so make sure to wash them before you wear them as per the washing instructions.

Riclena Zipper-Front Bodysuit

If you know anything about me, you know I love bodysuits—I even wrote an entire blog post dedicated just to them—so it’s no surprise that our first $100 outfit has a totally cute and affordable bodysuit with it. 

The Riclena zipper long sleeve bodysuit is only $17 USD, and is perfect for the current sort-of-winter, almost-spring season that we’re currently in (here in Canada, anyway). I love bodysuits because they don’t ride up, so I don’t feel like when I bend over people are getting a public showing of my a$$. 

The zipper closure at the top is a cute accent and I love the yellow. But if yellow isn’t your colour or zippers aren’t your thing, they have a few other choices (like a stylish red turtleneck). It’s perfect for a casual Friday at the office or brunch with the girls.

These suits come in sizes from XL to 6XL. If you’re looking for a lightweight and soft top, this is it. Made from a combination of polyester and spandex, you’ll be comfortable all day long!

Comfortview Women’s Wide Width The Darcy Bootie

The Comfortview Darcy Bootie is a shoe that I am dying to have but the Canadian Amazon site doesn’t sell my size ? not to mention while those of you in the states can get these for $35 USD, us Canadians have to pay over $100 CAD. 

So, in lieu of that, I’ll share this great find with you instead (honestly, I would have shared it anyway). It’s a gorgeous Oxford-looking shoe with a lace-up front and a low 1-inch heel—which is 100% why I love them so much. It has a collared top and padded insoles. Plus, you can get it in whole and half sizes, along with wide width. 

This shoe can obviously be paired with this week’s $100 outfit of the week, but you can also add it to a cute dress outfit, try a Ponte pant or even an adorable romper. It’s both casual and business, so it can double-duty for when you’re headed to work.

Get these shoes todayI totally wish I could!

Add Accessories

Humble Chic Vegan Crossbody

Every outfit needs a cute bag to go along with it and I think the perfect bag for this one is the Humble Chic convertible crossbody. It’s a chic black vegan leather bag. Measuring a mere 10.5 x 6.5 x 4 inches, this bag has enough room for the essentials. 

Now, this bag rings in at $55, so if you’re going with everything it’s going to break the budget. If you have a zillion purses, you might want to skip this purchase. But if you’re short a black crossbody which is a bag I genuinely believe everyone needs (find out what other bags every woman needs).

I love that this bag is super chic and you can dress it up or down. Whether you’re looking for a bag that works while you’re out on the town or you need something unimposing for your next business coffee it has your back! 

Hoop Earrings

Now, I don’t actually have pierced ears—I have a pretty severe metal allergy, so at 16 I took my piercings out and never looked back. But that doesn’t stop me from envying cute earrings every once in a while, and these ORAZIO hoops are gorg!

They’re made of stainless steel with cubic zirconia, which I feel like fit this outfit perfectly. But if you’re looking for an edgier look and pairing jeans with say a black top, I highly recommend checking out the rose gold model (LOVE). Best of all, they’re like $15 USD.

Edforce Stainless Steel Bangles

If I was to add a jewelry piece to this outfit, it would 100% be a collection of silver bangles like the Edforce set. I think bangles look cute stacked over long sleeves. They give a chic accent that looks stylish but isn’t too bold. 

These ones come in a set of seven, which is not too many but definitely enough. These are 7.8 inches, so you’ll want to do some measuring. I know I have issues finding bangles that fit properly. A set will set you back $15 USD, and if you don’t love the silver they have a gold or mixed pack.

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